Cheers to a new week everybody.

I expect to have a couple really cool exclusive posts to present later in the week, and for now I wanted to check in and say hello. I’m going to be adding a mixture of posts that will be weekly round-ups and insights that I believe to be valuable.

This post is titled “Gratitude.” After sharing some news to a few hair forums last week it became clear to me that gratitude is such an important part of a hair-restoration seeker’s life. I would love to see much more gratitude on hair forums. Most of us are eagerly anticipating the next effective treatment to become approved and available. In the meantime, the news of potential treatments that have shown great results on mice abound. We occasionally here important news from companies that are already in human trial development. Is any of this worth getting happy about and getting our hopes up? I would say of course it is. Every piece of work counts. When the ultimate stem-cell hair regeneration treatment that restores full heads of hair becomes available, there’s a good chance it will have started out by testing on mice. So why not enjoy it when you hear about a new approach and a new study that has shown good results?

I’m at a place where I know that a new efficient treatment is coming within the next couple years. Other people’s opinions do not affect my belief in that. I’m happy with the amount of research I’ve done and the conclusion I’ve come to. When I read about a new lab that is doing hair follicle research I’m happy and grateful that these people would put their life’s work into studying hair follicles and ways to regenerate them. It is important stuff, actually.

I’ll end this post with my own notions of gratitude. I’m thankful to you all who read and enjoy my posts. Especially those who send me a quick email and say they really like what I’m doing here. I’m thankful to every researcher who is creating a solution for hair regeneration, and to the hair surgeons who are advancing their field as well. I’m thankful to everyone in the industry that has helped Follicle Thought to become the best informational website on hair regeneration. I’m thankful for those next-gen treatments that are just around the corner, and I am always thankful for the hair I have now. Until next time, enjoy yourselves. And if you will, remember that there is always something to be grateful for.


2 Comments on “Gratitude

  1. This post is really great, I must’ve read it a dozen times. So many of the hair loss forums are overrun with negativity, and every new advance is seen with skepticism. It’s important to take a moment and appreciate that there are people who are working every day to try to help.

  2. Ben, comments like this make a big difference to me when I reflect on my work at Follicle Thought. I’ve noticed that hair forums are not the place for me. Perhaps if there was one filled with optimistic people who supported each other and the people working on hair tech, I’d be there. I wish more people would share their support on this blog like you have. Thank you.

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