Mission Statement
To bring forth the most relevant information about leading-edge hair growth technology and discovery.
To connect the the right information and the right resources to the right people in the hair growth industry.
To advocate global awareness about what can be done for those seeking a solution to hair loss.
To help bring forth an optimal hair regeneration treatment to the masses.


About the Author:
I’m a young man who is dedicated to changing the outcome of hair regeneration treatments in the world now. My name is Joseph. I have been personally interested in the subject of hair regeneration for over 6 years now. During the beginning of my search for a successful treatment to restore my hair I would occasionally scour the internet in search of news of a hair regeneration treatment coming to be. This continual search created my desire for a place online where all of the best information about new hair growth treatments was presented in a comprehensive manner.

I wanted a place where people were willing to be positive and proactive about a cure. I genuinely believe that people coming together that share the same goal can accomplish amazing things. That’s why I created Follicle Thought. Through researching the current state of regenerative medicine I know that the world is capable of producing an optimal hair growth treatment right now. The right resources, research, and development location need to be known in the mainstream. I encourage you all to join the vision of Follicle Thought for an optimal hair regeneration treatment made available now.

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