Histogen Fundraises $9.49 Million


Well done, Gail

Histogen is doing a bit more moving and shaking. It appears that Histogen opened a Series D round of financing in May 2015 and raised $18 million for it’s Hair Stimulating Complex. They have a new financing parter in WealthForge. When you’re good, you’re good. Full article here.

Get ready for Histogen everybody.

Gail K. Naughton, CEO of Histogen, filed a form D for $9.49 million equity financing on June 29, 2015. Now, I’m not a certified accountant, but I know that’s a good thing. Basically, Histogen raised $9.49 million in funds for itself. Here’s a definition of a form D.
A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) required for companies that are selling securities in reliance on a Regulation D exemption or Section 4(6) exemption provisions.Form D is a brief notice of a company’s executive officers and stock promoters, in lieu of the regular reports required when no exemption under Regulation D exists. (investopedia.com)

This update has come after several months of silence from Histogen.If you were on a hair forum lately, you probably heard that this meant that Histogen was ‘done.’ Sorry but I can’t help but LOL with the logic there. Love you guys. Fortunately, reality has reared its beautiful head and we have some news from Histogen. One interesting point I found while reading about the funding was that on average, biotechnology companies usually get about 75% of the funding they are seeking. Histogen on the other hand, received 100% of the money it was looking for. That, my friends, is a good sign. Interestingly enough, I had just emailed Gail on June 29th asking about an update on HSC’s trial process. Pretty neat.

Final trial in Japan

So does this mean that Histogen is going to go ahead with their final trial which would lead to approval in Japan? There has been no official word from Histogen about that. But I have an opinion. Yes, of course it does. Histogen has been in the game for a little while and you can bet they’ve been working their butts off behind the scenes to get this thing to market. The biotech companies think just like you. Hair growth is good for people and good for billions and billions of dollars. (laughs)
Gail had mentioned they were looking to get into their final trial in this video at the 4:44 mark.
Now they have the funding in place. There ya go. Stay tuned for Histogen, it’s only a matter of time now.


Information source : www.octafinance.com

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