My Hair Transplant with Dr. Scott Boden

I started the year off by doing something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I had a hair transplant.

Most readers of this blog know that I have previously had a hair transplant several years ago. That transplant took place at a different office. At the end of 2015 I was seeking the right place to get my hair further restored in the area of my first transplant. It was something I needed to do because I decided that styling my hair with hair fibers had become too great of a task. So, I searched for an accredited surgeon who utilized all of the latest and greatest technology in their practice. The things I was interested in for my procedure : Acell/PRP, hypothermosol for graft preservation, ATP post-op spray, and most importantly the FUE technique. Of course, I also was looking for a surgeon who had the right credentials based on their level of skill and integrity. I found all of these things at Dr. Scott Boden’s office in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

The day of the procedure started with Dr. Boden and I creating the design for my hairline. After one modification to the design by my input we had a hairline drawn that the both of us approved of. I was to have grafts placed at my hairline and also my frontal scalp section. Shortly thereafter we got into the bulk of the days work which was extracting follicles from my donor section. The two technicians that work alongside Dr. Boden, Yajaira and Marissa, were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Boden performed all of the extractions himself while the technicians separated my follicles into different groupings to be placed later. The single haired follicles, 2 hairs, 3 hairs, etc. are separated into different containers. During my surgery they told me I had a 6 hair follicle which is pretty rare. I was happy about that, the more hairs growing in front the better. (laughs)

We shared a lot of laughs throughout the day and had a good time choosing stations on the Pandora radio. I also spent some time talking to Dr. Boden about all of the treatments I cover here on Follicle Thought, which he was very interested in. Right before lunch they drew some blood for my PRP treatment and placed it in the centrifuge to spin while I ate my lunch from the local deli. I had PRP injected all over my scalp and am hoping for good results in my crown which I did not to get any hairs transplanted into. My grand total of grafts for the day was 1379, which was a bit more than what I was charged for. I was extremely happy to hear that a few extra grafts were added. Dr. Boden told me he wanted “A++” results for me.

The days following the FUE surgery were so much less painful than my first FUT I had at a different clinic. The day right after this surgery I did not even need a Tylenol. That was a pleasant surprise. I’m a few weeks out now from my procedure with Dr. Boden and things are coming along nicely. My donor and recipient scalp have healed well and I am very much looking forward to the results from this hair transplant. I actually have a hairline again and it feels good. In a bout 4-6 months I should be seeing good results growing.

If you happen to consult with Dr. Boden about hair restoration needs via hair transplant, PRP/Acell, or laser treatments make sure to tell him you heard about his clinic on He’d love to hear that.

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  1. Hi Admin, I’m a big fan of the forum. Thank you and congratulations on your transplant. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on robotic surgery? I’m from the UK and I was considering a HT using an ARTAS machine?



    • Hi James,
      Thanks for the kind words. As far as robotic FUE, I would say I am not an expert on the topic. I did do a little research before my surgery. I’ve been told that the robot is competent and performs satisfactory results. Being in the hands of a skilled surgeon and technicians can probably yield a bit better results, depending on who it is. Overall, the robot seems to be a legitimate option. Perhaps inquiring with a few HT doctors who use it and who don’t use it might provide better insight.

      All the best,

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