Shiseido is Officially Cleared to Start RCH-01 Trial

Time to see what this is all about

Replicel’s hair growth therapy, RCH-01, has officially received approval by Japanese regulatory authorities to be used in a clinical trial that is now launching. We did hear some rumblings recently that Shiseido was putting the final touches on it’s clinical trial to take place at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Toho University Ohasi Medical Center. Now it’s official. Have at it Shiseido, and best wishes from Follicle Thought.

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  1. Dear admin,
    My wife is suffering from AGA, having over all thinning, donner area is also having thin hair.
    will RCH-01 work for her ?

    • Hi Abdullah,

      I believe there is a good chance that RCH-01 would improve your wife’s hair. We will know more after they have completed their trial in Japan.

      Kind Regards,

      • Can someone please tell me how long we have to wait for results? 3 years? Thanks

      • How long will this take? I hear 3 years. That’s a long time. In 3 years most of us will be nw5.
        Admin- have you tried hair max laser comb? I have frontal hair line and temple miniaturization that is happening quickly. Wil hair max laser comb thicken it up or cause more shedding?

        • They could potentially be on market in 2018. I’ve tried laser combs before, the results I noticed were they seem to keep hair healthy and stimulate it a bit to stand up and be thick. I have not heard of shedding with laser combs actually.

  2. Is this first trial with a 2020 commercial release, or could we be looking at release in Japan in 2018?

    • There is a great possibility for 2018. 2020 release was slated for Riken/Tsuji.

    • Biff. Why do you ask that? I want a new treatment as soon as possible. I’m sure that millions of men and women think like me.

  3. admin, I am from Turkey . I don’t understand most of the written . Google translation is making a mistake . Replicel when you will come and it will be and how it would be effective treatment that can you tell me ? the translation program I understand if you do.. thank you

    • Wait to see the effective ability. Results from clinical trial. Replicel probably available in 2018.

      • Admin i have a question plz, is replicel for thinning hair or will it work on bald areas?

        • Not sure, we will have to see the results from this trial. I’m sure Replicel would like to know the answer to that as well.

  4. Hello Joseph.

    I have a question: – Why we haven’t seen any improvement in the field of hair transplant field or hair loss field (MPB) since FUE appeared in the early 2000? We are in 2016 in 2017 in 5 month. it’s unbelievable.

  5. Thanks Admin. I’m going to buy a hair max comb this week. I’m losing ground on Propecia and Rogaine. Losing density all over very rapidly this past year. Do you think the laser comb will help? I have heard people shedding a lot when using the comb. If I could get the hairs to thicken and some minor regrowth I will be in a much better shape. It’s like my hair loss just went to overdrive this month. Can Rogaine cause a huge shed at 20 months use?

    • I purchased an expensive laser helmet but was completely useless. A lasercomb is a waste of money too.

    • Hey Jordan,

      It’s hard to say if a lasercomb will provide benefit to you. Ares gave his opinion also. The only thing I ever thought was happening from using a lasercomb was increased circulation to the follicles and helping to sustain growth. I do not know about minoxidil sheds. I don’t use minox.

      Best Wishes,

      • Thanks admin and Ares. I will have to think about it. If it can make my weak hairs darker and thicker that will provide some benefit since I’m diffuse tjinner. I heard that some people got bad sheds by using laser combs. I don’t want any more sheds .

        We really need a new treatment asap! This hair loss industry is so slow and disappointing

        • Jordan35. Millions of men and women with MPB need a new treatment.Is awesome. Nothing in the horizon. Is simply awesome.

          • Louis, the truth is there are a bunch of treatments on the horizon. The names are not unknown and sound like Replicel/Shiseido, Histogen, Brotzu, and Tsuji.

  6. Will healthy people with Hiv be able to have this treatment done in Japan?

  7. hi joseph . i want to ask you if you know where i can contuct rivertown therapeutics i couldn’t find a email adress and their sight is under construction. ty

    • Hi Yoda,
      Not at the moment but I am hoping their site launches soon too. If you have a question you want asked I might be doing an interview with the CEO in the future, you can leave it here or email it to me.

      • Hi all. I know im off topic and desperate here but has any one tried zix or ell cranell? Any personal feedback? Thanks!

  8. Joseph, you’re talented keep up the good work. Some promising stuff in the next 3-5yrs; and quite possibly a trip to Japan 🙂


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