New Brotzu Interview, Donor Regeneration Technology: Weekly Thoughts 6/24/16

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Weekly Thoughts.

We’re now past the halfway point of the year, and quite frankly, I think a lot of people expected there to be more news regarding pivotal clinical trails for some of our favorite hair growth technologies. Nonetheless, the good news continues to pour in and I have a feeling there will be some more major announcements soon. Let’s take a look at some meaningful hair growth treatment news as of recent.

New Dr Brotzu Interview

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu completed a new interview for the (Italian) BelliCapelli forum yesterday and it is a great read. Having been a vascular surgeon for many decades, Dr. Brotzu has a wonderful understanding of the vascular system and its implications on alopecia. In the interview Brotzu mentions that there is currently an ongoing trial of 60 people with AGA using the lotion (probably Fidia’s trial),  and that he is personally conducting a trial of 18 people with alopecia areata/totalis. There is an excellent description of how the “Brotzu lotion” works biologically in the interview with depictions included. Here’s a quote from one of Dr. Brotzu’s responses to whet the appetite:

The lotion works very well when it begins to manifest alopecia, in people under the age of 30 will have good results with total stop of the fall and re-growth of hair and miniaturized hairs or even vellus / invisible resume a normal appearance. Logically, the treatment starts to give clear results after about 30 days and must be prolonged for many months.

The full interview can be read here. Every time I read something new about this product I get excited because it sounds very credible and scientific. News from Fidia can’t come soon enough. The Brotzu phenomenon is in full effect and the hype continues to grow (pun intended). I wonder if Dr. Brotzu is surprised that after spending years in medical practice his world renowned fame has come through an accidental hair loss cure discovery.(TY Josh for comment)

Gemstone Biotherapeutics

A biotech startup by the name of Gemstone Biotherapeutics has recently announced that they are entering the field of hair restoration. Gemstone is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and specializes in polymer based-scaffolds for wound healing. Apparently, their wound healing scaffolds are so efficient that they have the capability to regenerate hair follicles along with the dermal tissue. This would make them an ideal treatment for use in hair transplant surgeries. As mentioned in the press release above, Gemstone Bio has appointed the tenured hair transplant surgeon Dr. Marc Dauer as a new advisor for their company. It sounds like a great idea to apply these polymer-based scaffolds to FUE and even FUT donor sites to document skin and hair regeneration. We already know Acell is used in a similar way with sometimes marginal results. If this new technology from Gemstone could produce more significant results in terms of donor regeneration and scar prevention, it would be a game changer. I’d like to see what it does when added to the recipient sites of hair transplants as well.

What’s potentially more interesting is that Gemstone Bio also has “Stem Cell Engineering” listed as one of its technology platforms. If the company is already getting involved in hair regeneration through its wound healing technology I believe that puts them in a favorable position to explore more avenues for hair growth with their stem cell technology. (S/O Xaser94)

Until next time, be well.

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