Month: September 2015

Clinica CFS Update, Stem Cell Research: Weekly Thoughts 9/22/15

Hello everybody, and salutations. Over the past week I’ve gathered up a few news items which are significant in their own right, both related to hair restoration surgeons. I hope this tides you all over until some major… Read More

Rendl Lab at Mount Sinai

Located within the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai University you can find one of the most advanced hair follicle research labs in the country. The lab bears the name of its principal investigator, Michael Rendl, MD…. Read More

Follica News, PRP Study: Weekly Thoughts 9/5/15

I hope it’s been a good week, everybody. I’m still planning on releasing some exclusive posts soon, one being from a top researcher in the hair science world. Hopefully, sometime next week I will have an article ready… Read More