Follica in 2015

Follica made a big splash in the hair regeneration world when it was first announced about 8 years ago. The approach was new and was based on manipulating the wound healing process of skin to induce hair follicle generation. Dr. George Cotsarelis quickly became the recognized face of the company. Since then, Follica has been pretty quiet in regards to updates on the development of its technology. I actually understand and respect that approach. If you’ve got something good going on, no need to advertise it, you’ll soon be a billionaire. However, now in 2015, the elapsed time span brings up a few questions.

How’s everything going out there, Follica?

There has been a glimmer of hope as of late.  Follica recently updated their website in June 2015. Though, it may seem subtle to some, to me it signifies the presence of some kind of development or reason to look ahead. What’s the purpose of revamping your website after several years of silence? It would definitely seem that there is a reason behind it.

Here’s an enticing quote from co-founder Dr. George Cotsarelis featured on the new Follica Website:

When cells move in to close a wound, they are trying to make a decision: Should I make epidermis or should I make a hair? There is a window of opportunity in which we can push them to make hair.”

Joseph’s Thoughts

Dr. George Cotsarelis, co-founder of Follica, has a number of hair follicle related patents under his belt. That means Follica has the ability to use any of those patents in its treatments. The latest and possibly most intriguing patent of that bunch is:  FgF9 Promotes Hair Follicle Regeneration After Wounding. Note that this particular patent was issued just this month, August 6, 2015.

Earlier this month Dr. Luis Garza headlined a scientific article about TLR3 promoting hair and skin regeneration during wounding. Dr. Garza and Dr. Cotsarelis have a history of working together on hair follicle research. Dr. Luis Garza is even a co-inventor of the much talked about PGD2 hair growth patent. The TLR3 research seems to fit perfectly into Follica’s approach to hair regeneration through wounding. Is it possible the two of them are talking about getting the band back together?

There are always tons of developments, collaborative talks, and testing going on behind the scenes of a biotech company. Follica is no exception. In particular, Follica has chosen to be exceptionally discreet about its doings. Rest assured though, they’re busy with something.

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