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2017: A Look Ahead

I’ve got a good feeling about 2017… For the past several years we have been pacified by the news of a research study or startup company working on a treatment that grows hair. Ultimately, we would prefer the… Read More

Update: New Follica Website

The times they are a-changing. Nowadays you can’t even take a trip to the fridge to grab more hummus dip without some hair growth startup rolling out their new website and business plan. 

Follica Moves Forward, Thorn Medical: Weekly Thoughts 4/17/16

Hey there everybody, nice to see you all again. In this edition of Weekly Thoughts we find a new company with some ambiguous, yet noteworthy, claims about their hair growth technology, an update on Follica’s new pivot, and… Read More

Follica News, PRP Study: Weekly Thoughts 9/5/15

I hope it’s been a good week, everybody. I’m still planning on releasing some exclusive posts soon, one being from a top researcher in the hair science world. Hopefully, sometime next week I will have an article ready… Read More

Follica in 2015

Follica made a big splash in the hair regeneration world when it was first announced about 8 years ago. The approach was new and was based on manipulating the wound healing process of skin to induce hair follicle… Read More

Luis Garza’s TLR3 Hair and Skin Regeneration Discovery

Originally, I coupled this write-up in the previous Skin and Hair Regeneration for Transplant Donor Area post, but I decided to expand upon it and give it its own post. The main idea of the latest research article by Luis… Read More