AlviArmani Recruiting for Cutting Edge Hair Growth Treatment

This image was posted to AlviArmani’s Twitter account about three weeks ago.

The most notable information on the poster:
1. “Be a participant in cutting edge research for hair growth”
2. “No cost to you”
3. “Alviarmani Beverly Hills”

I was intrigued when I noticed this was being done by AlviArmani, who has conducted extensive hair multiplication research in the past. Their previous efforts apparently never came to fruition as a marketed treatment, but it seems they have not halted their research and development. I did a little digging to find that AA had even filed a patent for Cell Compositions and Methods for Hair Follicle Generation in early 2011. The patent mentions utilizing epidermal matrix cells, dermal papillae cells, dermal sheath cells, and outer root sheath cells in its application. Sounds similar to the approach of the cell based companies we are all familiar with today.

This Time Around

So what are they up to this time? Unless you work for AlviArmani, you don’t know the details. Obviously, we know they have been doing some extensive cellular research over the past 7 to 8 years, and have a good understanding of follicle biology. There have been many new scientific discoveries regarding the hair growth cycle over the past 5 years and perhaps AA is implementing one or several of them into their new research study. 

I’ve just heard back from the clinic and they will be looking for roughly 60-70 participants for the study. One of the techs also told me they will be releasing more information about the study soon.

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