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I received some new photos of ReBoost user results today from Gizem and Nurcan and am happy to share them with you. I also wanted to create a new shorter post that has all of the latest information on ReBoost because the previous one was so long. Out of the two sets of before and afters, one of the ‘after’ images appears to be previously featured in this article that published around the time ReBoost launched in Turkey. So it’s actually like 1.5 sets of new photos. 😉 None the less, here they are.

User Photos

I’m going to be adding photos to this post as they come.


8-13-17: These are of photos of Burak who has previously left a comment on this thread. These are at 1 month of use. Burak is happy with his results so far and provided photos with some identifying marks for comparison. I cropped the circles from his hairline area for comparison. The before image is not as high resolution as the after, though the after does show some immature hairs sprouting.


8-8-17: Received these photos today of a 3 month result of a man from Bursa, Turkey. I am going to ask for a newer after photo when this guy cuts his hair again. Update: I received another photo of the man sitting poolside, which is his most recent photo. I believe it compares best with the one I coupled it with. The first photo is his original before, and yes I realize it is shaved much closer. I’d like to get another photo like that to compare but I don’t know if this man will be cutting his hair so short again.

8-4-17: I received these photos today of the same user from the last update. I must say that crown photo is quite impressive. After photos are on the left or the top.

7-13-17: Today I received this photo which was already cropped like this when I got it. This man is from Turkey and has been using ReBoost for 1.5 months. The picture seems to be a “after/before” and I believe the before picture does show thinner hair on the side of the scalp, regardless of length. I’m looking forward to more dramatic results once people have been using the cream for 3+ months. 

7-12-17: I received these photos today and I believe they are the same user seen below. Apparently only one user has decided to take photos and send them to Nurcan and Gizem, lol. There are many trying this product so I believe we will see a lot more anecdotes soon, but we’ll  take this for now. Once again this a user taking his own photos. This is a result at 2 months 10 days. I definitely feel that there is more terminal hair growth in that center strip in the after photo.

6-16-17: These photos came in today of a guy who has been using the cream for 1.5 months. Not a very conclusive set of photos for sure, having been only 1.5 months. There does seem to be a little more going in after photo.

This message came a long with the photos:

“We will add more pictures and user comments; when we receive more examples from the latest user pictures we’d like to share with the readers of Follicle Thought.
Kind regards,

Nurcan & Gizem”

They also invited me to provide my thoughts on these first two sets of photos. First off, the result from the person with alopecia areata totalis is pretty remarkable. Areata is a disease that has the ability to go into remission itself, but that does not seem to be going on here. If there will be another example of someone with alopecia areata that gets similar results to these I think that will be a landmark statement. Second photo (Picture2) with the AGA also looks like a solid result to me. Pretty easy to tell there is clearly thicker caliber hair and a higher number of hairs growing, and at that, from a guy who is basically a NW6. I believe a follicle count comparison of the two photos would be corroborating. I should also mention, I am told these photos were taken by the users themselves and sent to the University.

And for those who have asked in comments, yes I have begun my own trial of ReBoost. I’m over a week in and will be giving feedback around 2-3 months of use. All of you who are also using it, feel free to comment on this article with your own hair observations.


Once again, here is all of the information for ordering ReBoost:

ReBoost (50 ml) price: $100 US DOLLAR  or 90€ EURO (Plus Shipping)

Shipping of ReBoost: (There is no longer free shipping on orders of multiple ReBoost)

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY: $22 US DOLLAR (Price may increase if country is farther away than US)

Express shipping with TNT CARGO COMPANY within Europe: 18€ EURO

Currently, payments can only be made through bank transfer. 

To place an order, email:  
*When you place an order, include the name of the country the order will ship to. Orders are welcome 7 days a week.

Cheers yall

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