Hair is a Wonderful Thing

We all love our hair. Some of us didn’t know how much we loved our hair until we didn’t have the same amount of it over a period of time. Hair is the reason I started this site, it’s the reason you came here to read this. Hair is interesting. Hair is stylish. Hair is personality. Hair is unique. It goes on… Having a shaved head is beautiful too. There’s nothing wrong with not having hair. It’s a matter of preference. I prefer to have hair, like many others.

The reason why I wrote this blog “Hair is a Wonderful Thing” is because I want to remind people that hair is what drives us, not hair loss. Hair and hair growth is where I do my best to put consistent attention. Sometimes, taking a step back and putting attention on another topic entirely is also good for the soul. It’s not always obvious to society that many people in this world: put in extra care for their hair, or have had a hair transplant, or take hair supplements, or wear a hairpiece, and you’d never know it. Many of them are famous and some of them are around you. You’d be surprised by the people in your life who have a hair situation that they deal with, unbeknownst to you.


There is a silver lining. The cure is coming and truthfully it already exists. People in clinical studies have already experienced these injectable technologies. We’ve all seen photos of those who have grown back hair from cellular therapies. And they live on this planet. It’s a lot closer than it may seem. Also, it doesn’t matter what age you are to wish for more hair. You might be 19, you might be 68. Just know that you’re not the only one and people are generally much more compassionate about your situation than you might think.

Be Thankful Now

I believe it is important to hold a vision about what you want in life. The picture in your mind that makes you happy. Gratitude does so much in life. It raises our spirits, it gives us energy. It automatically gives us more of the things we are grateful for. It keeps us heading in the right direction. As often as I can remember to, I say out loud “I’m thankful for all of my hair today.” I invite you to do the same or create your own mantra. If you’d like something a little more tangible to be thankful for, I’ve got you covered. In my next post I will list every major biotechnology company developing a hair regeneration treatment in 2015. It’s a good place to put our attention.

Thank you all.

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