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Christophe Guillemat (Source: LinkedIn)

Christophe Guillemat and the CFS Barcelona Hair Transplant Clinic have been developing a technique to transplant stem cells from donor hair to the recipient area to grow hair follicles. I have heard Guillemat say that the doctors of the CFS use the complete donor area when doing this procedure. The technique itself sounds very similar to the one used by Dr. Gho. As of now, I do not know if there are any differences between the two approaches. I did want to know more about this procedure, so I asked Guillemat a few questions through his website. I could not understand every detail of his response as his native language is Spanish and his English is not polished, however, it’s generally clear what he was trying to say.

Here’s the questions I proposed to Guillemat on his blog:
1. Is it true to say your technique involves extracting a portion of the hair follicle stem cell and then implanting into recipient area?
2. How many subjects will you have results from in September? Update in July too?
3. Do you have any idea what is the difference between your method and Dr. Gho’s method?
4. Have you considered combining PRP or extracellular matrix into your new treatment?

The response from Guillemat:

“Joseph. Thank you so much. There are many clinics that say they cloned hair and Dr Gho also get very good results with his technique so, I’m not understand that the information I give have much impact.

What we get is, not damaging the donor area of the patient and can cover large baldness with little donor area. Exactly the opposite of what you get with traditional techniques. We transfer the stem cells of all follicles from the donor site to the recipient site. With the traditional techniques we move a hair from one area to another, damaging the donor area. We have thought that the ideal would be to keep getting the same but without damaging the donor area. The technique of Dr. Gho is a fantastic solution that meets these expectations. With one technique or another, that counts is the final result.

We have conducted about 20 tests with patients and between September and November we will have the results.

There are no scientific studies demonstrating the efficacy of PRP on hair loss and for growth. To determine whether the application of PRP is appropriate or not, it has to do a study. It’s what we will do as soon as posible.
Best regards.

To paraphrase, he speaks highly of Dr.Gho’s efforts. He is proposing the CFS method as being able to continuously grow hair in the recipient area without exhausting the donor area. (Yes, that would be awesome). The CFS has trialed this approach on about 20 patients and he will be unveiling the results if they are positive between September and November 2015. Thank you very much for your cooperation by answering few questions, Christophe. I wish your clinic all the best.

There’s more

Apparently, the CFS has already trialed this technique on at least one patient so far. The results posted on the CFS website are good looking. Below is a before and after shot. To view the other photos click here.

(Source: CFS Barcelona)
Before (Credit: CFS Barcelona)
                                After (Credit: CFS Barcelona)
Before                                                                               After

Looks pretty good. I look forward to hearing an update from Christophe in September.

3 Comments on “Christophe Guillemat Stem Cell Transplant

  1. So what about updates as promised?

    Hope, this doesn´t turn out to be another of these money making marketing gimmicks ;-(

    • I’ll look into it for you Mike. Sometimes it takes many months, even years to know for sure if the treatment is worthwhile or if its a treatment like you described. I’ve had other topics to tend to lately.

      • Also, Follicle Thought has posted an update about this treatment in a weekly thoughts. What comes next is consumer validation once the treatment is opened up to a significant number of folks. As I said, I’ll look into that over the next few months.

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