How to React to the Announcement of a New Treatment?

Originally published April 8, 2016

This is a discussion that I have planned to do for a while now. After reading about a new hair growth treatment that was announced yesterday, and knowing I would soon be sharing it with you all, I decided it was time to write this article first.

When writing these articles on Follicle Thought, I take time to consider what information I will present to you and how I present it. I realize that my audience consists of “first-time google searchers” and also people who have been hanging around internet hair forums for over 10 years. It can be a delicate subject to report on because we all wish for an effective treatment so greatly, yet it still seems as though a true cure-all hair growth treatment is just out of reach for the public. Hearing about a potential new treatment can be so crucial to us. “Could this really be it? Is the wait FINALLY over?” We think about these things. We wish for them. It’s a dream for us.

Although I do screen the material that I publish on this website, I make it clear that there’s no way to guarantee that every new treatment is going to be successful. My philosophy is that in most cases it is better to give the treatment the benefit of the doubt and present the information here, and in time we will know whether it is genuine and effective. For the majority of the stuff I write about, and especially most of the stuff lately, I think a lot of it will prove to be successful. One thing is usually the same for most hair treatment news, there will be a period of time after the initial announcement that we will need patience with. Very rarely does a company announce themselves in their first press release and say “Treatment will be available for sale next week.” I know, I too, wish they would. I point this out because I believe it helps to be in a hopeful mindset, yet also grounded and practical in my approach to the subject. I notice that people sometimes can get excited after hearing good news and then have some ups and downs during the weeks following an announcement. I want to bring some clarity about this.

A practical way to be hopeful for new hair growth treatments

I’m happy to offer my insight for those who are interested. First off, I’m always thankful for any news I read or hear about because I know it’s bringing us closer to the cure, no matter what the news is. More publicity for a hair cure is good publicity for a hair cure. When I see news about any treatment, for example let’s say a topical treatment that will be sold as a cosmetic but has good research backing it up, I think to myself: “Sounds good. I’ll surely be able to discern through the rest of the online community if this treatment is effective. I can keep watching for updates from the company and see if the information they present seems reasonable and credible. Until it’s got good credibility I don’t have to buy the product.” And there you have it. It’s all not really such a big deal. Time will tell all, there’s not much for us to do except keep an optimistic outlook and be productive with our lives.

I know it’s easier said than done, but for those that need to hear it – try to relax a little bit, if you can. I would not do this blog if I did not think we were very close to a publicly released game changing hair growth treatment.The technological growth rate of this world guarantees that a hair growth breakthrough is bound to come. The exact date, the exact treatment which will prove victorious, is unknown for now. Yet, we have a lot to be thankful for and the past years have given us great news. When a company or an article gives a date in the future when more information will be released, please understand that you may have to wait until that date to receive an update about that particular treatment.

I do believe that optimism and gratitude do have an effect on the outcome of these treatments that we all wish for. Guaranteed, anyone who has ever done anything remarkable in this world had a lot of faith in what they set out to accomplish regardless of the general consensus around them; also, I’ve never heard of a pessimist who had something really great happen to them out of the blue. I will offer one last sentiment of advice, believe in your own opinion. If you look far and wide in this online hair world, you will find lots of opinions, very rarely are they well informed. I don’t want you to just believe in my opinion, I encourage you to form your own opinion. So much information from all these companies is withheld from the public, and for good reason.

I wish you all the best in your hair seeking and I look forward to the day (soon enough) that I will post about a new special treatment that we all can receive as consumers. Until next time, be well.

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