Update: Here is the write-up that Follicum CEO Dr. Jan Alenfall provided to Follicle Thought. Follicum – Click to Download

Been to Sweden lately? I haven’t either. But, I might be more interested in booking a flight after Follicum’s clinical trial gets underway in early 2016. Follicum is a new biotechnology venture based in Sweden which has several molecules in development for modulating hair growth. Yes, Follicum claims to have technology that can both grow hair and inhibit unwanted hair growth. Follicum’s flagship molecule FOL-005 is getting ready to enter its official clinical trial at the beginning of next year.


The mysterious little Swedish molecule that can both inhibit hair growth and promote growth. I know, readers of this blog are certainly only interested in creating hair, so let’s look at what it can do in the growth category. Here’s a quote from the Follicum site.

“The preclinical efficacy studies have primarily been performed at a contract research laboratory in India (Dabur Research Foundation). Dabur have previously performed similar studies with minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine®) and in comparison with these results FOL-005 stimulated (in preclinical comparable studies) hair growth much faster and produced hair growth over a much larger area.”

Much faster growth over a larger area than minoxidil? Thumbs up.
The website mentions that FOL-005 is a peptide and is currently being  administered subcutaneously through injections during its trials. Follicum also mentions that they don’t plan on staying with that method for a commercial product release; a topical gel or similar administration of FOL-005 is targeted by the company.

Background on Follicum

Follicum has an informative website that includes a nice timeline of the company’s history. It turns out that the co-founders first saw the hair growth effect of their protein on mice in 2004. A patent for hair growth was filed in 2011. Collaboration with well known hair researcher Ralf Paus was initiated in 2012. And, mixed in those years were several investments of multiple million’s of SEK (Swedish currency). Double thumbs up.

There’s something about Follicum that feels really good to me, and I’m not exactly sure why. They’re good with their news updates, I like the concept of their technology, and I dig the color scheme of their website. (laughs) The company is directed by CEO Dr. Jan Alenfall, whom I have recently reached out to for a little more information on the current ongoings at Follicum. Hopefully, I have some exclusive news to share with you soon. In the meantime, keep checking Follicum’s website for news updates.

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