Month: August 2015

Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration 2017

Updated April 2017 This post contains a list of the most viable and relevant hair regeneration treatments that are in development and known of. Certain treatments have a greater potential than others to grow significant amounts of hair,… Read More

Follica in 2015

Follica made a big splash in the hair regeneration world when it was first announced about 8 years ago. The approach was new and was based on manipulating the wound healing process of skin to induce hair follicle… Read More


Cheers to a new week everybody. I expect to have a couple really cool exclusive posts to present later in the week, and for now I wanted to check in and say hello. I’m going to be adding… Read More

Skin and Hair Regeneration for Transplant Donor Area

One topic that I feel could use more attention in the hair regeneration world is scar repair for people who have had FUT hair transplants. I am personally interested in the topic, as I would like to have… Read More

Follicum Results Vs. Minoxidil – Exclusive

Follicle Thought is proud to present this exclusive research data courtesy of Dr. Jan Alenfall of Follicum. Jan has provided me with a personal write-up on Follicum’s lead candidate drug FOL-S-005 as well as two research data graphs…. Read More

Luis Garza’s TLR3 Hair and Skin Regeneration Discovery

Originally, I coupled this post with the previous Skin and Hair Regeneration for Transplant Donor Area, but I decided to expand upon it and give it it’s own post. The main idea of the latest research article done… Read More

BiologicsMD Announces Patent for Hair Growth Protein

BiologicsMD, a biotechnology start-up out of Fayetville, Arkansas, has recently been granted a patent for a protein named “BMD-2341” that has been said to promote hair growth or prevent hair loss. The patent is titled ““Fusion Proteins of… Read More