RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. Launches Website

Today, I woke up to discover that one of my favorite companies developing a hair growth treatment, RiverTown Therapeutics Inc., has launched their website. Site can be viewed here.

One of the new significant announcements shared on the website is the introduction of the Scientific Advisory Board which includes two familiar names: Maria Hordinsky MD and Elaine Fuchs PhD. Both have been prominent at major hair conferences and in the hair growth research field over the past several years.

RiverTown has a few more treatments in development according to its Pipeline page. One of the indications listed is wound healing, very interesting. I like how they have listed their lead candidate drug, RT1640, which you should be familiar with, it’s titled as “Hair Regeneration.” yipee. I was also pleased to read positive information about RiverTown’s patent strategy, which should be supportive of its efforts at gaining investment. Send them your best wishes, people.

I bet you’re all eager to go poke around the website now. Here is one interesting quote to leave you with about the hair regeneration treatment RT1640 and its three agents that compose the drug.

“RT1640 is made up of three small molecule drugs that together synergize to act on three distinct pathways in hair biology.  One drug promotes the growth and migration of new stem cells, one drug promotes the commitment of the follicular stem cells to become new hair and one protects the dermal papilla from the effects of DHT.”

Happy Friday Everyone.

22 Comments on “RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. Launches Website

  1. Thanks Joseph, but the question is always the same….When it will be available?

  2. The two ingredience minoxidil and cyclosporine A and a third they they do not mention also I would have thought it would be 5% minoxidil and we do not know the % of cyclosporine.
    It will be a few years till it becomes available and I would think you may need a prescription to get it but it looks good in the pics but not for many of us who get the scalp problems with minoxidil unless they have sorted this.

  3. I wonder if the 21century cures act will speed things up. Specially with these guys, Samumed and follica. Things are definitely looking good. Just a matter of time now

  4. If this drug includes minoxidil as one of its the ingredients then the assumption would be that it includes all the same sides of Rogaine etc.?

    Rogaine gave me heart palpitations
    , so this would likely do the same…..eeerrr

  5. There’s no reason to have a website if they aren’t preparing to bring products to market. This company is quickly becoming one of my prime hope candidates.

  6. Restoration of the hair pigment is amazing. Some of us will look 20 years younger when looking in the mirror and recognize our old self again. That will be weird! The guy in the before and after pictures results show the pigmentation change or did he die it.

  7. On their website it says you apply it twice daily.
    Reminds me of Rogaine and it’s twice daily application.

    Hopefully with Rivertown that twice daily application can be drastically reduced once it works it’s magic.

    Having to apply a topical twice a day every day sucks.

  8. Hello Admin. When new treatments for MPB will be available? Current treatments (minox and fin) don’t work for me…Thanks for all. Awesome blog.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for visiting please check out the Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration.

  9. So grateful for this site and updates . These days people have so little time and it’s great that this is available. Thank you.

  10. Hello Joseph. Why taking a new treatment costs so much? There is a lot of demand for a new treatment. They should get something to market already. It’s just incredible…

  11. Hi joseph
    I have a question
    When will the market be found? When is the release date?

    • Hi Emad,

      Thanks for visiting. For RiverTown, there is no known release date. They have several years of clinical trials to go through presumably. There are other treatments which may be available sooner on the Ultimate Guide.

  12. Realy like to belive in this new treatment. But the before and after photos of both male and female patients are very suspecious. A 4 years kid can take better photos from beter angels. It seems that the improvement is not that much, instead it has been tried to hide the scalp skin by kind of fluffy hair styles!
    Again , I hope and wish to see this treatment with real effects in the market!
    Good Luck

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