Kelopesia – ReBoost Update: International Shipping Available

(Published 02/17)

I got some great news today, everybody, that I am excited to share with you all.

Prof. Fikrettin Sahin gave me an update on the Turkish hair cream that has many people on the edge of their seats. The update includes a new release date and a new name for the product. Here is the info from Prof. Sahin himself as of 2/20/17:

“Our hair cream will be introduced into the market soon (within 2 weeks). Commercial name of the product will be ReBoost.”

ReBoost….hmmm. Interesting name. I was also told by Prof. Sahin that after the release of the product in Turkey, he will let me know how the cream may be purchased from Turkey by those who live abroad. Rest assured, you will all get that info when it is available. Making sure you are subscribed for email updates on the right sidebar of this blog is a good idea. Other than that, smile. 🙂

To Prof. Sahin and the rest of the team who worked on this product – Thank You!

Update 3/3/17:

We are now close to the time period in which Prof. Sahin stated ReBoost would be launched in Turkey. In lieu of inquiries about the progress of the launch I am making this statement to my readers:  Thank you very much for your patience as we anticipate the launching of a potentially pivotal treatment for hair growth. As has been stated on this site before, Prof. Sahin and his team have been working diligently to get this product to market. Let’s give them time to get it done and respect the time it may take to be completed. As with all project completions in life, exact dates are subject to change. If I do not receive an update sooner, I will contact the company for information towards the end of next week. I have no further information until I receive an update from the company. Thank you

Update 3/23/17:

I have still not been able to get another official update from the ReBoost company, yet. I just wanted to check in with you all because I realize this has seemingly been a while to wait for news. A friend of mine who lives in Turkey informed me that he contacted the University via telephone this month and they told him things were still progressing for the hair cream, with just a few more regulatory passages needing to be cleared in order for the cream to launch. For now, I will continue to wait for an update from the company and will be moving forward with new posts and topics. Thank you all for your patience.

Update 4/24/17:

Suffice to say, things have not gone as expected for ReBoost over the past two months. There has not been an official word from the company since the initial announcement of its launching. I am now uncertain as to whether the cream will be sold worldwide as foretold. Because of the lack of communication from the people behind ReBoost I am now moving past the subject and will only revisit it if I hear back from an official source or the cream does in fact launch in Turkey.  My apologies to everyone who is disappointed by this turn of events, the initial announcement came directly from the company and what has transpired since then was unexpected. Let’s stay positive for many of the other great products working towards release.

Update 5/2/17:

A new article has been published today in Turkey featuring Kelopesia/ReBoost. I still do not know what the future holds for ReBoost, however, this is official news with new data on the cream. Below is one of the newly released images of Reboost results.

pdate 5/5/17

The cream has officially been released in Turkey and a reader of the site has shared some pictures of her ReBoost bottles, “back to the roots” it says on the package 🙂 (Thank you Gizem)

As I’ve said, the cream has only been released in Turkey for now. According to the recent Turkish article, there was a production run of 10,000 units of ReBoost which are available for sale at the Yeditepe University. Sometime over the following months there will reportedly be announced an international online distributor of the cream, but we don’t know when. As we have learned over the past several months, things come out, when they come out.
*When I do hear of a way to order the production internationally, I will share that information in an update for this article.

Update 5/19/17:

I have received an official statement from the head of manufacturing of the ReBoost cream regarding its contents:

“To whom it may concern,

ReBoost is a hair product developed in Biotechnology and Stem Cell research laboratories at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. The name of the hair cream has defined as Kelopesia firstly, therefore it is then decided to be named as ReBoost regarding to the opinions and suggestions coming from the sector experts. ReBoost has formulated as a result of a long-term scientific study. 

First of all, the molecular content of the discharged exosome (nanoparticle) of stem cells obtained from the foreskin was established and identified. These exosomes were determined to have a significant effect on the renewal of hair follicle cells. Then, the molecules that are approved for the production legislation of the cosmetic products were listed with respect to the Ministry of Health in Turkey. These molecules were studied and combined  with other important components such as vitamins, minerals and some hairdressing herbal oils for manufacturing the final formulation of ReBoost.

In May 2017, ReBoost was released to the market in Turkey. It can be ordered from Yeditepe University, Yeditepe Healthcare Inc. Marge Medical Ltd. or selected points of sale in Turkey.

Hakan ÇINAR – Bilimsel Mobile”

Update 6/5/17

Latest update of information for purchasing ReBoost cream:

ReBoost (50 ml) price: $100 US DOLLAR  or 90€ EURO (Plus Shipping)

Delivery of ReBoost: (There is no longer free shipping on orders of multiple ReBoost)

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY: $22 US DOLLAR (Price may increase if country is further away than US)

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY within Europe: 18 EURO

There is no longer an option for cash on delivery.

To place an order, email:  
*When you place an order, include the name of the country the order will ship to.
Orders are welcome 7 days a week.

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