Rophe Pharma Announces Eyebrow Growth

Rophe Pharma submitted a press release this week announcing its topical hair growth drug has shown positive results for restoring eyebrows. Rophe’s hair growth candidate RPHE-7193 is a topical form of the FDA approved blood pressure drug hydralazine. The drug apparently has a similar mechanism to minoxidil. Here’s a quote from the press release which was featured on Yahoo News:

Rophe Pharma researchers analyzed results of RPHE-7193 in women suffering from thinning eyebrows and were amazed by the positive results. Since cosmetic treatments do not provide satisfactory results and are usually a temporary remedy it seems the efficacy of RPHE-71093 in helping women to gain their own eyebrows back could become the most preferred option for restoring hair growth in this area. Encouraged by these results, the company has also initiated an exploratory study to evaluate if RPHE-7193 can stimulate the growth of eyelashes in women. The results will be announced shortly.”

I’m hoping for photos of RPHE-7193’s results in scalp hair growth and eyebrow growth to be released soon. Documented images would certainly add to the interest in RPHE-7193. For more information contact Robert Gadimian, CEO of Rophe Pharma. 

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    • Thanks JayRed! Merry Christmas. I always appreciate it when people take the time to say thank you. 🙂

  1. Hi,

    Every article you post is hope and we thank you for that. Me? Personally, I lost any hope. I dont have a huge problem but my hairline is receding and I am considering transplant as I dont see any “cure” beeing released in the next 8-10 years. We’ll have to wait 1 year for phase 1 and then is phase 2a, 2b, 1478xyx… and they have to tweak the formula and wait again 5 years and it still not working… and there are also the snake oils, the companys and people who are trying just to make money out of it…

    • Thanks Robert.

      I would say as far as what we have seen in the past you are right. Though, it does end at phase 3. I keep my hopes up and I respect the perspectives of others. It sounds like you have done thorough research. We will watch and see.

  2. First of all Merry Christmas!

    We love reading great research like this, we like to keep abreast of what is going on within the industry, it’s research like yours that is an immense help to both people experiencing hair loss and also solution providers like ourselves so we can keep offering the best possible service.

    All the best!

    Graham (Minoxidil 2 U)(Edited)

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