Deltracin – Wnt Upregulator

It didn’t take long for the first wild card of 2016 to show up, and that’s a good thing.

Last week when I had the pleasure of interviewing renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Cole, he mentioned that he was working to bring a new hair growth product to the US. That product is called Deltracin. Naturally, I was intrigued by this development and sought more information to share with you all. Here it is.

Deltacrin makes a capsule and topical agent. It is from Italy. Dr. Antonella Tosti, who is a well known researcher from the University of Miami and a major player at the World Congress for Hair Research, did a study on this product.  She found that it increases hair counts slightly and also improves hair mass slightly in many, but not all patients.  It is based on natural ingredients that are proprietary to the company. That makes it interesting because it should be available soon in the USA. Dr. Cole is in talks with the company now to bring it here to the USA.  It is a WNT upregulator. Dr. Cole does not expect it to be a cure, but an adjunct treatment.

This is exceptional news from my viewpoint. The product has been studied by a legitimate hair researcher and has shown positive results. The ingredients are natural and thus, can be implemented in the USA rather quickly. The product effects the Wnt pathway as an upregulator. Dr. Cole is a surgeon of hair restoration which brings credibility to the potential of this product. What I’ve shared thus far is all of the information I have on the product. In the future I will be receiving an update from Dr. Cole and will report back to you all.

Update: The product page of the Deltracin product has been located – Deltracin WNT. The ingredients are listed on the page and as reported are natural. My stance is that if this product has gotten the attention of a hair transplant surgeon like Dr. Cole, there’s a reason for it. We also know to be reasonable with our expectations of this product being that it is naturally sourced.

In lieu of the questions that I imagine will be asked I’ve created a simple FAQ here:

What kind of results do you expect from this product?

At this point, we don’t know yet. Perhaps they will be similar to minoxidil. More info should be provided soon.

Where can we buy this product now?
As far as I know it is available in Italy now. I personally don’t know where to buy it.

When can we buy this product in the US?
When it becomes available there will absolutely be an announcement on this website. I will be receiving more information on that in the near future. I can imagine it being available in the US by the end of this year.

Can you let me know when Deltracin becomes available in the US?
If you subscribe to this blog on the right sidebar, by entering your email address, you will not miss the notice about it becoming available.

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7 thoughts on “Deltracin – Wnt Upregulator

  1. available in italy since mid 2015 afaik.
    I’m not so convinced by the spraying thing, rather than direct scalp application with some rubbing… (but glad to be proven wrong).

  2. You really think this will be helpful at all? I see their supplement has soy in it. Everybody and their grandmother knows that this does nothing against MPB.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your comment. At this point, yes I do believe this product will be helpful.

      The article explains why I feel that way.


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