Month: November 2015

WCHR 2015, Shiseido Trial: Weekly Thoughts 11/25/15

To all of my readers in the United States, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m thankful for all you who frequent this site and all of the wonderful hair regeneration news that has been coming forth over… Read More

9th World Congress for Hair Research

The 9th World Congress for Hair Research is set to kick off tomorrow, November 18, 2015. These conferences bring a lot of hope and excitement to the online hair seeker community. It is true that there is usually… Read More

Bimatoprost Scalp Results, Breezula: Weekly Thoughts 11/10/15

Hey Everybody, It’s good to be back with you. I’ve got some pretty neat tidbits to share in this installment of Weekly Thoughts. Enjoy and share. Allergan Releases Bimatoprost Results