New Company: Brickell Biotech

Brickell Biotech, a dermatology-focused pharmaceutical company, is developing a therapy which should prove to be of interest to the online hair community.

The company is based in Boulder, CO and has a variety of clinical programs underway in the area of dermatology. One such program is an oral CRTH2 antagonist for hair loss. A “CRTH2 antagonist” is another way of saying a “‘Prostaglandin D2 receptor 2 antagonist”, which should sound familiar to you. The CRTH2/PD2 mechanism of action has been quite the rave over the past few years in the hair-growth research world, and apparently Brickell has a novel molecule which acts on it. 

The molecule is known as BBI-5000 and is also being developed by Brickell to treat atopic dermatitis. According to Brickell, BBI-5000 has completed the phase 1 stage of trials and its next stages of development are under consideration. New oral medications that improve hair growth and prevent loss will certainly be a commodity to go with all of the topical and injectable treatments on the horizon. For more, check the Brickell Biotech website

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6 Comments on “New Company: Brickell Biotech

  1. Am I the only one? Feel like no one really cares, always waiting, year after year. Just would like some good news that is coming by next month for all of us

    • I think all of us who visit this site understand you well, Sonia. Hang in there 👍

  2. Admin, do you think when will the problem of baldness? speak clearly. What is your idea? a company owned by talk please.

    • I think you were asking when do I think there will be a cure for baldness?

      My ideas are about as clear as possible on the Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration. Shiseido is planned for next year in Japan. Hopefully. Will this cure everyone? No, but it’s possibly a great support for many. So, it depends a little bit on how much hair a person needs to restore. A NW7 may need one of the ‘follicle cloning’ technologies to restore their scalp.

  3. This situation is maddening!
    All this research for decades past and present and nobody has come up with a solution to the problem,even with all the high technology of today.

    Follica might have something effective,but they are so secretive we don’t know what they have.
    Zohar from Follica said awhile ago that they would be releasing some data soon,but nothing so far.

    I signed up for their e-mail updates months ago and have heard nothing to date.

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