Follicum Results Vs. Minoxidil – Exclusive

Follicle Thought is proud to present this exclusive preclinical research data courtesy of Dr. Jan Alenfall of Follicum. Jan has provided me with a personal write-up on Follicum’s lead candidate drug, FOL-S-005, as well as two research data graphs. I have added the write-up to the original Follicum post.

Below are two graphs demonstrating the efficacy of Follicum’s compounds. Both graphs display results that were obtained from mice. The first graph depicts the results of 6 of Follicum’s potential compounds. The second graph shows the results of minoxidil over a 30 day period. Here’s a quote from Dr. Alenfall about these graphs: “All these results were generated by the contract research laboratory that compared the effectiveness of our compounds compared with minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine®), however the minoxidil study was carried out separately by the laboratory using exactly the same experimental conditions.” Jan also told me that Follicum only intends to move forward with the compounds that show the most promise. I’d say there’s a few here. One thing that’s important to pay attention to is the number of days that it took for these compounds to achieve their results.
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Luis Garza’s TLR3 Hair and Skin Regeneration Discovery

Dr. Luis Garza of Johns Hopkins University

Originally, I coupled this write-up in the previous Skin and Hair Regeneration for Transplant Donor Area post, but I decided to expand upon it and give it its own post.

The main idea of the latest research article by Luis Garza et al is a protein called toll-like recepter 3 (TLR3) was found to be a major proponent of skin and hair regeneration during wound healing. TLR3 does this by sensing and reacting to the double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) which is released by damaged skin. This quote from Dr. Garza probably says it all “Medications that turn on this protein have the powerful potential to decrease scarring as healing of wounds takes place, thereby promoting skin and hair follicle regeneration.” He also mentions that drug companies are already developing TLR3 activators for uses on the immune system and those products could be tested for hair regeneration purposes also. That would be similar to the Cotsarelis PGD2-Setipriprant deal. Read More

BiologicsMD Announces Patent for Hair Growth Protein


BiologicsMD, a biotechnology start-up out of Fayetville, Arkansas, has recently been granted a patent for a protein named “BMD-2341” that has been said to promote hair growth or prevent hair loss. The patent is titled ““Fusion Proteins of Collagen Binding-Domain and Parathyroid Hormone.” This news comes in the latest press release from BiologicsMD.
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Follicept Interview – Exclusive

In memory of Devon Grimme who has passed away since the publishing of this interview.

Follicle Thought is proud to present this exclusive interview with the two major figures of Follicept, Devon Grimme and Dr. Stephen Hsu. There’s a few goodies in here that I have not seen mentioned on the Follicept message board. Many thanks to Devon and Dr. Hsu, and without further ado here is the interview: Read More

Sanford-Burnham Receives $100 Million Donation

sanford burnham hair research hair stem cells

Hopefully a portrait of Alexey Terskikh


Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute just received a generous donation to the tune of $100 million. The donation has prompted them to change their name to Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, incorporating the name of Conrad Prebys, their latest benefactor. Read More

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Wake Forest Clinical Trial and USUHS Hair Patent

(Published July 2015)Wake-Forest-Baptist-Health-logo
I was wondering when Wake Forest was going to get in the hair game. 

The school has one of the most advanced regenerative medicine programs in the country. According to the Wake Forest website, they are currently gearing up for a clinical trial on a “topical investigational medication” for hair. At the bottom of the page there is still a link button to sign up and participate in the study, but according to members of the hair forums, the trial is already filled up. That’s not awful news. WF should be all set to go ahead and start this trial then. (Update: since this article was written the webpage was taken down) In other recent news… Read More

GoFund Sanford Burnham Hair Stem Cells

Hair Regeneration News

Hair grown on mice by induced pluripotent stem cells

The research led by Alexey Terskikh at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has grown very popular on the internet over the past several months. The work was even featured in our Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration a few months ago. Terskikh’s technology is based on taking human pluripotent stem cells, programming them to differentiate into dermal papillae cells, and then injecting those DP cells back into a scalp to grow hair. Terskikh notes that his method is superior to  another popular method of extracting DP cells directly from a scalp and culturing them to be re-injected, because there are issues about DP cells’ ability to induce hair follicle formation after being outside the body. 
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Update: Here is the write-up that Follicum CEO Dr. Jan Alenfall provided to Follicle Thought. Follicum – Click to Download

Been to Sweden lately? I haven’t either. But, I might be more interested in booking a flight after Follicum’s clinical trial gets underway in early 2016. Follicum is a new biotechnology venture based in Sweden which has several molecules in development for modulating hair growth. Yes, Follicum claims to have technology that can both grow hair and inhibit unwanted hair growth. Follicum’s flagship molecule FOL-005 is getting ready to enter its official clinical trial at the beginning of next year. Read More

Christophe Guillemat Stem Cell Transplant

Christophe Guillemat (Source: LinkedIn)

Christophe Guillemat and the CFS Barcelona Hair Transplant Clinic have been developing a technique to transplant stem cells from donor hair to the recipient area to grow hair follicles. I have heard Guillemat say that the doctors of the CFS use the complete donor area when doing this procedure. The technique itself sounds very similar to the one used by Dr. Gho. As of now, I do not know if there are any differences between the two approaches. I did want to know more about this procedure, so I asked Guillemat a few questions through his website. I could not understand every detail of his response as his native language is Spanish and his English is not polished, however, it’s generally clear what he was trying to say. Read More