Brotzu Update: Alopecia Areata Presentation

I wanted to give everyone a quick update about one of the hottest topics in the hair growth treatment world, the Brotzu lotion. The information given during the presentation is mostly a rehash of what has been previously discussed, but does contain a few interesting tidbits including a few slides displaying hair follicle generation and a before/after photo of a baby who used the lotion.

Dr. Giovanni (John) Brotzu made a presentation last weekend at an Italian Alopecia Areata Association meeting. The presentation is completely in Italian, but is somewhat entertaining for non-Italian speakers like myself (Avanti!). Dr Brotzu was at the meeting to discuss his hair growth lotion discovery and also showed one photographic example of a baby with alopecia areata who used the treatment and has some nice hair growing about one year later (see below.) This treatment has very high credibility in my opinion. I really look forward to the pharmaceutical company producing the lotion (Fidia) releasing more information about their initial trial for the Brotzu lotion.BrotzuAA

And here’s the video (Dr. Brotzu speaking around 4:45) :

40 thoughts on “Brotzu Update: Alopecia Areata Presentation

  1. Yay!! An update!! Thank you, Joseph!
    I wish you to know I am still working on a plan.
    Your effort and updates are deeply appreciated.

    By the way, I am a member of alopeciaworld, and alopecia sufferers are discussing and comparing their treatments and progress with jak inhibitors.
    Thanks again,

  2. anonymous scientist working on a cure

    Thanks, I love this blog. All the scientists do, they just hate to admit it.

    I don’t speak italian, but this appears to be a child with alopecia areata totalis. Worth note as its a severe but rare type of the autoimmune variety, and in peds hormone levels are generally low, so may have less impact on androgenic in adults. But a definite wow result after a year in this kid.

    And the secret ingredient appears to be gamma linoleic acid, formulated for topical delivery using cationic liposomes and inhibiting the underlying immune response. Not exactly new or high tech active agents, so I am staying hopeful but skeptical here.

  3. I can’t help but wonder if this lotion just has jak inhibitor in it, which is already known to be effective for AA. I hope Dr.Brotzu release photos of mpb recoveries as well. I’m not dismissing the importance of possible AA treatments but this certainly wasn’t what many people were waiting to see and the doc would know that.

    • Is that enough for you to get out of treatment products? Will there be hair like old will was strong hair? Which approaching it the most? patience was no longer a moment ago should CPL. I think there is such a formula ..

        • Hi,
          Between Replicel, Histogen, Brotzu lotion, Kelopesia, Bimatoprost, Follica,
          etc. It may be a combination of them that will product the best results. It
          will most likely take more than one treatment to cure all.

  4. Admin, now new news. interview someone for baldness. if I were in America I used to follow every day research. this is our expectations and forward them to us. let me know how much it is in demand. the first company to bring the final solution ultimately wins all the money. now in the market does not take drugs that don’t work. ‘don’t trust anyone. be done with baldness.
    I’m sorry, I’m uncomfortable constantly, but I’m in a pickle

    • Follicle Thought

      You’ll have to be patient here. The news comes as it comes. I hope things go well for you and you can find comfort looking ahead. Trying to force things will not work.

  5. Joseph are they already trialing this? Thought I was going to be released to in 2017? Is it still going to be a cosmetic

    • Follicle Thought

      The last I heard was there was a trial going on this year (around now), unless something changed I believe it still to be true.

  6. Dear All I have one question I would be glad if you answer it.

    My wife and her Mother are only in their family who are suffering from hair loss.

    How can I identify either it is Alopesia androgenetic or Alopesia areata.

  7. HI Joseph, my name is srinu am from india. I sincearly appriciate the hard work and effort you put to bring the latest updates in the world of hair regeneration, thank you, god bless you. now follicle thought become soo much famous on internet, now i guess millions of people are waiting for your update which will less the pain of going or being bald,one request more updates about histogen or replicel please… let us all bald people come togeather through this site and let the front line Companies know our pain.atleast god.. thank you joseph.. eagerly waiting for next good update which make millions of people happy….

  8. Hello Joseph,

    As one who has suffered from Alopecia-Areata Totalis for 30 years, I am always hopeful there is something that would be developed that might reverse and enable the regrowth of hair. I read the news about BMD-2341 and the patent awarded to BiologicsMD in Fayetteville. This is very exciting and I would love to participate in such trials if at all possible. How would one go about investigating in a program?

    Kindest regards,

    • Follicle Thought

      Hi Jim,

      I’m not quite sure if BioMD is ready for their human trials yet, but I bet they would put you on a waiting list or something similar. I believe contacting the company is the best option Best of luck!


    • hello, please check thealopeciaexperiment instagram account, it’s a girl with alopecia areata who had full hair reversal during 5 months of taking xeljanz… but lost the hair when she stopped taking it, it’s a jak inhibitor

  9. It looks like the little child on the photo just let the hair she initially had grow over and comb over her had. I don’t really see much of an improvement. Just look at the angle the first pic was taken. It masks the amount of hair she initially had and let grow after. And you look at the second pic, there is no hair in her temples or front area, just the same hair from the first pic but much longer.

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