Discovering a Game Changer: RiverTown Therapeutics Inc.

A lot has changed in the hair growth industry since I began Follicle Thought three years ago. Many new names and glimmers of hope have shown up in the industry. Even celebrity hair restoration has become more widespread and talked about. These are all positive developments which support the ultimate goal we are heading towards. But, the need for a pivotal hair growth treatment remains the same. As we have all learned, time does not necessarily bring about change. It takes action. It takes resources. It takes commitment.

Many people write to me and ask “which treatment will end baldness?” or “when will there really be something released that is really significant?” I always tell them, I don’t know. It all depends on people’s actions and awareness from now until then. I always do my best to remain impartial and positive about all companies who seek to bring forth new hair growth treatments to market. I’ll speak candidly and say that some companies deserve it more than others. If it wasn’t already clear, RiverTown Therapeutic’s RT1640 represents an immense opportunity for people around the world seeking hair restoration. The therapy has been shown anecdotally to work for both men and women, both young and old. I’m grateful to present yet another significant results photo from RiverTown, the photos leave no doubt.Β 

Rather than offer my own comments about these results, I’ll ask some questions instead.Β 

  • When have you seen a topical medication regenerate hair in bald areas in a 60 yr old?
  • What kind of results could this treatment have on a younger subject who only just began to thin?
  • When have you seen a medication not only grow hair back, but also restore the pigment as well?
  • What kind of market potential does a treatment like this have in the world?

And, I’m sure you can come up with a few questions on your own. Please feel free to share this article far and wide with anyone you believe would be interested in it.

Some of you read my blog everyday hoping for news to relieve your personal situation with hair loss. Some of you read my blog everyday looking for exciting technologies to invest in. Some of you read my blog everyday for both reasons. I would imagine that a treatment like RT1640 would be funded instantly based on its potential.


17 Comments on “Discovering a Game Changer: RiverTown Therapeutics Inc.

    • Each their own, my apologies.

      I recommend clicking the photo and using the zoom function in your browser. There’s no question.

  1. I know… you must get sick of the following question:

    Any idea when RT1640 will be available?

    I e-mailed them in december 2017 and this was their answer:

    “Thank you for reaching out and your interest in RT1640. We are still hopeful for a 2020-2021 release date. We continue to believe that RT1640 is the answer for AGA. Thanks again for checking in.”

    You think 2020 is still up-to-date or will they release it sooner than that?

    Kind regards. AJ

  2. only question is when is it available? how much? and if it’s just a topical I assume they can just mail it and we apply at home?

  3. I have the same questions as above. (KB)
    when avail, how much and apply at home

  4. Thanks for this update πŸ™‚

    Wow… The photo looks good zoomed out (normal) but when you zoom in you can really see a large increase in density, not just on the crown but at front to!



  5. Looks positive but the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak. The one comment on the photo that I’ll make is that the illustrated regrowth was in the crown region, the “easiest”, and I use that term loosely, area to regrow hair. I want to see hairline (and temple) area, that would be something to get really excited about. As far as imagining “that a treatment like RT1640 would be funded instantly based on its potential” is it or are they still searching for investors? If still on the hunt for $$$, there’s a good reason why they aren’t funded with initial capital , one would think. VC’s and angel investors are reasonably shrewd risk takers.

  6. You know, it sucks that we have to wait so long and each improvement is so small. However, even if this isn’t an overnight cure, it’s great to see progress. Thanks for sharing. Better days to come, but we might have to fight to get there first.

    • I appreciate the gratitude, JayRed. Thanks

      Truth be told, I don’t see this is a small improvement because its a photo at 6 months, which is early. But I understand where you’re coming from.

  7. These results are very impressive. I am surprised at the downbeat tone of some of the other comments. Compared to what most people would get from minoxidil or finasteride, it looks great. Obviously the wait until release is frustrating.

    My questions are:
    1) How effective is it around the hairline?
    2) How often do you need to apply it? One or twice a day? More? Less?
    3) Is it like a cream, or more like a liquid? I ask this because it can affect how hard it is to apply. On areas of thinning hair (but still partly covered) it could be difficult to apply to the scalp.


    • Thanks for the feedback Russell. I agree with your points!
      I’m sorry I don’t have the answer for your questions personally but I appreciate your interest in this therapy.

  8. Especially wondering how they intend to deliver a drug with 1000+ molecular mass (cyclosporin).
    And what about the risks of cyclosporin causing malignancies…
    I’ve mailed them about this, but no answer still.

  9. dimethylpolysiloxane
    Research has shown that this substance found in McDonald’s potato oil is a promising cure for baldness /
    This article is in an Egyptian product
    Want to know how to use this article and how to use it to get the best results

  10. Any news on reversing grays? I have had premature gray since my 20’s and it’s really hitting on my self esteem :/

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