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L’Oreal 3D Printing, Hope for AA, Stem Cell Transplants: Weekly Thoughts 10/10/16

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Weekly Thoughts. Things have been really busy in the hair world as of late, new companies are popping up all the time and companies that we have known about are… Read More

HairClone – Another One

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I started browsing the website for HairClone, a new hair regeneration startup based out of Manchester, UK. Just like that another hair growth technology company has sprung up seemingly out of… Read More

New Brotzu Interview, Donor Regeneration Technology: Weekly Thoughts 6/24/16

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Weekly Thoughts. We’re now past the halfway point of the year, and quite frankly, I think a lot of people expected there to be more news regarding pivotal clinical trails… Read More

A Discussion on Hair Transplant Donor Management Guidelines

For people looking to restore their hair through multiple hair transplants, particularly young people, good donor management is critical to the individual’s successful outcome. Donor hair management is evaluated by three major factors: the person’s age, the person’s… Read More

Clinica CFS Update, Stem Cell Research: Weekly Thoughts 9/22/15

Hello everybody, and salutations. Over the past week I’ve gathered up a few news items which are significant in their own right, both related to hair restoration surgeons. I hope this tides you all over until some major… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration 2018

Look out for new companies February 2018  This post contains a list of the most viable and relevant hair regeneration treatments that are in development and known of. Hair loss cures, hair growth treatments, hair loss treatments, and… Read More

Skin and Hair Regeneration for Transplant Donor Area

One topic that I feel could use more attention in the hair regeneration world is scar repair for people who have underwent FUT hair transplants. I felt that it was a good time to bring up this subject… Read More

Luis Garza’s TLR3 Hair and Skin Regeneration Discovery

Originally, I coupled this write-up in the previous Skin and Hair Regeneration for Transplant Donor Area post, but I decided to expand upon it and give it its own post. The main idea of the latest research article by Luis… Read More

FUE or FUT Hair Transplants: Know the Difference

This article is a simple admonitory message for those considering a hair transplant. Today, hair transplants done by doctors of a high degree of skill and integrity are still the best option for restoring significant amounts of hair…. Read More