ReBoost Update: New Photos

I received some new photos of ReBoost user results today from Gizem and Nurcan and am happy to share them with you. I also wanted to create a new shorter post that has all of the latest information on ReBoost because the previous one was so long. Out of the two sets of before and afters, one of the ‘after’ images appears to be previously featured in this article that published around the time ReBoost launched in Turkey. So it’s actually like 1.5 sets of new photos. 😉 None the less, here they are.

User Photos

I’m going to be adding photos to this post as they come.

6-16-17: These photos came in today of a guy who has been using the cream for 1.5 months. Not a very conclusive set of photos for sure, having been only 1.5 months. There does seem to be a little more going in after photo.

This message came a long with the photos:

“We will add more pictures and user comments; when we receive more examples from the latest user pictures we’d like to share with the readers of Follicle Thought.
Kind regards,

Nurcan & Gizem”

They also invited me to provide my thoughts on these first two sets of photos. First off, the result from the person with alopecia areata totalis is pretty remarkable. Areata is a disease that has the ability to go into remission itself, but that does not seem to be going on here. If there will be another example of someone with alopecia areata that gets similar results to these I think that will be a landmark statement. Second photo (Picture2) with the AGA also looks like a solid result to me. Pretty easy to tell there is clearly thicker caliber hair and a higher number of hairs growing, and at that, from a guy who is basically a NW6. I believe a follicle count comparison of the two photos would be corroborating. I should also mention, I am told these photos were taken by the users themselves and sent to the University.

And for those who have asked in comments, yes I have begun my own trial of ReBoost. I’m over a week in and will be giving feedback around 2-3 months of use. All of you who are also using it, feel free to comment on this article with your own hair observations.


Once again, here is all of the information for ordering ReBoost:

ReBoost (50 ml) price: $100 US DOLLAR  or 90€ EURO (Plus Shipping)

Shipping of ReBoost:

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY: $22 US DOLLAR (Price may increase if country is farther away than US)

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY within Europe: 18€ EURO

Currently, payments can only be made through bank transfer. 

To place an order, email:  
*When you place an order, include the name of the country the order will ship to. Orders are welcome 7 days a week.

Cheers yall

98 Comments on “ReBoost Update: New Photos

  1. How wonderful . Please tell me I am confused is ReBoost the same product as NC2?
    Please tell us how it is applied and for how often …
    Many thanks

    • No, ReBoost is the brand name of Kelopesia, the cream from Turkey that contains molecules secreted by those foreskin stem cells everyone loves talking about lol. N2C is a different company which made an all natural cream treated in a nanotechnology laboratory so it would be able to penetrate the skin.

      It’s supposed to be applied once or twice per day, topical lotion.

      • Are you using the NC2 & ReBoost at the same time cause last time you’ve said you used the NC2

        • Nope, now am just beginning trying ReBoost. I had been using N2C for previous year with positive results. Now will see what ReBoost can do.

        • I felt I had to make this statement on the claim that you wrote here
          First of all:
          I’ve been waiting for this cream to come out as long as you guys and I followed the updates from this website site because i have also hair problems.
          And one day I saw on this website that sales in Turkey had started. I ordered the cream with the intervention of my friend Nurcan from Turkey.
          My friend Nurcan started the international sales of reboost.

          Second: The accusation you have is wrong and untrue
          Joseph shares user pictures, comments and informs us all and
          I am grateful for what he has achieved with his great website to help as many people with hair problems as possible (including me).
          Joseph has in no way commercial interests, that’s for sure!
          And the first priority of Nurcan is human health and trust, commercial is not the first purpose.
          I wish all of us a positive result.
          Gizem (reader of Follicle Thought = a person with hairproblems and now helping Nurcan to help all the other people who has the same problem).

          • Please could you tell us why there isn’t any stemmcell or something like that written in the ingredients? İt is the most important thing and it ain’t listed how is that possible? A lot of people feel betrayed by that and don’t buy the product just because of this!

          • The molecular content of the discharged exosome (nanoparticle) of stem cells obtained from the foreskin was established and identified. The molecules that are approved for the production legislation of the cosmetic products were listed with respect to the Ministry of Health in Turkey. These molecules were studied and combined with other important components such as vitamins, minerals and some hairdressing herbal oils for manufacturing the final formulation of RoBoost.

          • Sorry, but nano particles or something close to it are not listed! Your answer ist a just a ready written one and does not give me a right information why you DİD NOT mention anything like you say on the ingredients list.

          • Reboost does not have to completely reveal its secret.

          • Yes you don’t have to reveal your secret formula. You can put a name on it and list it with the new name like they did with aminexil, but nothing is listed, so everybody thinks/knows what is not listed is not in.

          • You made your point and he made his. End o story.

  2. I just purchased one of each for my daughter as nothing has helped her!!! I guess you need a clean scalp to apply both?

    • It’s probably a good idea, but I haven’t heard ReBoost talk about baby shampoos before like N2C.

        • Make sure you get the cream on the scalp first, then sprinkle fibers on. That’s what I was told when I started using N2C.

    • Dede,, you may want to look at the thyroid as a primary or contributing cause in females.. lt would be wise at least to have her on a good form of iodine. Mine is a deep earth form, very pure called survival shield X2 from infowars.

      Under and over active thyroid is a pervasive problem with women and governs weight as well. This is a very important and overlooked possible contributor to hair loss for them.
      A ‘derma roller’ used with ReBoost could work well. Logically the daily disruption of the dermis, would allow the stem cells to make more immediate changes.

      Beyond all that make sure she has all the minerals she needs.. Longevity has a 90 mineral fruit drink called ‘tangy tangerine’.. Regards Steve

    • 50 ml sample last 1 month = local baldness
      2 x 50 sample last 1 month = greater baldness

  3. If you stop using NC2 or ReBoost
    will you loose the new hair that grew?

    • Once you have your new hair after using reboost you will not lose it again

      • Hello Nurcan & Gizem,
        Can we get official people from the university to revert back to all these questions or set up a conference call or are you representing them meaning you check with them and get back to us. You know I trust you but I do not know if stopping Minoxidil is right especially if I do not know if Reboost will be effective in my case just started it. I will end up loosing all the hair I got for the past year with Minoxidil.
        Thank you very much any way for your availability and your support.
        Kind regards,

        • Hi Nanou,

          If you want to be so sure than it is best that you make contact through the website of reboost.

          Kind regards,

  4. Have you Guys noticed stop Hair loss on using ReBoost after a week/10 Day’s ??

    • I started using from the first of June. I usually lost like 100 hairs everyday since the last 2 years, after using once a day for 20 days I notice that my hair fall has reduce a lot, I loss like 20 hairs now, also I could see my hairs are slightly thicker, I will keep using it. If I notice any extra improvement i will write down

      • Hi Frank,

        Thanks for your feedback! 🙂
        If you use on your entire scalp it will reduce more.

        Good luck!

  5. I’m going to try to get Gizem to check the comments once a day or so to provide responses, but just want to remind people that questions about the product can always be directed to the ReBoost website. Thanks.

  6. Salih,
    The comment you made is the kind that do not belong here. We are only about 3 weeks into the product being available internationally, we are still finding out how efficacious it is. There are already small mentions of positive developments. So let’s see how it goes first before making claims about a company.

  7. Hi everybody,

    Thanks for all this hard work. I have ordered and received bottles of reboost. Hence I’ll be sharing pics with you as it goes.

    I am though a bit confused on the use of the product and thought that instead of having many questions asked all the time, we could have one big FAQ which could include Nurcan&Gizem’ answers and which Joseph could publish on the website so that people can refer to?

    If you would agree, Here are somes of the questions I’d have
    1. Is there any temperature conservation rules?
    2. On the side of my haire, I have grey hair. Can I apply to see its natural color back?
    3. If I do vertex only, how many clicks of reboost should I apply?
    4. If I do vertex and scalp, how many clicks of reboost should I apply?
    5. If I apply 3 times a day can there be negative results? positive results? Or will nothing change?

    Thanks a lot for these.
    Best to all

    • Hi Max,

      Answers to your question:

      1. The conservation have to be on a normal room temperature
      2. Yes, new hair will come out in original color after using Reboost
      3 & 4 . The clikcs will depends from the baldness you have. Drip the cream on your fingertops (1 drip on each fi, and apply gently the cream and massage well to your scalp. Do not exaggerate the quantity, it’s a greasy cream and it’s spread good.
      5. We advice 2 times a day (like the direction of use in the box).

      Good luck!

  8. Based on what data do you state that the recovered hair will not fall again?

  9. How can I order Reboost from India..How long will it take to reach me?

    • Hi, the email address for ordering is right in the article. Thanks

  10. Join the discussion how can I make my order for reboost cream from India n cost of it for me

    • Hi, the information is right in the article. Thank you

  11. I’ve ordered from these guys.

    3 months worth, give it a go. I’ll be sure to let you guys know if it works. Alternatively, I’ll let you know if i achieved merely making myself not $322 poorer.

      • Yep. As much as I hate taking photos of my crown in the bright light (ignorance is bliss) I will do for this.

  12. I have been using reboost since may 20th. I should say that I am a bald man. furthermore my baldness is coming from my roots for easy understanding it is inherited. however I have not seen any positive development except my tiny hairs seems are getting a bit strong. I will share more if I see more but after finishing the cream only.

    • YAĞCI,

      Did you notice regrowth of new hair or it just boost the existing hairs ??

    • I’ve suggested this before but consider using a derma roller to disrupt your existing scalp skin cells and allow the cream to work with constantly healing skin.. if your scalp is sun burned over years you may benifit from a course of ‘Retin A’ which regenerates and heals the skin from sun damage..
      l dont know if Retin A will interfere with ReBoost, you may have to alternate. The good thing is Retin A is known to grow hair, so alternation should not retard your progress.. it is accepted that sunburned skin does readily regrow hair as it is tougher and less able to change.

  13. Thanks a lot Joseph for putting in all the hard work to educate us with your blog. I sure hope this product helps some of the visitors.I myself started using the product today .
    The picture does give us some sort of confidence.

    I ll keep a diary of it and share , but on top of this I do use a micro derma roller .

    Just a question for Nurcan , can I use rogaine along with Reboost.

    The cream seems a bit greasy so applying it in the morning seems to be a bit unlikely.

    To all the others who seem skeptical about this product, the only other option is minox or finas or a HT.

    • Hi Morfeuzz,

      We advice you to use only Reboost, so that you can see the effect of Reboost.

      • They said it grows in transplanted areas, but somehow falls out again so no

        • Ahmed
          You are constantly writing about the negativity about the cream (while you don’t use it and know nothing about it) and I do not understand what you are trying to do with these unfounded negativities or what your plan is?! = Your each comment contains negativity.
          Reboost is a proven cream that has been used for over a year and a half, it has no side effects before being sold, it stops hair loss in the first stage, thickens afterwards, and the second stage is renewail hair.
          In your comment, you wrote that the hair falls, based on what are you writing this? We (the reboost team) are constantly in contact with the University of Yeditepe.
          From who did you get an answer to that?
          And if you don’t want to use Reboost, please don’t lie and make unfounded comments.
          Our first priority is the health of all users of Reboost and their trust. So please, keep all your unfounded negativity for yourself. I believe that the first international users of Reboost will write their experience on this blog very soon!

          • Ahmed,

            I understand your interest in finding the truth about ReBoost product. Like many have said, the only way to find out is to wait and see, as many people are trying it now. The bickering is not welcome here and so your comment has been removed. The only reason for this is because it does not help anyone, what will help is us hearing results from people who have used the product. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. Gizem and Nurcan have been very kind and helpful getting people access to this potentially very helpful product.

      • I honestly do not know. I’m not sure if it’s been tested on someone with a transplant.

      • Hi Vivek,

        How long has it been that you have made a hair transplant?

      • Hi Vivek,

        We informed, after a hair transplantation the scalp should be fully cured, which may vary between 3 and 5 months. After that you can use Reboost.

  14. is there any alternative to buying this? seems sketchy. I feel like if we wait long enough it’ll pop up on ebay or something else

    • Many have used this system without a problem. I have received a package and the shipping from Turkey to US is actually very fast.

  15. I purchased an original cannabis oil that was used in France to remove the substance from the anesthetic. I have not started using it yet
    What the members think.
    Please take advantage

    • Do you see more hairs growing on the right half of his crown in the after picture? I believe I do. But like I said, not completely conclusive, it’s 1.5 months only and the pictures were not taken optimally. Pictures of longer time length should be coming soon.

  16. Hi Joseph, Nurcan & Gizem,

    I’m very interested in buying the cream, however, I’m not sure whether applying it on my head given the amounts of hair I have will work effectively.

    I still have a lot of hair and I’m still far from bold but my hair has thinned a lot and you can now see a few bald patches (sides, top of the head, etc). My hair is of medium length and I style my hair every day.

    My hair is probably 30% of what it used to be 6 years ago.

    I read in one of the comments that this cream is very greasy, this makes me think that it will make my hair look pretty disgusting and won’t be able to style it and go to work with greasy hair.

    So my questions are:

    1) Will ReBoost help me regrow my hair? I’m asking because most of the pictures I’ve seen are from people who have severe hair loss.

    2) Should I shave my head before starting to use ReBoost?

    Here’s some pics of my hair, let me know if you think it will work without shaving my hair:

    • Hi Danish,

      1) We checked your pictures and be sure that your hair thinning problem will be solved with Reboost, Reboost makes the hair thicker, also effective product to stop hair loss!
      The second phase: Reboost will create new hair.

      2) It is not necessary to shave your head.

      If you find that the cream is to greasy (to go to work):
      apply 1 time (enough) Reboost during the working days and twice during the weekends.
      Our advice is:
      apply Reboost twice a day on a clean (dry) scalp.

      Kind regards

      • I would like to believe this product as much as everyone else. But for the company to say for sure that the product will solve a persons thinning and make more hair is a very bold statement. If this is really the case, why is Reboost not in the news everyday? I will be trying Reboost also but I do so on the assumption that I’m taking a big gamble.

  17. @admin. When other treatments will be available? FDA approved and clinical trials with positive results? It’s unbelievable….it’s almost 2018…what happens?

  18. Hello there,

    This question is directed at the Reboost team. I appreciate the answers to all the questions and information on how to order the product.

    However, I think it would put everyone’s mind at rest and quell any doubt if you guys linked us to the data obtained from your 1.5 year study. I’m sure you can appreciate that saying “the results showed XYZ according to our study” is one thing, but having the opportunity for us users to read the data for ourselves and make our own judgement is something else. As I’m sure you will agree this is no small investment so I think this is quite important.

    Wait for pictures you might say, but they can only show so much and patient photos won’t always be consistent. And if the data exists, let’s see it!

    I can appreciate you may not have access to this but if you could talk to the university about this that would be great.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for the comment DRS and for visiting. I can speak for Gizem to say it’s the University’s decision to release that data, Gizem is just a distributor.

      Also just reread this and believe the University would only have photos to share. They were not doing trichoscans for hundreds of subjects, my guess.

      To further clarify, she receives information from the original inventors of this product, but does not have access to all of the information and data. In time, I believe the inventors will release more info. It would be best to contact the University/ReBoost page directly about it.

      New pictures are coming.

  19. Another announcement because the comments are starting to drift again:

    Once again, this blog is going to wait the necessary time to evaluate legitimate results from ReBoost’s use and efficacy. We are not going to pelt Gizem and Nurcan with questions and they will be respected until we have more evidence on ReBoost. For those who are unaware, Gizem is a reader of this site who turned into a distributor of ReBoost because of her friend Nurcan who lives in Turkey. She was a customer of ReBoost who is trialing the product herself now. They do not have all of the answers just yet. Please direct very important and detailed questions to

    I have not received one comment so far, one way or another, from anyone who is trialing the product and I am eager to hear the results myself. I think most people are waiting to give the product the necessary time to evaluate true potential. The industry standard is 3-6 months of diligent use to evaluate a treatment. Most people as of now are about 3 weeks into use.

    I’d like to keep the comments on topic and the least redundant as possible for easier browsing, please refer to Guidelines For Commenting

    • The industry standard is 3-6 months of diligent use to evaluate a treatment

      – but they said the cream stops hair loss after just ONE WEEK of use

      • They said the product has shown for some to stop hair loss after just one week. They did not say it automatically did that for everyone, if it did the cream would be worth $500 a bottle.

  20. Dear admin do you have any experience with the alopel foam from Spain? I have included their website link here.

  21. Hi Gizem & Nurcan

    Do you have any conclusive photos from the inventors or study?

    Find it really hard to believe that a breakthrough product like this and the only photos verifying it works or not are bad quality photos from users who have only used it for a short time.

    Thank you.

    • They’re working on getting more photos from the inventors.

      What do you think of the subject with alopecia areata who regrew substantial hair? Or, how about that NW5 who regrew many terminal hairs in his vertex area from the article?

      • Did you read the last sentence in the article from Sabah? Tek şart olarak saç derisinde canlı folikül olmalı. Örneğin saç ekimi yaptıranlarda başarı olmuyor. Saç çıkıyor ama sonra dökülüyor” dedi. İt is clearly written in Turkish that it won’t work on transplanted hair! So please admin don’t delete things that are clearly said by the inventors himself!

        • The only comments which are removed are ones where people are being rude or irrational. This is place of civil discussion, please cooperate.

  22. What is written in the newspaper of SABAH about THE TRANSPLANTED HAIR is UNTRUE, Prof. Dr. Fikrettin Şahin has reacted in communication with newspaper of SABAH.
    Like we before written: after your hair transplant you have to wait 3-5 months to cure (maybe longer if it is still not cured), after cure you can use reboost and you’ll get result.

    As you can see It’s only writtin in Sabah newspaper, in all other newspapers or videos you’ll not read or hear anything about the hair transplantation.
    Like the Prof. says, Reboost is a miracle cream, those who want to use the cream can use it and those who wants to wait can see the results of others.

    For those who says why is this not hot world news?
    Sales in Turkey start in May 2017 and the international sales start end of third week of may, the first international customers get their Reboost end of may, It’s their third week.
    Be sure in Turkey was it HOT news, see the links:

    Channel: CNN TURK

    Channel: TRT

    Channel: ATV

    Channel: FOX
    Channel: NTV

    Channel: A HABER

  23. Message from Prof. Dr. Fikrettin Şahin (University of Yeditepe):

    Using Reboost after hair transplantation:

    The cell structures will be damaged because of the hair transplantation. The scalp will have to heal before using Reboost, once you start using Reboost you will see the same results as someone (without hair transplantation) with baldness problems.

    We get comments from the users (and test people who use Reboost for the last 1,5 year), that hair thickening, get new hair, root strengthening are seen and observed in all types of scalp.

    We warned the newspaper of Sabah and they corrected it but they didn’t publish it.

    Kind regards,

    Hakan – Bilimsel Mobile & Nurcan

  24. Guys,
    I waited almost a month to write a review, I am really seeing results this cream makes me feel better everytime I go to bed and wake up to see my hair is improving. I use it once a day only at night, I will write a full review after 3 months of use but I just wanted to share some positive news!
    Peace and thanks!

  25. Hi Nurcan,

    Will you be accepting Paypal or online Credit Card payments in the near future or selling on Ebay? The current way of buying Reboost is not convenient for me and many others I believe.


    • Hi,

      At this moment we only accept payments with bank transfers, when it changes we will inform you!

      Kind regards,

  26. I think I buy this product is mister Erdogan is gaining his hair back;)
    I other words I will wait 6 months, and see what the result are, and the reviews\ comments in the media. So good luck to u early users, I hope the outcome is as Prof. Dr. Fikrettin Şahin says!

  27. Larry, the positive feedback is starting to roll in. The main idea is that we are listening to feedback to the many people who are now using the product.

  28. Yoda, check Frank’s response to Adil as well. 😊

  29. Hello,
    Many thanks for the different feedbacks. I just have some questions (like everybody I see):
    – Is the effect ot the cream expected to continue undespite the age of the people ?
    – is it an estimation of the percentage of new hair gain ?
    Thanks in advance for your answers and success 🙂

  30. I tried finding this but couldn’t. I’m wondering how the product will be able to be sustained? How will the stem cells or micro stem cells be continually used? Are there contracts with multiple hospitals throughout Turkey? It seems like there would need to be a plentiful supply as the demands go, should the results be favorable and demand grows over time. Any word on that?

  31. Hello, Has anyone experienced a residue on their scalp after using Reboost? Even after I wash out the Reboost I still have the residue. I only use a little amount once a day and have this side effect. I have some concerns. Thanks.

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