Follicum Identifies New Receptors That Affect Hair Growth

An interesting bit of news was released by the company Follicum this morning. In conjunction with a specialized research company Dualsystems Biotech, Follicum has identified receptors in hair follicle cells that their lead drug candidate FOL-005 binds to. This represents a viable mechanism of action for their product.

An image from Follicum’s year end review displaying their flagship peptide FOL-005 (red dots) binding to specific hair follicle cells.

The press release mentions this information could be leveraged in Follicum’s discussions with regulatory authorities and commercial partners. I wonder if this information could also be leveraged to create new therapies for hair growth or improve upon their initial peptide formulation. I am impressed that Follicum continues to share worthwhile news regarding its progress and is moving towards a phase 2a trial for the scalp to begin first quarter this year. To read the full press release click here.

3 Comments on “Follicum Identifies New Receptors That Affect Hair Growth

  1. Hi Joseph, can you tell me few biotech’s that you are surely confident about that they will be available by the end of 2020 without any if’s and but.

    • No one can say there are companies that will definitely be out, highly likely is a different story

  2. What the members of the forum saw in this product of its activities and side effects
    (Link Edited)

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