N2C Hair Cream: Product Review

As promised, here is my review of the N2C Hair Cream which I have been trialing for the past 12 months.

The Beginning

I first received the N2C hair cream early last year from a friend of mine who lives in Turkey. He was also trialing the cream. I figured I would give it a shot and see if it could improve my hair situation. After about 3 weeks of use I did notice a benefit to my hair, namely my hair was stronger (did not shed as easily as before usage) and in the area I was observing, the hair appeared a bit healthier. This kept my interest in using the product. Over the course of the next few months I would receive one more bottle from my friend in Turkey before I contacted N2C and received 2 more bottles to continue my trial. In 12 months I have used 4 bottles of the cream.

My N2C Usage

Over the past 12 months I was mainly focused on using this cream at my vertex, or crown, area. This was for several reasons. Among them, the cream itself has a very similar consistency to hand lotion and thus, hair remains a bit oily after the cream is applied. I like my hair to be styled dry to get the most volume out of it, therefore, I did not apply the cream to my entire scalp for every use. I mainly used the cream at my vertex and covered the area with some concealer after applying the cream. On days when I was just hanging around the house I would add a few extra pumps of the cream to my entire scalp. Another reason I focused on my vertex is because visually it was an isolated area for me to observe.

Here’s a rundown of what I have observed over my past year’s use:

  • 1 – 3 months. At some point within the first 3 months of use I noticed my hair was stronger than it had been before use of this cream. I remember rubbing the cream in for about a minute (which is actually a long time to rub a cream in your hair) and I would stop and look at my fingers and be amazed, there was no hair on my oily fingers. This happened more than once. I would also occasionally notice a pimple on my scalp from use of the cream, N2C says this is a common side effect; wasn’t a big deal to me.
  • 3 – 6 months. Somewhere around the 3 month mark I spoke to N2C company to check in about my progress using the cream. I noted that I was using the cream a few times a week and had observed some benefit to my hair, but nothing dramatic. He advised that I begin using the cream everyday, or as often as possible to see what results could be achieved, so I did.
  • 6 – 10 months. During this period I began to apply the cream to one side of my scalp consistently, along with my vertex. The side area I am referring to is above the sideburn and behind the side-hairline. On one side of my head, before I began using the cream, this area had thinned a little bit. During this 6-10 month period while I was applying the cream to my side scalp mostly-consistently, my side scalp area hair thickened to the point where it became similar to the other side again. I feel better about it. My vertex hair continued to improve, but at a slow pace.
  • 10 months – Current. At some point over the past 2 months it has finally become clear, there is denser terminal hair growth in my vertex than there was before I began using the cream. I am certain I have achieved an increase in hair density at my crown/vertex area, even if subtly. Before my trial, within my crown area there was a vertical central “strip” area that had the most hair growing compared to the rest of the crown. Since using the cream, this central strip of hair has become noticeably wider, more dense, with more hair growth. I have also noticed there has been growth around edges of my vertex which have started to grow back towards the center, a bit. There are still lighter/thinner areas between the central strip and the edges of my crown. These areas are where there was initially not much hair growth to be thickened.

More Notes

When I started the trial I did take some pictures of my scalp on the front facing camera of my cell phone. Time would tell me, however, that the pictures I took as “before” images were not precisely done. As time went on, I began taking pictures with another device and realized that the photo results I have are not comparing apples to apples. I’ve looked at my scalp constantly over the past year and am confident that I have seen changes. There are photos of other people’s results on the N2C website.

There is one caveat about using the cream – it needs to be applied to a clean scalp in order for the ingredients to penetrate the surface of the skin. This is foretold by N2C because mild shampoos need to be utilized to leave the scalp clean without leaving a layer of chemical residue on the scalp. N2C recommends washing with a baby shampoo or herbal soap or their own shampoo when using the cream. I decided to go for an organic baby shampoo just to be sure my scalp would have no residue after washing. I did also receive one bottle of the N2C shampoo to use during my trial, but didn’t notice a difference between it and my organic baby shampoo, so I just stuck with the baby shampoo which was easier for me to acquire.

What I believe has happened to my crown hair is the thickening of the diameter of individual hair shafts which had become weaker and the stimulation of the anagen phase in weakened follicles. Another observation worth mentioning is the hair growing in my vertex’s central area has also become longer since I began use. Longer hair is a sign of anagen increase and adds to the visual improvement of hair density. N2C notes that this cream is intended to be used on areas where some hair is growing. It is not intended to lower hairlines or grow hair in completely bald areas.


It took me about 10 months of mostly consistent use to be sure of a visual increase in hair density at my crown. Was it all worth it to me now? Yes, it was. I would not say my results are dramatic, however, the fact that over the past year I have stopped the progression of thinning and even added density to my crown is golden. As a person who does not use minoxidil or finasteride, by personal choice, I was delighted to have found a natural product to help maintain my hair and even increase its density.

About the N2C Hair Cream

The cream is a natural product containing plant extracts and keratin which has been specially treated at a nanotechnology laboratory. Although the cream is treated with a proprietary process at the nano lab, the product does not contain nanoparticles. According to N2C, it is the cream’s ability to penetrate the skin which separates it from the results of other cosmetics.

The N2C company has extended an offer to readers of Follicle Thought to receive a 5% discount off your order when using this coupon code. US customers will need to use two coupon codes to get the discount.

  • First, use the code FTCURUSD to get a discount on the currency rate.
  • Next, use the code FT5DISC to receive a 5% discount on your total order.

For inquiries about using the cream or questions about the cream itself, please visit the N2C FAQ page or N2C Contact page.

I am available to answer questions in the comments about my experience with the cream. Thanks for reading. 

41 Comments on “N2C Hair Cream: Product Review

  1. This seems great ! So happy 4 U!!
    Actually my daughter is finally seeing some results from the PRP treatment👏 However I think it’s a good idea for her to try this cream as well. How can anyone really know if their follicles are active or not ? Would you know? Please advise us how we can order the cream. We see you ve included a discount promo but you didn’t mention how we can order it. Is there a contact or point of sales person that speaks English. I want to know if my daughter can leave in her hair /scalp overnight then wash her hair in morning or does it have to be applied 2xa day? Also if it’s only applied at night and washed in morning can she apply her colored powder and or the colored base she uses to cover up the balder spots typically on top? Btw this isn’t the company thats using the foreskins is it? Sorry for so many questions…Appreciate all you do! Gd bless you!

    • Hi Sheila,

      Active follicles means that you can see visible hair growing.

      You can order the cream by visiting one of the links at the bottom of the article. This is a direct link to the shop https://n2c.care/en/shop/

      You can definitely leave it in overnight and wash in morning. I believe it’s only recommended to apply once per day. No foreskins. There is a link to a FAQ and contact in the article. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the update on the N2C cream. I will give it a try. Hearing first hand how it has worked from a reputable source is really appreciated. Are you now using Reboost as well now that it is available.

  3. Thank you very much for all your work and effort you put into the website. And also thanks a lot you reviewed this product. I was just wondering if you you also have an itching scalp and due to that are losing hair and the product helped getting rid of the itching too.

  4. Hi : I recently bought 3 bottles of very newely released Reboost cream which supposed to act like stem cell inhibitor just started I dont know what will be the results. thanks for sharing the results with us.

    • Hi Max,
      Please let us know how it is working for you. It will be much appreciated.
      Thank you!!!

  5. If i m not mistaken collegen is related to tumoror cancer i read somewhere, i m not sure though. But you better check that pimple on the scalp.

    • Ha, thanks for the concern. The pimples go away relatively quickly. They are only pimples after all.

      • Good to hear !! I ll wait for your review reboost. All the best !!

    • Time will tell which is better. I’m hoping for better results from ReBoost actually. They are both oily creams so I don’t plan on combining them.

      • First off, much, much gratitude to you for the awesome information. It is truly a great service you are providing to us all suffering folks.
        1. Have you also used Reboost?
        2. If you have, have you used it at the same time as N2C?
        3. If answer to #1 is no, I am assuming you did not yet use Reboost because it just came out, whereas you have been trailing N2C for a year. Correct?
        4. What is your gut feel for which would work better? In other words, if you TODAY had a choice between N2C and Reboost, which one would you start using first?

        Reason I am asking is because I want to start with the “better” one first so that I do not waste time.
        Thanking you so much!!!!

        • 1.I have started using ReBoost now. 2. No, I’ve only used it by itself. 3. If I had to choose now I’d try ReBoost. I’ve seen what N2C can do which is positive, but of course I want more and I’m going to continue trying new products until I reach my goals.

          • Thanks for your responses.
            So how many days on Reboost now?
            Do you feel anything on the scalp – like increase in blood circulation, etc?
            Please keep us posted. PLEASE!!!!
            Thank you!!!!

          • I’ll let everyone know how it’s going over the next several months. Please give me the time to use it, I will remember to do an update when it’s time.

  6. On BT they say its scam, so what is the truth? Do you have the before and the after pictures, so we can check your story? Thx!

    • I explained my photos do not make a good comparison for the modest difference.

      Does my result really sound far fetched that it would need to be made up?

      • Admin,
        As you said you are using a concealer to hide hair thinning. Could you tell me brand name or is it harmful or not?

        • I use Caboki. The companies and hair transplant surgeons will all say fibers are not harmful, but that’s hard to prove. All in all, I don’t mind using them.

  7. Thanx very much admin for all the info. eager to hear the results v/s reboost… are we on the verge of new possibilities here using creams? should we expect more topical solutions in the near future? greetings from Chile!

    • I’m always hoping for new effective products to be introduced to the market.

  8. Is this product and ReBoost mainly focused on the crown? Can’t seem to find anything for receding hairline.

    • I believe it is supposed to work anywhere, but the company would know best.

  9. Hi,

    Thank you for the review. I too, do not use Propecia, and this is the sort of product I’m after. May I ask you what your reason is not using Propecia? And at what stage is your hair loss?

    Thank you.

    • Just a personal decision based on all that I’ve seen and heard over 5+ years.

      • You should give a background of your balding situation. That way us followers could get a better understanding of your situation and compare it to ours, and make a much better decision to purchase product or not. Pictures would of been ideal regardless of outcome. From your trial it sounds like you’re maintaining your hair. That is great news.

        • Crown was thinner than mid scalp visibly. Still is, but density has improved slightly and mid scalp maintained strength and density.

      • Yes, understand. Me too.

        Can I ask, if you have seen Keratene Alphactive Retard? A DHT inhibitor, supposedly side effect free. Out of Belgium/France. I have been using it for 3 years, no side effects but honestly hard to know if it has helped.

        Sorry to distract the thread from N2C, am just genuinely intrigued if you’ve heard of the product. Was released in 2012.

        • I have not seen that Keratene product you’re talking about actually, perhaps because of its location.

  10. hello admin and thanks for your efforts to inform us.
    i would like to ask if that cream is the brotzu lotion…??

  11. Hi, It almost been two week that I am using the Reboost , I just want to know can I use the Reboost with the Hair fiber that conceal the hair thinning on the Reboost or not? because I always been using it I want to know if I can use it now too?

    • Should direct that question to ReBoost website. I am using with fibers though.

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