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The Clear Clinic h-Cell Therapy

Following the HCell article which was recently published, there was significant interest from readers to learn more about Dr. Lim’s clinic in South Korea which originally developed the h-Cell procedure and currently offers this treatment. This clinic is… Read More

Discovering a Game Changer: RiverTown Therapeutics Inc.

A lot has changed in the hair growth industry since I began Follicle Thought three years ago. Many new names and glimmers of hope have shown up in the industry. Even celebrity hair restoration has become more widespread… Read More

HCell Exclusive: Before and After Hair Growth Photos

Last week I had the opportunity to join a video conference with the HCell team to discuss their therapy aimed at multiple forms of alopecia. The HCell company emerged on the internet around mid January 2018 through the… Read More

Rophe Pharma Announces Eyebrow Growth

Rophe Pharma submitted a press release this week announcing its topical hair growth drug has shown positive results for restoring eyebrows. Rophe’s hair growth candidate RPHE-7193 is a topical form of the FDA approved blood pressure drug hydralazine…. Read More

Stay Updated: South Korea Hair Growth Research & More

I’ve had a few readers asking about updates lately which tells me that not everyone is aware of the new Updates thread. It is a post that acts as a Newsfeed. I use it to add quick news… Read More

New Company: Brickell Biotech

Brickell Biotech, a dermatology-focused pharmaceutical company, is developing a therapy which should prove to be of interest to the online hair community.

LEO Science & Tech Hub: Alopecia Areata Research

Located within the biotech cluster which is Cambridge, Massachusetts sits a contemporary R&D platform, the LEO Science & Tech Hub. The Science & Tech Hub is an innovation unit of the international dermatology-focused LEO Pharma company. The Tech… Read More

Rophe Pharma Announces Hair Growth Candidate

It was recently announced that Rophe Pharma will enter the hair growth market with a repurposed drug candidate. Robert Gadimian, CEO of Rophe Pharma, has put out a press release this month pertaining to the development of his… Read More

RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. Clinical Update

I’ve had many readers inquire lately about the current progress of RiverTown Therapeutics Inc.’s RT1640. RTI’s therapy for hair regeneration, RT1640, is a topical medication composed of minoxidil, cyclosporine A, and a novel molecule called RT175. The company… Read More

Asia: Hair Growth R&D

Just when we thought we knew of every company in the world working on hair growth treatments… With all of the scientific articles on hair biology that continually get published from Asian establishments there was bound to be… Read More