Hair is valued and appreciated all over the world. It is estimated that hair restoration products and services are a $3 billion annual industry worldwide. There are still major unmet needs in the hair restoration market. Yet, there are many technologies with a great efficacy potential that are at the R&D stage.

An effective hair growth treatment will inevitably become a multi-billion dollar success. This time period for hair technology can be compared to the early 2000’s for the dot com industry. We are at a moment that is ripe with opportunity to breed a technology that changes the world forever.

Follicle Thought is seeking the right investors to connect to the most promising technologies being developed to cure hair loss. We are informed of the most leading edge hair growth research in the world. Some of the laboratories we speak to are not mentioned on this site and are seeking funding to fully develop their breakthrough technology for human hair growth. We’d like to help make that happen with the right team.

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