In general, I will be presenting information about products, companies, or doctors that I feel good about. However, that does not necessarily mean that I am recommending their products or services to you. It is impossible to know how any ‘just released’ or future treatment will pan out until it has been on the market for years. 

Ultimately, it is up to you to do your own research (preferably for several weeks) and consult with your own medical professional before making a decision to utilize a product or a service.

For starters if you are considering a hair transplant, please read the article FUE or FUT Hair Transplants: Know the Difference.

8 Comments on “Advice

  1. Hello I’m 25 and hair is thinning around frontal hairline.. So damn frustrating, trust me it is the worst feeling when you really start to notice. I know there are products that will hit the market shortly but is there anything I can use to either preserve or strengthen my hair without going overboard??

    • Hello,

      There is a lot of anecdotal information online about certain regimens. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time there, but hair forums would be a place to get information on treatments that people use and feedback about certain products.

  2. Hi,
    I’m 57 year old female with androgentic alopecia. I’m looking high and low for an answer to my problem without much luck yet. I was wondering if you’re familiar with Dr. Greco in Sarasota FL and his CRP treatment ? I had one treatment in Feb and due for another, but I haven’t felt positive about the first one. I don’t feel I’m any better off, possibly a little less better off. So frustrating and depressing.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !
    Thank you !

    • Hi Kathy,

      I believe some people see results from CRP and some people might not have much of a response to it. PRP in general is known to be fairly marginal in terms of increasing growth and is mostly hoped to keep hair growing as a benefit. Ultimately the decision is yours on if you decide to continue, but hopefully within a year or so we will have some cosmetic products to support hair growth like Brotzu lotion, etc.

    • I tried PRP. Hair fell out and never gained any length again !

  3. Hi!
    Are there any products/medications than Finasterid and Minoxidile that may work a bit for hair loss?


  4. Hey I got a widows peak and im 30. im ready to have this fixed so I can look like a normal persona agian. If you know any companies who need a gueina pig to try there stuff out on. give them my info. Im down to try anything that might help me get my hair back, mike D

  5. Hello

    I’m a bit over forty and I’ve just started having thin hair and loss over my crown area and in the front headline. I’d like to start a treatment so would be great if you can advise what treatment would you recommend to keep my hair strong and regrow a bit until the cure is found.