FUE or FUT Hair Transplants: Know the Difference

This article is a simple admonitory message for those considering a hair transplant. Today, hair transplants done by doctors of a high degree of skill and integrity are still the best option for restoring significant amounts of hair. One of the most important points for to be aware of when making a hair transplant decision is knowing the difference between FUE and FUT. There is loads of information and in-depth discussion about this subject online, and can be found using a simple search. I will just be going over the very basics to help you get a general idea of the two procedures.

FUE Procedure – This is a newer version of hair transplant procedures that involves extracting out individual hair grafts, one-by-one. The technique is done by a skilled surgeon using circular micro scalpels. Once removed from the donor scalp, the grafts are then further prepared to be made ready for insertion into the recipient scalp area. The process takes longer than a FUT and usually a FUE session will be smaller in number of grafts extracted compared to a FUT procedure. Very small “dot” scars are created through this procedure in the donor area, yet from a skilled surgeon they will be almost unnoticeable to the naked eye even when hair is cut very short.

FUT Procedure: This is a technique that is older than FUE. It involves cutting out a strip of the scalp from the donor scalp area. That strip of scalp is then separated into individual hair follicle grafts to be prepared for insertion into the recipient scalp area. It is said there is a slightly better graft survival rate for the FUT procedure compared to FUE. This procedure leaves a linear scar on the back of the scalp. Hair will generally have to be styled longer in the donor area after an FUT compared to FUE to cover the scar from the procedure. This procedure is more painful post-operation than an FUE and has a longer recovery period for the donor site.

Many reputable surgeons will offer both procedures. Some of the best FUE results come from doctors with individual offices. FUE is usually more expensive per graft due to the time and preciseness it requires. I favor the idea of an FUE procedure for hair transplants. The recovery period is shorter, there is less pain involved, less physical trauma to the scalp, and with a great surgeon, FUE results will be comparable to FUT.

My overall message is that it is very important for all those considering a hair transplant to know the background information first; know the difference between FUE and FUT, and do sufficient background research on the surgeon you are considering.

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  1. Hello! Does your doctor have you taking propecia? If so, what dosage and do you have any side effects what so ever? If so do you do anything to prevent or limit the side effects?

  2. Hi Tom,

    The doctor at the hair transplant office wrote me a prescription for Propecia. I never filled it due to the reported side effects I read about online and my gut instinct about the medication. I would consider researching herbs such as Ashwagandha, Maca, or Nettles as an adjunct.

    • Admin I believe you made a wise decision regarding not taking propecia. Now are you concerned about losing your non transplanted hair? Are you taking any supplements or minixidil or anything in the hopes that it slows hairloss?

      • Hi there,

        My name is Joseph by the way. I’d have to say I’m very thankful that my hair has been mostly solid since the transplant. I do lasercomb and I take Nettles Extract and Bhringaraj herb to support my hair growth.
        Thanks much for your interest in FollicleThought.

        • Hi Joseph,
          What is the mode of action for the nettles extract? Does it suppress dht like saw palmetto?…I tried laser comb and I swear it bloated my face as vessels dilate and blood rushes to head area. Also sped up my heart…I cant win.

  3. The most common theories are that Nettles either blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT or that it reduces DHT’s ability to bind to receptors. A little internet searching would probably prove useful.

    Don’t sweat it if the old products didn’t work out for you, there’s better options on the way.

    • Hi joseph,
      thanks as always for your replies. shows professionalism!..yes im trying not to sweat that these current products arent useful to me due to terrible side effects however I am quickly losing ground and fear by the time another product comes out I will be out of luck with little to no hair left to work with.

  4. “Don’t sweat it if the old products didn’t work out for you, there’s better options on the way.”

    Pray tell !!! What new products?

  5. Great piece of information , thanks for clearing the doubts between FUE and FUT techniques, this is really valuable information for those who is planning for hair transplant surgery.

  6. Useful articles, thanks for sharing such a great piece of information about FUE and FUT techniques, keep posting.

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