Month: March 2016

Vixen Pharmaceuticals Acquired By Aclaris Therapeutics

Well you guys asked for it, right? An established pharmaceutical company has acquired the rights to Angela Christiano’s hair growth research involving JAK inhibitors. Aclaris Therapeutics has entered into an agreement with Vixen to acquire all of the… Read More

Tsuji Lab Partnering, Follicum First Trial: Weekly Thoughts 3/24/16

Hello Everybody, I hope you all enjoy this edition of Weekly Thoughts which contains exciting news about the Tsuji Lab and a new nano-coating technology for stem cells. Tsuji Backed By Major Partner Dr. Takashi Tsuji of the… Read More

Yeditepe University Hair Growth Cream

A research team from Yeditepe University in Turkey recently announced that they will be launching a hair growth cream within the next two months. The team is headed by Prof. Fikrettin Sahin, head of the Department of Genetics… Read More

What About Samumed Phase II?

What is most significant and encouraging about this new data is the SM04554 treatment was applied for only 90 days, but continued to have positive results all the way until 135 days. The chart shows that during the… Read More

Gene Study on Gray Hair, Fuchs Article: Weekly Thoughts 3/3/16

Hello Everybody, As always, it is nice to be here with you to report on the latest hair growth related news for this edition of Weekly Thoughts. Major Gene Study All About Follicles A study lead by Kaustubh… Read More