Asia: Hair Growth R&D

Just when we thought we knew of every company in the world working on hair growth treatments…

With all of the scientific articles on hair biology that continually get published from Asian establishments there was bound to be a few companies springing up at some point. I’m happy to say I’ve got 4 new companies to discuss in this article, most of which have not been previously discussed online. I will make one small disclaimer about these companies, they’re almost all still in the preclinical phase (have not entered phase 1 yet), so they have work to do. What’s most important is scientists from across the globe are working on this thing called hair growth. Let’s see what’s going on for hair research in the world’s largest continent.

New Entries

1) Taisho Pharmaceutical – This company is mostly unknown to the online hair community, though it’s not completely a secret, as Taisho is one of the sponsors of the World Congress for Hair Research 2017. On the WCHR2017 scientific program you will notice Taisho sponsoring a seminar right in the center of the program layout. Besides having greater notoriety, Taisho also differs from other companies mentioned in this article because its therapy candidate has progressed all the way to a phase 2a trial. TS-133 is the name of Taisho’s therapy and it is listed as a topical medication. What is not clear at this time (and this goes for most others on this list) is whether this drug is being developed for alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia. We’ll have to wait until the WCHR to hear more. 

2) Hyundai Pharmaceutical Co. – I’m pretty sure this is not the same company that sells Sonatas and Elantras, but ya never know. I’m most interested in their HTB-005, the company’s candidate for alopecia. Besides the information displayed on Hyundai’s pipeline, there is not much else known about this therapy. One encouraging sign is HTB-005’s mechanism of action is listed as “New” in the pipeline chart. This is where it would typically say something like “PGD2r antagonist” or “Wnt agonist.” It’s most likely for proprietary reasons that Hyundai has left this information out. Like many other drugs on Hyundai’s pipeline, HTB-005 is an IMD or “incrementally modified drug.” A simple definition of an IMD is a “known Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with modifications made to the drug product.” This means HTB-005 could be derived from any kind of modified drug, not just a drug which was previously used for hair growth. 
The chart also depicts this therapy has made it through the “proof of concept” stage and is ready to enter a phase 1 clinical trial. Intriguing stuff.

3) Kuhnil Pharmaceutical – The R&D pipeline of Kuhnil Pharma shows not just one, but two candidates for hair loss – KI1104 and KI1105. The wording of “hair loss” as the indication makes me tend to believe these two drugs are being developed for androgenic alopecia. KI1104 is listed at the preclinical stage and KI1105 is a step behind that in the research stage. Both of these therapies are listed as “modified formulation/improved drugs.” This is slightly different wording than “IMD” which we saw earlier, but may mean the same thing. I’m hoping that these two drug candidates are modified from drugs which we are unfamiliar with. Nothing like new hair growth science, ya know?

4) Kunshan RiboQuark Pharmaceutical Technology Co. –  This long named entity is the joint venture between Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co. and Quark Pharmaceuticals. Commonly referred to as just “RiboQuark”, the company is developing RNAi therapies for both androgenic and chemotherapy induced alopecia. RNAi stands for RNA interference therapy. 
RiboQuark has one therapy listed on its pipeline for alopecia, RB-AG010, while Quark shows therapies for both of the alopecia types in its pipeline. Don’t worry about the semantics though, it’s all the same stuff. This research is perhaps the most interesting on this list because we actually know what the technology is based on. It’s a RNAi therapy, and the CEO of Quark Pharma, Dr. Daniel Zurr, has elucidated “We know how to deliver the siRNA to the kidney,…….and even into the hair follicles — to suppress the antigen receptor involved in hair loss.” Sounds clever. siRNA stands for small interfering RNA, also known as silencing RNA, which is essentially a therapy that blocks or silences the expression of certain genes that would cause non-desirable biological conditions. What’s even more interesting, these two therapies are supposedly being developed as cosmetic products in China. The only thing keeping me from flying to China to try to peak in the company’s windows is the fact that this technology is not quite in the preclinical stage yet. So, it will be a little while, but I do look forward to learning more about a precise and cutting edge technology like RiboQuark’s.


Pretty cool, huh? The industry just got a little bigger. Hopefully this will inspire even more ambition from all of the known hair growth players to keep at their goals. I certainly was happy and intrigued to discover these companies and I hope that this knowledge has made you happy too. With all of these companies and so many different approaches being implemented we are ensured some very interesting developments over the next few years.

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  1. Is there any update to the work Shiseido is doing? Most interested in developments in menopausal thinning. Thank you.

    • Shiseido is continuing with their trial in Japan as planned.

      • Hey,

        So theoretically, when Shiseido/Replicel is released one can go get the required injections and wait 6 months to a year for the results and then proceed to get a successful transplant to restore what has been lost? (thats what I’m going for and hope that I haven’t provided myself with false hope)

        I just turned 21 and I have lost nearly 60-70 percent of my hair on top – frontal mid and crown region and am receding on the sides. The remaining hair is miniaturized and I have been using ReBoost in hopes to keep as much as I have. Since I have a rather strong pattern baldness do you think Reboost will even have a positive effect as well as Shiseido/Replicel in stopping hairloss and brining dying hairs to full original thickness. I just recently have been having doubts and am curious about what you think.

        I would really appreciate input from anybody,


  2. Thank you for sharing all of this encouraging information. Hope and pray one of these companies finds the answer soon. Time is of the essence.

  3. Thanks Admin for all your hard work all the time. This is my go to destination for hair loss news.

  4. Hello Joseph

    When this treatments will be available? Sorry but i need new treatments the big 3 don’t work for me. It’s always the same….

    • Shiseido’s hoping for a Japan release by late next yr.

  5. Hey Admin, I have 100% of my hairline and will not be going bald anytime soon. I am a Pre-Med student and a colleague of mine was showing the reddit forum to me relating to male pattern baldness. I study stem cells, and wanted to let you know that the closest “cure” to those who are on American soil will be hopefully around by 2019-2020. Currently there are 5 major studies being conducted in the USA relating to Stem cell + PRP combination therapies being tested and all are scheduled to compile and complete there analysis on the treatment for FDA approval by 2017-2019. I have had the honor to talk to a doctor researching this. It looks very promising.

    • Thanks for the information James. If you have any specifics to share please do.

        • James — any indications if these studies would also work for androgenic alopecia / MPB as well, or just on autoimmune disorders (ie alopecia areata)?

          • Yes, this study completed shows different forms of analogous treatments seem to help regenerate all dermal conditions relating to hair loss.


            The current studies are combining many methods to see what works best. PRP has been deemed by some forum users to not work. Through my research those who have commented on it, had an operation done once. In this study ( I believe it was done at least three times a month to get these results. None the less this method is currently going through trial to be tested with other forms of analogous treatments, which on their own seem to work wonders. Combining the two in theory will make the process even quicker, which means more users and more money for the medical world.

            Unfortunately with out access codes these full studies cost a bit of money for you users to read. The overview covers as much as most users will typically read. Hope this helps. Trials typically take 11-20 years in this field. Analogous treatments hardly have problems, little side affects making them move through the trial phases quicker than traditionally. With that being said, trials have been ongoing for all forms of alopecia since about 2009 at a rapid rate. I predict by at least 2020 some of these will be in trial phase IV which will be open to the public, FDA approved and more available.

          • I’m absolutely baffled why you think this will be an answer to MPB/AGA. Restoring a few semi-miniaturized hairs is a nice feat (even minoxidil can do that for at least 2 years) but reviving the deadzones like temples is for approaches like replicel and follica.

  6. this new company is really working hard for donation that they will get just to fool us. another 5 years
    a lot of donation,that’s for sure no negativity but that is true.cheers.

    • Cannot understand what you are saying Raj. Please clarify your statement.

  7. Hi admin,

    Any update on follica and histogen?

    Is there any update on the top ten new treatments on the list you have?

  8. Man, the forums are dying…..What the hell we need something new! Everyone is dying for something new? Brotzu, follica? really was it the next possible thing to hit the market and when? Admin can you do an article on the next possible release?

  9. Still would like to learn move about advances in menopausal hair thinning treatments. Thank you.

    • Hi V,

      I do not know of any difference there would be in treatments aimed at menopausal thinning as opposed to treatments aimed at common pattern hair loss.

      This site mentions many treatments for pattern hair loss, most of them are still in development.

      Some mature women have reportedly found success using cosmetic hair creams such as N2C or ReBoost.

    • Haha, the break was a little longer than short. Let’s see what September bring us.

  10. My fear is that hair restoration treatments and hair products have become such a money making business that it’s almost not worth investing in a cure. I hope and pray that’s not true, but there’s so many new possibilities that never seem to pan out. What are your thoughts?

    • Developing improved treatments makes sense for everyone and I think people seeking hair regrowth would be happy with anything that helps.

      • Admin, hair transplant lasts for how many years as I know some surgeons tell only transplanted hair lasts life long, untransplanted hair falls after 5-10 yrs time, is it true? And who is best surgeon in the world according to you?

        • Can’t understand you completely, but sometimes native hair around a transplant does fall.

          I don’t know who the best surgeon in the world is, there are sites dedicated to that discussion. I hear a lot of mentions for Rahal, Shapiro.

      • Hi admin – do you have any info or thoughts on mesotherapy – it’s efficacy and why more people aren’t opting for it. There isn’t anything written here And one seems to be talking about it but I know a couple of people who’ve seen a lot of success with it in India – but haven’t heard anything on this forum or this dude if the world. Thanks!

        • Those treatments are similar to PRP, it works for a few and doesn’t for some. If you know someone with success you could carefully research how that happened.

        • Prp doesn’t work priya,it requires prp injections on regular intervals .better go for hair transplant,only solution in present scenario.

  11. Excellent article Follicle Thought
    Definately food for thought!
    I am suffering from the early stages of balding myself Frontal Balding specifically.
    I hope these companies discover a cure soon!

    • The NYT and other publications have articles about Harklinikken. It sound promising. I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with it.

    • I have not made a formal “approval” I’ve been observing it just like everyone else.

      • Admin, I saw replicel official announcement by Lee bucker .they are going to launch in mid 2018.

  12. Hi admin what happens to reboost , was it scam , did not work can u explain please thank you.

    • What happened to ReBoost is in the short time period it was observed on this site it did not prove yet its efficacy for helping hair growth. Over more months it may improve, however that will have to be dealt with on another site. Unfortunately, this new hair product brought out a lot of immaturity, anxiety, speculation, and pessimism from many people while the product was being used by the intial crowd. It was then decided to discontinue the discussion.

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