Month: June 2015

Christophe Guillemat Stem Cell Transplant

Christophe Guillemat and the CFS Barcelona Hair Transplant Clinic have been developing a technique to transplant stem cells from donor hair to the recipient area to grow hair follicles. I have heard Guillemat say that the doctors of the… Read More

Spread The Word on Follicle Thought

Hi there everybody, Thanks for visiting Follicle Thought, we are a new website and it helps us greatly if you all would support us to reach a wider audience. Please bookmark this site and share it on your… Read More

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals acquired by Allergan

Hot off the press. Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the company who recently acquired the rights to use PDG2r antagonists for hair growth, has been acquired by the pharmaceutical powerhouse Allergan for $2.1 Billion. The deal is mainly being publicized as… Read More

AlviArmani Recruiting for Cutting Edge Hair Growth Treatment

This image was posted to AlviArmani’s Twitter account about three weeks ago. The most notable information on the poster: 1. “Be a participant in cutting edge research for hair growth” 2. “No cost to you” 3. “Alviarmani Beverly… Read More