Follicum’s Year End Greetings

Gunnar Gardemyr of Follicum recently reached out to Follicle Thought to share some messages with its readers regarding the progress of Follicum and details on what the company is looking forward to next year. Follicum is casually strolling into a major pivotal position in the hair growth industry and also has in the works some new research aimed at diabetes. The phase 2a trial for scalp hair growth is planned to commence 1st Q 2018 and should produce data by year end 2018. The results of this trial will be extremely interesting.

Image displaying FOL-005 homing in on hair follicle cells post injection, from Follicum’s latest press release.

Here’s a message from Gunnar Gardemyr including exclusive info about FOL-005’s formulation development:

“2017 has been a very exciting year with positive progress in our research projects. Our first breakthrough was the result of our phase I/IIa trial with FOL-005 for hair growth. The result showed increased hair growth after treatment in three out of four of the healthy individuals included in the trial. This has led to that we recently filed a new application for a phase IIa clinical trial on the human scalp with the German authorities. Furthermore, we received a patent approval in China, which is especially important, considering the huge market potential in Asia.

We are in parallel with the clinical program developing three different topical formulations from which we will select the one that is most attractive during Spring 2018 to be used in phase IIb clinical trial 2019. The prototype formulations are the following: 1.Powder formulation – FOL-005 in emulsion of lipid-based suspension. 2.Cream – nanoparticles of FOL-005 in lipid-based suspension. 3.Gel – FOL-005 incorporated in polymer nanoparticles.

After an intense and fascinating year we look forward to 2018 with many activities to demonstrate the value of our research and development. We will initiate and conclude on the phase IIa study on scalp, chose a topical formulation for FOL-005 that we can use in the phase IIb study, present data around the MoA and much more! I wish you a restful Holiday period and a great start 2018.

With best wishes

For a detailed review of Follicum’s year read their entire Season’s Greetings press release.

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