Wake Forest Trialing a New Topical For Hair Growth

(Originally Published July 15, 2015)

I was wondering when Wake Forest was going to get in the hair game.

They have one of the most advanced regenerative medicine programs in the country. According to the Wake Forest Website they are currently gearing up for a clinical trial on a “topical investigational medication” for hair (Update: since this article was written the webpage was taken down). At the bottom of the page there is still a link button to sign up and participate in the study, but according to members of the hair forums the trial is already filled up. That’s not awful news. WF should be all set to go ahead and start this trial then. In other recent news… Read More

GoFund Sanford-Burnham Hair Stem Cells

Hair Regeneration News

Hair grown on mice by induced pluripotent stem cells

The research led by Alexey Terskikh at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has grown very popular on the internet over the past several months. The work was even featured in our Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration a few months ago. Terskikh’s technology is based on taking human pluripotent stem cells, programming them to differentiate into dermal papillae cells, and then injecting those DP cells back into a scalp to grow hair. Terskikh notes that his method is superior to¬† another popular method of extracting DP cells directly from a scalp and culturing them to be re-injected, because there are issues about DP cells’ ability to induce hair follicle formation after being outside the body. That is an interesting point that I did not pick up on when I first read about the research.
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Update: Here is the write-up that Follicum CEO Dr. Jan Alenfall provided to Follicle Thought. Follicum – Click to Download

Been to Sweden lately? I haven’t either. But, I might be more interested in booking a flight after Follicum’s clinical trial gets underway in early 2016. Follicum is a new biotechnology venture based in Sweden that has several molecules in development for modulating hair growth. Yes, Follicum claims to have technology that can both grow hair and inhibit unwanted hair growth. Follicum’s flagship molecule FOL-005 is getting ready to enter it’s official clinical trial at the beginning of next year. Read More

Histogen Fundraises $9.49 Million


Well done, Gail

Histogen is doing a bit more moving and shaking. It appears that Histogen opened a Series D round of financing in May 2015 and raised $18 million for it’s Hair Stimulating Complex. They have a new financing parter in WealthForge. When you’re good, you’re good. Full article here. Read More

Christophe Guillemat Stem Cell Transplant

Christophe Guillemat (Source: LinkedIn)

Christophe Guillemat of CFS Barcelona Hair Transplant Clinic has been developing a technique to transplant stem cells from donor hair to the recipient area to grow hair follicles. I have heard Guillemat say that he uses the complete donor when doing this procedure. The technique itself sounds very similar to the one used by Dr. Gho. As of now, I do not know if there are any differences between the two approaches. I did want to know more about this procedure, so I asked Guillemat a few questions. I could not understand every detail of his response, as his native language is Spanish and his English is not polished, however it’s generally clear what he was trying to say. Read More

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Dr. Cole seeks out best PRP protocol in new study

Dr. Cole in his element (Image: Google)

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Cole of Cole Hair Transplant Group is seeking participants for several study groups in his quest to pinpoint the best protocol for PRP injectable treatments. Dr. Cole has long been a proponent of PRP + Acell injections as a stand alone hair growth treatment as well as in conjunction with hair transplants. Dr. Cole knows his stuff, more so than the average hair transplant doctor. It is evident in the way he speaks on the hair forums. The man is interested in hair follicle biology and seems to be very determined to advance hair regenerative capabilities in his practice. For that I give him kudos. Read More

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals acquired by Allergan


Hey, if they get some promising hair growth treatments to market sooner, I’ll give them a hand clap too. Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

Hot off the press. Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the company who recently acquired the rights to use PDG2r antagonists for hair growth, has been acquired by the pharmaceutical powerhouse Allergan for $2.1 Billion. The deal is mainly being publicized as an acquisition of Kythera’s double chin treatment Kybella. However, any internet hair enthusiast knows that Allergan already has Bimatoprost in it’s pipeline as a topical hair growth treatment. By acquiring Kythera and their PDG2r antagonist Setipiprant, Allergan now has a one-two punch for treating hair loss. Setipiprant is an oral medication (pill) that works systemically to prevent hair miniaturization and loss and Bimatoprost is topical liquid to stimulate growth. Read More

AlviArmani Recruiting for Cutting Edge Hair Growth Treatment

This image was posted to AlviArmani’s Twitter account about three weeks ago.

The most notable information on the poster:
1. “Be a participant in cutting edge research for hair growth”
2. “No cost to you”
3. “Alviarmani Beverly Hills” Read More

IBN 3D Hair Follicle Model

This press release might have flown under the radar back in July 2013 when it was released. It’s flown under the radar since then, too. However, there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to this research.


First off, who are these guys? The Institute of Biotechnology and Engineering is based in Singapore and is headed by Executive Director Jackie Yi-Ru Ying. She was a former professor of chemical engineering at MIT. Impressive. According to it’s website, The IBN has research focused in nanomedicine, synthetic biosystems, biodevices and diagnostics, and green chemistry and energy. Here’s a cool PDF of their Cell and Tissue Engineering Portfolio. Read More