Kelopesia – ReBoost Update: International Shipping Available

(Published 02/17)

I got some great news today, everybody, that I am excited to share with you all.

Prof. Fikrettin Sahin gave me an update on the Turkish hair cream that has many people on the edge of their seats. The update includes a new release date and a new name for the product. Here is the info from Prof. Sahin himself as of 2/20/17:

“Our hair cream will be introduced into the market soon (within 2 weeks). Commercial name of the product will be ReBoost.”

ReBoost….hmmm. Interesting name. I was also told by Prof. Sahin that after the release of the product in Turkey, he will let me know how the cream may be purchased from Turkey by those who live abroad. Rest assured, you will all get that info when it is available. Making sure you are subscribed for email updates on the right sidebar of this blog is a good idea. Other than that, smile. 🙂

To Prof. Sahin and the rest of the team who worked on this product – Thank You!

Update 3/3/17:

We are now close to the time period in which Prof. Sahin stated ReBoost would be launched in Turkey. In lieu of inquiries about the progress of the launch I am making this statement to my readers:  Thank you very much for your patience as we anticipate the launching of a potentially pivotal treatment for hair growth. As has been stated on this site before, Prof. Sahin and his team have been working diligently to get this product to market. Let’s give them time to get it done and respect the time it may take to be completed. As with all project completions in life, exact dates are subject to change. If I do not receive an update sooner, I will contact the company for information towards the end of next week. I have no further information until I receive an update from the company. Thank you

Update 3/23/17:

I have still not been able to get another official update from the ReBoost company, yet. I just wanted to check in with you all because I realize this has seemingly been a while to wait for news. A friend of mine who lives in Turkey informed me that he contacted the University via telephone this month and they told him things were still progressing for the hair cream, with just a few more regulatory passages needing to be cleared in order for the cream to launch. For now, I will continue to wait for an update from the company and will be moving forward with new posts and topics. Thank you all for your patience.

Update 4/24/17:

Suffice to say, things have not gone as expected for ReBoost over the past two months. There has not been an official word from the company since the initial announcement of its launching. I am now uncertain as to whether the cream will be sold worldwide as foretold. Because of the lack of communication from the people behind ReBoost I am now moving past the subject and will only revisit it if I hear back from an official source or the cream does in fact launch in Turkey.  My apologies to everyone who is disappointed by this turn of events, the initial announcement came directly from the company and what has transpired since then was unexpected. Let’s stay positive for many of the other great products working towards release.

Update 5/2/17:

A new article has been published today in Turkey featuring Kelopesia/ReBoost. I still do not know what the future holds for ReBoost, however, this is official news with new data on the cream. Below is one of the newly released images of Reboost results.

pdate 5/5/17

The cream has officially been released in Turkey and a reader of the site has shared some pictures of her ReBoost bottles, “back to the roots” it says on the package 🙂 (Thank you Gizem)

As I’ve said, the cream has only been released in Turkey for now. According to the recent Turkish article, there was a production run of 10,000 units of ReBoost which are available for sale at the Yeditepe University. Sometime over the following months there will reportedly be announced an international online distributor of the cream, but we don’t know when. As we have learned over the past several months, things come out, when they come out.
*When I do hear of a way to order the production internationally, I will share that information in an update for this article.

Update 5/19/17:

I have received an official statement from the head of manufacturing of the ReBoost cream regarding its contents:

“To whom it may concern,

ReBoost is a hair product developed in Biotechnology and Stem Cell research laboratories at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. The name of the hair cream has defined as Kelopesia firstly, therefore it is then decided to be named as ReBoost regarding to the opinions and suggestions coming from the sector experts. ReBoost has formulated as a result of a long-term scientific study. 

First of all, the molecular content of the discharged exosome (nanoparticle) of stem cells obtained from the foreskin was established and identified. These exosomes were determined to have a significant effect on the renewal of hair follicle cells. Then, the molecules that are approved for the production legislation of the cosmetic products were listed with respect to the Ministry of Health in Turkey. These molecules were studied and combined  with other important components such as vitamins, minerals and some hairdressing herbal oils for manufacturing the final formulation of ReBoost.

In May 2017, ReBoost was released to the market in Turkey. It can be ordered from Yeditepe University, Yeditepe Healthcare Inc. Marge Medical Ltd. or selected points of sale in Turkey.

Hakan ÇINAR – Bilimsel Mobile”

Update 6/5/17

Latest update of information for purchasing ReBoost cream:

ReBoost (50 ml) price: $100 US DOLLAR  or 90€ EURO (Plus Shipping)

Delivery of ReBoost:

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY: $22 US DOLLAR (Price may increase if country is further away than US)

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY within Europe: 18 EURO

There is no longer an option for cash on delivery.

To place an order, email:  
*When you place an order, include the name of the country the order will ship to.
Orders are welcome 7 days a week.

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  1. Hi many thanks for this great news is there any info on the cream is it greasy? how much in the container or how long will it last? and cost.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for commenting. Not yet, when the info is available you will receive it.

      • Have you read the original Yeditepe University Hair Cream article on this site?

  2. Hi Admin,

    I wanna say your site is the best , i always visit your site for some new news about hairloss.
    This is some great news, i hope the Prof. is a man of his words ,hopefully this is a better alternative than minox and fina.
    Thank you for your great updates.

  3. That is awesome news! BIG THANK YOU Admin!

    All fingers cross for a successful release

    Millions of people do not tolerate Finasteride and need an alternative!
    Thanks again.

  5. I’m sure there will be more info as the product launches, but the University had a press conference last year. Did you read the original Yeditepe University Hair Cream article on this site?

  6. Excellent post can u repost the related links and history
    Behind this product pictures

    Great job admin !

    Keep up the good work !

  7. I was hoping for this product to be released. looking fwd to receiving more info on how to purchase when living abroad. Thank you admin for this great news! please keep us informed.

  8. thanx very much admin for the promising news … once again giving us hope, for times to come … 🙂

  9. Brother only last week I was expressing my doubts about this product, What amazing news. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. And for everyone else asking questions just search kelopesia in this website, Joseph has written extensively.

    Thank you all and much love

  10. Wooohoooo! Can’t wait!!! Will this one cream be able to regrow hair from androgenetic alopecia ( male female battery baldness?) any photos to share?
    Let us know..excited!????

    • Search Yeditepe on this site and the original big article should show up with photos, Sheila. The cream is for androgenic, yes. Thanks

  11. Warm fuzzies warm fuzzies I got me some warm fuzzies happening .for all you nAysayers if it was snake oil it would have been on the market last year, so to me that’s a positive. For how well it works that remains to be seen , anything helps.

  12. Hi,
    This is a great platform for all the hair warriors, who are in search for hope and thanks to you Follicle thought for being that hope by sharing info.
    Coming to the point, let us know when the product releases by updating the article (hopefully soon) and when it will be available in India( at-least approximate date).
    Thank you.

  13. Hi Admin. I am from Spain. I would like to ask you if you can talk with Prof. Sahin and ask him some pictures or ask him if they are going to show any pictures o test before go on sale???

    I think we need any test about its eficacy. What do you think??

    Thank you so much.

  14. This is great news what we’ve all been waiting for. Thanks admin! What a great site. Does anyone have any information on the efficacy of this product? My assumption is that
    we will need to wait until it’s been officially released and people start using it. Can’t wait
    To hear all the reviews once people start using it. Fingers crossed!!!????

  15. Hello everyone,

    I was wondering wether Kelopesia could potentially serve people who experience D I F F U S E T H I N N I N G.?? I am 23 and I lost 70%+ of my scalp hair in less than 5 years. Do you think kelopesia could boost my thickness and bring back some hairs that fell, giving a better cosmetic result than for normal, gradual AGA?

    Thanks for the future answers guys, I am really stressed out right now,

    God help us all

    • You are not the only one Paco. Do you have any contact information? I want to talk to you.

    • PACO,

      I’m a diffuse thinner, and, I’m sorry yours has advanced so rapidly. There are several products and treatments available that may help you in the meantime.

      Tricopigmentation: (Temporary Scalp Micropigmentation). Can last up to 2 years. There are permanent options as well, but temporary seems to fit me. I’m doing this with Ahead Ink in NYC/NJ next month.

      Toppik/Caboki (Concealers): I’ve been using them for 2 years. They work.

      Finasteride/Proscar: Covered by my benefits. I get a 2-3 month supply for 10 dollars. And it works.

      I went to Dorin & True (Transplant docs in NYC) recently and they told me I could potentially harvest 2000-3000 grafts from my donor area. In my entire lifetime, and they told me NOT to get a hair transplant right now. They are actually the ones who put me onto SMP, and after extensive research I’m going to get it.

      Anyways, best of luck to you. And to all of us.

    • Well, no one’s saying it’s the cure, but a new supportive cream that has been developed to promote hair growth.

  16. This seems legitimate and I hope it produces results. We don’t have too many other options right now. I will be buying some and if it works then wonderful. I am just glad we have something new.

  17. I can understand your concern, and also fully understand that they may not be interested in responding to numerous inquiries before they have even put the cream out for sale or launched their website.

  18. Hi,

    It is understandable that there’s alot of hype about this. But before putting anything in our heads, we need to have concrete clinical trials’ data. And even with that in mind, probably the best course of action would be waiting a few months after launch, and see what reviews come out of it. Beyond all this, there’s the fact that this is a product developed at an University, that most certainly cannot expedite the production process to cope with a global demand. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and be rational.

    Even so, let’s be hopeful.

  19. Admin,
    What do you think the chances are of this product being successful at least similar to Rogaine or better ?
    What is your opinion? Thanks! BTW this site is the best!!

    • Yes @hope, good queation as I am also interested in knowing whats admins honest opinion is on this product?

    • Hi Hope,

      I’m hoping for similar results to minoxidil or slightly better. Anything beyond that would be awesome.

  20. I’d say give it six months or so and watch out on the internet and news if it works this will surely be all over the place there are millions of us waiting worldwide so if it’s good we will know I’ve waited 35 years so far and it’s become a number one goal to get regrowth for now this is good hopeful news no more no less but thanks to follicle thought for bringing that hope to us

  21. Any more info about this? Two weeks would be this Monday March 6th and the website they claim to be building is still under construction which is extremely sketchy.

  22. ADMIN: can you follow up with prof Sahin and see why the site is still under construction and if this is actually coming to market March 6th?

  23. Getting excited!!!!

    Kelopesia is almost here! And, I’ve ordered some avodart to mix with my Fin (along with Kelopesia:)))

    And, I’m about to go get trico-pigmentation with Ahead Ink in NJ. Will share before and after if anyone is interested.

  24. Big thanx and praises to the outstanding individual responsible for the comprehensive and well articulated updates on all things hair related.Peace and good vibes your way my friend!

    • Thank you much, Shawn. It’s very nice to get a response like that from a reader.

  25. I’ve put a natural regimen of Onion juice , garlic, apple cider of my temples twice & now they’re really thin. My hairline is a NW 1a going to a NW 2 . I stopped immediately once I noticed it occurring . Do any of you guys know if the shed is revealing my future hair loss ? Or is the shed simply due to where I applied it ?

  26. Hi
    Looking forward to trying this, hope it lives up to all our expectations.

    great site by the way , keep up the good work providing us with some interesting information and updates.

    as for AJ i dont think that concoction is adding to your hairloss , especially if you have only applied it twice. All the worrying you are doing probably wont help. relax with the knowledge that this year or next will probably be the year of the “cure” long before you have anything to worry about.

  27. Not huge news but none the less, I see that Follicum will be attending the Bio Europe Spring Conference in Barcelona, Spain, 20-22 March 2017. So looking to see if they were presenting or an exhibitor(which I believe they are only attending) I found out that Fidia Farmaceutici Spa will be participating, not sure if participating means you can go up and talk to them or they are just there. Here is the list of participants

  28. Dr. Shahin pls dont make joke with bald guys. …

    What happened to Reboost release.,? Waiting eagrrly…

  29. Admin said he would reach out to then again at the end of this week. Another forum said they reached the prof through the university and the product is still coming out shortly.

  30. Trying to remain positive about this product. Can someone help me understand why the the website for reboost is not yet set-up …seeing as this product has been in the works for a couple of years now? All the others Histogen, follicum etc. have websites, Fidia makes reference to Brotzu on their website etc. Isn’t this like putting the cart before the horse ? Is this a red flag or maybe just how things are done in Turkey?

    • I apologize for the typos. Everything in your ministry got approval procedure.

  31. Big questions I have will the cost of this be too much? Will it be better than minoxidil? Does it regrow or is it purely for maintaining?

    • These questions remain unanswered Andrew. We’re waiting on more info.

      • University promise to answer the question? Or just send questions? We want to know about this product.

      • I assume no reply from the professor? Why do people like reboots and the professor state deadlines and dates for response and then not follow through

  32. For the continuing inquiries: please have patience, my understanding is that the product has been approved (by the health authority in Turkey) and just has a few more regulatory passages to clear in order to be sold in Turkey and Internationally.

  33. If I may, Can’t you reach them by phone? Or a turkish? I mean it’s time to know if it can help or not. So we can move on. because weeks/months are passing by.
    Thx for you effort on this website.

  34. people, just relax. Admin is doing his best to provide us with the hottest info available, we should be thankful. Don’t push, otherwise we may not be this lucky next time to get such a great news in advance before launching the product! Patience is essential at this point. We will get there, slowly but surely.

  35. Comments closed unless the product does get released in Turkey.

  36. Thanks Admin for keeping us updated.

    Some people were really rude and joking about you and this stuff but the joke’s on them now.

    Keep up the good work.

  37. A classic example of a watched pot never boiling. It’s only once the admin said he’d stop covering it that the updates started flooding in. It’s good news for now, hoping for great news in the way of positive reviews and an international release in the future.

  38. Joe,
    I appreciate all the news you give us. It gives us hope.
    I check your site often. I am having some genetic hair loss. It is devistaing!
    Thank you for all you do!

  39. I hope we can buy this cream soon. I would love to try it out. Is this the cream that you have been using. It sounds like and looks like it has worked for people. Great news!

    • Thank you so so much admin. Iv been loosing my hair for a couple of years and can’t tolerate fin or rogaine. Been reading your site for the last couple of years and just think your doing such an amazing job. Thank you for all your hard work and I can’t wait to try this new product! Gives me hope every day thanks again ????

  40. hello admin
    you deserve applause for informing us and you are best at it.thnks

  41. Hi admin. I was hoping you could shed some light on the otc cream youve been using.
    I know you said you were waiting to get info from the company before posting, but could you just maybe give us the product name, that is if you feel its a beneficial product
    Looking for hope, especially now when the darkness is closing in…

  42. Is there any news about the price for a bottle? And is the bottle for one month? Kind regards, AJ

  43. hey, congratulations for your blog. keep on the good work !

    i have a question.

    how do we use this cream ?

    daily and for ever ? when the results are going to appear ?
    and what happens if i stop using it ?
    e.g. if someone stops using minoxidil then all the results are gone within 4 months.
    does the same happens with this cream ?

    if i start it i have to use it for ever to keep up the results ?
    what happens if i quit ?

  44. use 2 times a day..morning evening. 300 Turkish liras per bottle.
    300-TL.. it is selling only in Ankara and İstanbul

    • Well whoever has access to it, let us know your thoughts and let’s put together some type of market to buy it.

      What’s the best way to repurchase the product from someone in Turkey? Ebay? Direct from Paypal?

      • Cody,

        Soon will be the site actif, aslo with contact details for sell to abroad, let’s have a bit patience.
        It’s not smart to get the product from a private person, when the private person send to you, there will be a lot of customs problems on the way, the chance is big they will destroy the product (medicine), wait for the official site.
        And also, Turkey don’t work with Paypal.
        Now, there is conversation going on, how they sell abroad. With wich cargo firm, from wich other countries they (also) will sell, avoid customs problems, they need the correct papers to send abroad, it’s all extra work = extra time.
        The price of the product will change from country to country (cargo cost).

        Gizem & Nurcan

    1. Take sufficient amount of the ReBoost.
    2. Gently apply your clean hair scalp by massage for 2-3 minutes.
    3. Be sure to contact hair scalp for more than 2 hours.
    4. It is recommended to use twice a day (in the morning and evening)

    IMPORTANT: The effect of the Reboost Hair Renewal Formula may vary by person due to age, sex, hormonal imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiency, genetic factors and psychological reasons.

    How much cost Reboost:
    At the moment there no fixed price or official price.

    • Gizem & Nurcan,

      Greetings. Are you guys in any way associated with the University? Are you able to shed any light in regards with the ingredients listed, as there is no mention of the stem cell element?

      Please advice.

      Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Gizem/Nurcan,

      Have you been using the product?
      What are your thoughts so far?
      Seems like too soon to tell if it works I know, but I am curious and hopeful.:)

  46. If I go to Turkey could I purchase it for myself and fly back to the states with it? Is there anything that would prevent them from selling it to me? Also do I just go to the University to buy it? Otherwise could you direct me to whom I need to contact for these answers if you do not have them. But I am willing to make the trip, which I don’t mind documenting all of it and the results exclusively for your site. Best, Steve.

  47. I read, on HLT, that it will cost you $80,00 for a month supply, so it’s a costly business for Joe the plumber! So I wait and see, good luck for the starting customer!

  48. 80000 seems pretty expensive for a month of a treatment that will likely require on going usage…
    That being said, can’t wait for the international release!

  49. KORX20
    Is the best treatment for baldness and graying
    We hope the members will pay attention to the issue of the emergence of radical treatment of baldness and gray hair

  50. Hi Joseph,

    I’m 21 years old and already balding. I really appreciate your work, your website has helped me a lot in dealing with hair loss. Your posts are always a rational and verified source for hope (something quite rare in the internet).

    I have been a silent reader for some time. Now I have decided to open a blog where to talk about my experience and how I deal with it. I thought I could maybe post the link here in case someone is interested.

    Thank you very much!

  51. is online now. Maybe we can more information over the website. The ingredients don’t seem to be High-tech, just vitamins and minerals. Hope they have added something special just like they’ve promised and it ain’t any fraud. We will see. Still don’t know how to purchase it and from where and i’m living in Istanbul.

    • Got an E-Mail from the official site:

      Ürün satışını Yeditepe Sağlık A.Ş. olarak yapıyoruz.
      1 Kutu ReBoost 50 gr. Perakende satış fiyatı KDV dahil 300 TL.

      Hesaba Havale/ETF ile ödeme yapabilirsiniz. Vereceğiniz adrese kargo ile ulaştırıyoruz.

      İyi günler

      Hakan ÇINAR

      In English: 50ml for 300 turkish lira and will be sent from Yeditepe Sağlık A.Ş. You can sent the money and it will be delivered via mail. Couldn’t get any information about the ingredients except the oils/vitamins.

      • The ingredients are all natural compounds tharI’ve taken that didn’t work for me. Read their website I don’t see any “special new stem cell” science in the ingredients correct me if I’m wrong please thanks

          • Yep, per the ingredients it looks like a basic supplement with a bunch of stuff most guys have already used. We are either missing something here or have been misled. Either way, time will tell.

  52. So 50ml for 300 turkish lira which without post is about £64 uk pounds so its not too expensive if one bottle lasted for two months even better if it works.
    You maybe able when it goes on sale for all countries be able to get a discount on two bottles or maybe cheaper post.
    Again if its better than the drugs minoxidil and oral propecia with no side effects except hair regrowth then im in.

  53. I feel it’s a good idea if we wait to hear a logical explanation from a verified source about the listed ingredients and what about the stem-cell derived component that we are familiar with. To me it seems far fetched that the product is only vitamin based.

  54. I read the ingredients and don’t see the stem cells mentioned. This is very disappointing as the press release from a year ago mentions them as the magic behind the formula. Have I missed something here. Very confused!

  55. Admin, this is an off the wall question. Some of the upcoming topicals advertise gray hair reversal. Most people who go gray, gray all over (beard, eyebrows, chest etc) Will these topicals only help hair on the persons head? Or will they be safe to use on other places. I would hate to try reboost or rivertown on my eyebrows and end up looking like Cousin ITT from the Addams family. Just a weird question I dont think anyone has asked 🙂 I can see it being an issue if a product actually did reverse gray hair on a persons head. thanks for all you do, it really does give people something to hope for. I know many would say its not a big deal going bald or graying early… but it really is. When a person feels good about their appearance their attitude changes. I would go as far to say it would be easy for someone who is balding or graying to go into a deep depression. Lets hope for the best; that something will work well for all hair loss issues, color and/or balding.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure if there is a clear consensus about the question you asked, it will probably need more trials/people using these products to know more.

  56. So do we at least have someone that posts here trying it out right now????

  57. Steven,

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. One thing that is important for you and others to know is the product does not contain stem cells. This is why it is able to be made stable at room temp, just like all those expensive skin creams. It contains a molecule secreted by stem cells. Commonly referred to as a “stem-cell derived” cream or a “stem-cell conditioned media.”

  58. Joseph, thanks for your updates on this product and all other info on your site.

    I would like to ask you a question please.
    About a month ago you said you were using an otc product from a friend that has given decent results, but you never disclosed what it was.
    I know a few people has speculated what cream you are using and they are calling it a scam.
    I dont know if thats why you have not given us the name of the product yet, because of the accusations from others, but if so please dont listen to them. If you have found something you feel us beneficial can you please inform the rest of us so we can try for ourselves?
    I for one will not be giving you any grief if the product doesnt work for me or everyone else. But if it is working for you then it would be really nice to know what it is.
    Even if you dont have documents or proof, just please let us know what you were referring to.
    Thanks so much!

    • Admin, would it be possible to get in touch with Fidia regarding the Brotzu lotion? The science behind this lotion seems decent and Fidia is a professional pharmaceutic company. Would be great if they are willing to give some more info.

      • They are releasing news when they are ready to, don’t know when.

  59. In 2018 they will spread the news, they said, so the time span is 7 to 19 months, I hope it is 7 months!

  60. I have been in touch with the Reboost people via e-mail. Someone named Hakan Cinar at

    They are shipping internationally as of Monday May 15 according to him. I sent him photos of my hair/scalp, and they are reviewing to see if they think I’m a good candidate.

    I have no idea about payment methods, etc.

  61. Hi guys and thanks to the admin that give us always hope,, for those who said that what happened to the stem cell look at this link in their website:
    they said that they combine foreskin of baby with some vitamin and oil, best wishes guys hopefully this is the lotion that we were waiting for it for long timeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  62. Article is updated, everyone. Contact info for international sales/shipping is listed.

    • Hi Admin,

      There still hasn’t been a good explanation on the ingredients of the Reboost product as it relates to the stem cells in the current formula? The vitamins and minerals used in the product are wonderful but the paragraph explaining the stem cell part of the product, the most important piece, doesn’t explain it clearly or in detail. Very hard to determine what they are actually stating. Is there any evidence of the stem cell part in the current formula, if so where and how much etc. where is it listed on the bottle? Also, what link should be used for international sales or purchases of the product? You stated that they are now shipping Internationally, could you please provide the direct link as well to the website where you can purchase it? Thank you for all the hard work you have done to this point, everyone really appreciates it!

      • The email contact to purchase is listed in the article. Cheers

  63. Is there place where we can see pics before and after I saw only one that appeared in their study. I am using Minoxidil right now do you think I should stop using it if I use this cream. thanks for the advice.

    • Listed in these comments are articles with pictures.

  64. Hi guys, just had to restore a backup of this post, a few of the newest comments were deleted because of this. Please repost if there was a conversation between you and another reader. Thanks

    • Hi admin,

      I remember which comments were deleted. They were quite important. There was a conversation between M.M and Saahil.

      M.M said on the 14th May that he had bought ReBoost and was on day 3 of use and that he will post his results here on the night of the 10th day (tonight).

      Saahil had said it would realistically take between 3 – 6 months to see results, but M.M was adamant that since Yeditepe University said it was a stem cell derived formula and that they noted new hair growth in 7 – 10 days, he will give ReBoost only till the 10th day to post his results since he heard from the University that stem cells were said to cause rapid growth.

      Now, the majority of us aren’t realistically expecting new regrowth in such a short time but I think it’s fair to encourage people to share their comments and results without filtering them, because I’m sure there are quite a few readers of this website that have bought ReBoost and are already using it and for all we know their comments have been blocked. It’s not been some of my comments but other people’s comments have also been blocked.

      We are awaiting your results M.M

      • Paul, thanks for sharing. You did a good job of rehashing the comments that were lost when the article was reverted to an older version.

        For the record, the sentiment that I’ve blocked ReBoost cream users comments is not appreciated, but I will allow it one time to prove a point. To clarify, unfounded speculation and defamation of products or companies is never allowed on this site because my readers deserve the opportunity to hear the truth about products and companies. Realistic comments are always respected. Plain and simple.

        • Firstly, thank you admin for all your hard work and for always keeping us informed. We all do really appreciate it. And I also do appreciate the fact that your reason was to keep the comments constructive and positive. I understand this now and I do apologize as I did not mean to offend.

          Thank you once again for all you do, it gives us hope.

  65. It takes a bit of doing to get the product. The guy I spoke to, via email, gave me their bank info and told me to go to my bank and send the money to the reboost bank.

    It’s not as simple as going to website and giving them your credit card info. As a result, I haven’t purchased the product.

    • A comment that was accidentally deleted here when the article updated stated that he made the transfer via online banking.

      • I made the payment via chase wire transfer, which it costs 40$, plus 300$ for 3 months supply = 340$. Hopefully the product is worth the money.

        • Hey aldo.

          Thanks for doing this experiment. Could you please make before and after photos so we all can see if this cream really works?


  66. Hi Admin,

    Firstly thank you for the amazing site, thank you for giving hope..
    I’m concerned about the ingredients list, where is the anti-dht ingredient? Nettle I assume is the one or?

  67. According to Reboost: You can see effect between 3-6 months, depending on person to person and the baldness.
    Store on room temperature.
    1 bottle is for 1 month for local baldness, if you have more baldness is better to use 2 bottle for 1 month. considering 1 bottle cost 100 USD, I think that’s a very expensive product.

  68. Reboost is not cheap and the results are mediocre. Admin, shouldn’t you be advising your readers to do more research before purchasing this?

    • My readers are presumably adults who should make their own choices. There’s literally no research to do. $100 for a cream, big deal. If you’re confident, buy it. If you’re not confident don’t buy it. My readers want the opportunity to make their own decision, and here it is. From what I’ve seen I would buy the product right now and give it a shot, that’s just me personally.

  69. Hello,
    I have two question about Reboost for you:

    1- this lotion works well on old alopecia situation ot this can works only in recent miniaturization?

    2- Inside the product there are stem cell?

    Best regards

  70. Admin – I agree with your statement that the readers need to make up their own minds. Thanks for providing us with the available information on REBOOST. I am sending my wire-transfer and giving it a shot. The way I see it is that we are buying time until more options are available. This cream will not cure us but is probably better that the current options and I don’t want side effects.

    • Sounds good Matt, I appreciate it. Wishing the best for great results.

  71. Some readers are desparate and cann’t make a logical decision, and I understand, losing hair is quite scary for young people!
    Having said that, I only can advice people to think twice, and wait another 3 months for some real results.

  72. How many bottles will I need in 3 months if I have to cure just my hairline?

    • I am not too happy about the Reboost process for billing. You have to wire money to them for like $40, pay shipping, and then $100 for 1 month supply, and I was told if you have a larger bald area, it may require 2 bottles a month. That’s a lot of money for a month…

      It would be extremely simple for them to add this product to ebay as well, with simpler payment methods. With that being said, I really dont want to bash them either because this is the first hairloss treatment out in a LONGG time.

    • So is anyone here actually testing out Reboost?
      Can’t seem to find anyone using the product?
      Anyone know of other forums where guys are testing this out?

  73. How can I order this. I spoke to the contact of the shipper and he only gave me a branch bank name no address which is needed to do a wire transfer. Very vague on info. , please help ??

  74. Hello,
    I just ordered the Reboost cream for 3 months. I a currently using Minoxidil for 10 months do you think I should stop using Minoxidil if I start Reboost as it should be used twice a day.
    I give you my feedback on results after 1 month of use

    • Hi Nanou,

      Don’t use other cream or pills because Reboost will be enoug.

  75. Can we get this on ebay in the foreseable future? It goes without saying that sales would increase dramatically if they adopted e-commerce standards of the 21st century

    • They’re just starting out, I agree an online platform would be much easier. I believe it’s coming.

  76. Guys, if you want to talk about your hair growth and observations, whether it’s working or not, it’s very welcomed.

    If you’re gonna use the product for 2 weeks and notice it hasn’t changed your Norwood number yet and make a claim about the ingredients or the company, that is just not realistic or helpful. If you feel a need to make those statements please use one of the other fine websites on the net.

    The truth is we’ll need about 3-6 months and 25-30 people’s experiences to get a good idea of how the product is working.

    • Admin, have you started using reboost?
      How’s your experience?

      • I will be using it asap. Within the next month. Have not started yet, no.

        • Admin,could you tell us any update about replicel rch-01 launch date?

          • It’s the same, hopefully within 2018 in Japan. An American release will take longer.

    • I have been using ReBoost since 18th of may so almost two weeks passed so far. I will definitely share my experience here. but, after finishing reboost cream. I bought one box only and paid ₺300,. Twice a day in the morning and late in the evening after I wash my head.

      • Hi Capselli,
        I just got mine. Have you experienced any shed and do you use it with minoxidil? It feels odd that this would be able to replace the effects of mimox which i only ever used once a day (due to the half life). I put it on a little earlier and then tonight will be putting the nightly dose of minox as well. I am conscious about mixing the two but dont want to lose effects from minox when unsure.

  77. Today is the first day of my reboost application. It is very thick and greasy when it comes to consistency, so, I will need to manage that. Prior to application I am using dermaroller to increase absorbtion. End of september I hope to have some conclusion.

    • Bunny,
      Does the cream leave your hair looking oily and greasy?

      • Yes, unfortunatelly it does. That is why I decided to use it only before going to sleep. As this is definitely not “workday appropriate”. I will use other product in the morning and reboost just evenings.

  78. this cream is too oily, i used it at night and it is still oily in the morning.

  79. Bunny, do you have any email or something that I can contact you through? I want to follow you and your progression with reboost and I worry that you’ll disappear from this site eventually.

  80. Hi James, no worries I am returning back here every single day, browsing through the comments section:) but in case allowed to publish, feel free to send me email
    So far I am still starting the treatment once a day evening time, so I can’t say much,except for the greasiness.

    • Bunny, your comments have always been thoughtful and mature. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t publish, whether the cream produces results for you or not. Best of luck.

      • Bunny, and anyone who is currently using ReBoost, I know results will take a while, but could you please inform us of any side effects, such as itching, headaches or anything you think might be helpful in the event something arises. Also would anyone be willing to post pictures of their before and after photos, that would be extremely helpful and even more appreciated. Thank you to the FT community!

  81. Hi everyone,

    just to let you know that I ordered, 2 days ago, a 4-month supply of Reboost. I payed via Western union and waiting now for the package to arrive. I’m planning to use it once per day at night. I will give an update after 3 month of usage!

  82. Ordered 2 months supply today. Went with the option to pay TNT when it arrives. Ill let you know how it goes 😊

    • Hi J,

      We contact the sales manager, they don’t use anymore payment at delivery, our apologies for that.

      If you still want to order let us know, here are the payment details:

      • Yes, post has been updated they are no longer doing COD.

  83. Message of Reboost:

    “We are using the beneficial cosmetically approved molecules that are obtained from human newborn foreskin microenvironment. They are investigated and defined and we are ordering the beneficial molecules which are approved by cosmetic law.
    If you have a dht abnormality then you should talk with your doctor and normalize the levels of dht. It is suggested to be used in normal dht levels. Once you are treated about your dht problem, then you can start using the cream.

    Once a day usage is fine for week days. Therefore, please try to put the suggested dosage in one time. You can also put it to hair existing areas but it is not logical thus it only helps hairs getting thicker and healthier in non-bold areas. It will not cause hair loss of weak follicles. It is not a medicine, it is a cosmetic product so that there is no mutual formulation with those medical products. If you stop using it after full treatment, then the existing hair would not fall again unless you have a hormonal problem.”

    • So basically Reboost needs to be used in conjunction with medication? Medication that will lower your DHT like Propecia

      • With all the respect – in that case it is bad news for my hair, but a good one for my wallet.
        Glad to know.

    • I don’t get it. Hair loss is not caused by excessive levels of dht but because of hair follicle’s sensitivity to dht. You may have low dht but you will still lose hair.

  84. It sounded to me more like a suggestion, not a necessity, to help the product work better, but I’ve asked for further clarification.

    *Update: The answer I received from the manufacturer is “when you use Reboost and after a certain period if you see not the desired result , than is it better to let test your DHT level.”

    The language translation of information has been a bit of an issue during this whole process, but mostly understandable. It would be somewhat odd that they made a cosmetic product that only worked with a prescription med. Hence, the statement seems to be more of a passing comment, that if you don’t see noticeable results in a few months, then check your dht levels to see if that will even things out enough for ReBoost to work.

    I see there are many people trying this product currently who have projected reasonable timelines to assess their own results. I look forward to hearing from you all in the next 2-3 months.

    • Hi Admin,

      What’s going on here?

      First it was said there’s stem cells and then later it was changed to being no stem cells.

      Now, Gizem & Nurcan’s posts about having to “first treat scalp dht before using ReBoost” is very contradictory to their post on the 27th May 2017 where they clearly state “do not use other cream or pills as ReBoost will be enough”.

      • Thanks for commenting.

        1. There were never stem cells, only molecules which are secreted by stem cells.

        2. Gizem & Nurcan are distributors of the product and rely on information to be handed down to them. However, what she said has already been misinterpreted and in my previous comment I cleared up as much as I could. As I mentioned with the language difference there will be moments needing clarification and patience.

        Hope this helps.

  85. thanks for that great site, follicleThought.
    i am using reboost since a week now, more or less constantly once a day before going to sleep. for easier application and better penetration on the diffusing vertex with (still few) existing hair i diluted it 3/1 with dmso in a bottle with spray nozzle. on one of my slik bald temples i use it undiluted. the area with hair will look awfull after application due to the greasy formula, therefore i use the hair-dryier after application.
    will also keep posting results here..

  86. Hi Guys,

    I want to order for France, how do you guys pay?

    Thank You

    • I believe people pay through online banking wire transfer, or at their bank wire transfer, or through Western Union.

  87. Looking forward to hearing the result! good luck to you guys!

  88. Hi guys,

    I would just like to start by quoting some of the claims Yeditepe University spoke about so that we dont forget and we can use as measure of the honesty in the claims.

    From the Yeditepe University website:

    Important points by Professor Sabin –

    “hair loss is prevented, *hair is grown in bald areas*, existing hair is thickened, and hair greying is prevented.”

    “they applied stem cells isolated from foreskin of newborn babies, molecular coctail produced in culture medium and formulation prepared in order to remedy the defiences of vitamins and minerals that cause hair loss”

    “even though age, sex and genetic factors affect the results, they managed to make new hair grow in approximately 10 days.”

    But what we are being told by ReBoost recently is in essance to ignore the last 2 statements. So moving along.

    1) From a Turkish Website quoting the University:

    Important points:

    “in 1 week it stops hair loss, after 3 months it thickens existing hairs, after 6 months users will have new hairs if they have healthy hair roots.”

    So with the above being said, has anyone using ReBoost noticed that their hair loss has stopped after 1 week? Or is this just another claim to ignore.

  89. Hi,
    Actually I’m curious as well. For all the people who have started reboost did you notice your hair stopped falling out ? If so, how many weeks in did you noticed this? Good luck to all. I’m planning to order but patiently waiting for now…..


  90. Hello everyone, this site is awesome!, I would like to know how can i purchase reboot hair cream and if someone can give a brief summary about how it works , thank you so much!

    • Hi frab, all of the information is listed in the article for purchasing.

      Many people are currently trialing the product over the next several months to see how well it works. In about 3 months we should have a better idea.

      • Thank you so much for all the info. Hopefully this will work or at least work better than the other products w have available today 🙂

  91. Please try not to use Reboost with any other products and do not dry your hair with a drying machine because it is oily after rubbing oil.

    • Gizem & Nurcan: Why should we not use Reboost with any other products? Are you suggesting not to use Minox with Reboost?

  92. I just got today my 4-month supply of Reboost.
    I just started tonight the treatment and will be applying it at night only, since im not willing to go to work with the cream on my hair. I will also definitely remain on minoxidil during the treatment. Lets see what that treatment will bring. Hopefully in 3 months thing will become clearer. gd luck everyone!

    • my Gawd.. how would you know how effective Reboost is if you use it along with Minoxidil??

      • Aragorn,

        The same way you would know how effective Minox and Finasteride are by stopping them for three months. Let us know how that works out.

      • But what if we loose our hair which we gained through minox?? if reboost is not effective

  93. I think we should keep using Minoxidil since if Reboost does not work and we stop using Minoxidil we will use all our hair gained out of Minoxidil. I use Minoxidil morning and Reboost at night let’s see the results in 3 months will keep you posted.

  94. Easily:
    If he, for example, has been using minox for the last 1+ years then there are no more surprises, it is what it is and it has done what it has done, that’s it.
    If he starts a new product, every new hair that grows after a few months is a sign that Reboost is working. If nothing happens, well, it doesn’t.

  95. I have tried at Three different Western Union Offices to send money to the bank account in Turkey that I was told the money had to go to.They ( Western Union )say that they can not direct deposit into a bank account in Turkey that it would have to be deposited into a western union account first. I called Western Union on the phone and they said the same. Tried to do it on line myself and it would only let me put it in a Western Union account. So for me USA account to a Turkey account will not work. So frustrating ! Forgot to mention I went to my bank first and they said they could only sent the money to a USA bank in Turkey and then sent it to the provided account. $40.00 fee at each bank…….

    • I had the same experience at Western Union, they cannot send the money to the account. Have not tried my bank yet which is Wells Fargo, but will let you know what happens.

  96. Great website! I will order Reboost too and see if it works for me.

  97. James, many people have already received their orders. The ordering process seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. I believe Gizem & Nurcan can walk you through everything via email.

  98. Guys using reboost please take before pictures you do not have to show your face and also apply twice a day on a clean scalp morning and evening and massage in lightly.
    Also do not give up using give it at least 3 months and then take another picture of your scalp.
    Then we all can judge if its worth buying i want to say to reboost company please can you sort out card payments for orders as it seems many are having problems with western union.

  99. Hi guys, I was reading about Kelopesia at Reddit and saw someone commented that he experienced reduced hair fall after using for 9 days. Not sure if it was a psychological effect but worth noting for those still waiting for further peer reviews before buying.

    • Aloysius,

      Great news regarding the decreased hair fall- awesome that you found this info; Thanks for sharing!!

      • Hi Admin can you tell me if the cream still has stem cells isolated from foreskin of newborn babies, molecular coctail produced in culture medium that the uni tested.

        • I’ve been told that it does, can’t say I am there when they manufacture it to see. It seems likely to me. But once again just for the record, it’s not stem cells but molecules secreted by stem cells.

        • Hi in the trials or on the bottle how much of the cream should you apply on each application.
          I am wondering if some are applying more then is needed and like many of us with some products think that more is better when its not needed and just wasting it.

  100. And to get back to Steven and James, I have just looked over the email template from Gizem and Nurcan for purchasing.

    It shows (2) payment options. The first one involves a money transfer to the bank account, the second one shows an option to Western Union the money to Nurcan personally, no bank account involved. Please look that over again.

      • Gizem just responded this in the new ReBoost article:

        “50 ml sample last 1 month = local baldness
        2 x 50 sample last 1 month = greater baldness”

        By sample she means bottle.

  101. I’ve heard from Gizem and Nurcan that they cannot accept Western Union payments anymore because Western Union does not want to send commercial payments.

  102. Joseph,

    Have you ordered this yet? Any before/after pics of it working?

  103. Guys,
    I noticed something weird with the bottles today. if you look at the bottom of the bottle you will see a small hole. if you press the bottle the cream will come out from the hole !!!!! WHY???!! its a 100$ bottle!!. This is how i noticed the hole: last night I reversed the bottle to stand on the cap instead ( like in some shampoo) thinking to get the most of the cream. but then today when trying to apply it, the cream was not coming out (obviously cause the way it works is opposite of shampoo since with this bottle apparently there is a straw that goes to the bottom). So what i did is shaking the bottle to bring down the cream again to the bottom and this is when I littered myself with some cream. I was like from where this cream is going out??? and this is how i noticed that there was a whole in the bottle at the bottom from where the cream was coming out!!

    • Thanks for commenting, Robben.

      The bottle of ReBoost is called the Mega Pump cosmetic bottle which is a specially designed bottle for cosmetic products. It is designed to allow users to get every last drop of product out of the bottle without having to scoop out product and, I am told, it is designed for air to not be in contact with the product to keep active ingredients fresher. Here is some info:

  104. 3 month have passed.
    does anyone have results of using reboost ?

    • Hi LeoU,

      We send the first international orders at the end of may 2017.

  105. Hi,
    Is the product a liquid? Does it dry quickly? When anyone purchases more than one bottle is the $22.00 price applied to each bottle or the entire shipment?

    • Hi Patty,

      It’s a cream and also greasy.
      Up to 7 creams cost only 1 shipping price.

  106. any updates from those who have started using for the past few weeks?

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