Follicum Results Vs. Minoxidil – Exclusive

Follicle Thought is proud to present this exclusive preclinical research data courtesy of Dr. Jan Alenfall of Follicum. Jan has provided me with a personal write-up on Follicum’s lead candidate drug, FOL-S-005, as well as two research data graphs. I have added the write-up to the original Follicum post.

Below are two graphs demonstrating the efficacy of Follicum’s compounds. Both graphs display results that were obtained from mice. The first graph depicts the results of 6 of Follicum’s potential compounds. The second graph shows the results of minoxidil over a 30 day period. Here’s a quote from Dr. Alenfall about these graphs: “All these results were generated by the contract research laboratory that compared the effectiveness of our compounds compared with minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine®), however the minoxidil study was carried out separately by the laboratory using exactly the same experimental conditions.” Jan also told me that Follicum only intends to move forward with the compounds that show the most promise. I’d say there’s a few here. One thing that’s important to pay attention to is the number of days that it took for these compounds to achieve their results.

chart-1 follicum[1] - Copy (2)
chart-2 minoxidil c[1]

4 Comments on “Follicum Results Vs. Minoxidil – Exclusive

  1. Hi! First of all, great website!

    Now, I can’t find a lot of good info on Follicum and their product(s). Do you know anything about how they plan on proceeding from here on out? I understand they are planning a study on humans now, but is this going to be like Follicept(cosmetic) or like any other drug that is 5-10 years from hitting the market?

    • Thanks very much for the kind words.

      The writeup I have been promoting in this post mentions that Follicum is developing its compounds into pharmaceutical drugs, not a cosmetic. No one knows exactly how long it will take. Though, I can say that I am supportive of and open to the possibility that it could take less than 5 years.

      • If I were to guess, I would say minimum 5 years. They are still in beginning stages.

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