Shiseido Trial Update, Topical Reverses Baldness after Decades: Weekly Thoughts 7/1/16

Hey everybody, welcome to another installment of Weekly Thoughts. This week we get an encouraging update about the logistics of Shiseido’s trial and more information about the RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. compound.

Shiseido Closer to Trial

News was finally released this week about Shiseido’s upcoming trial in Japan using Replicel’s RCH-01 technology. Shiseido acquired an exclusive license in 2013 to bring Replicel’s hair regeneration therapy to market in Asian countries. Since then, it was known that Shiseido would be implementing its own clinical trials of RCH-01 in Japan which would bring RCH-01 to market much sooner than the US clinical trial timelime. Many had thought that Shiseido’s trial would commence in 1st half 2016, but that was not the case. It appears that Shisiedo is finally ready to begin its trial in Japan which would be the only trial necessary to bring the therapy to market, as long as the therapy showed efficacy/safety initially and maintained safety after the duration of the trial.

The details of the trial that we know at this time include:

  • 60 men and women
  • Tokyo Medical University Hospital & Toho University Ohashi Medical Center are the sites
  • Study will continue for 3 years to observe efficacy and especially safety
  • No official start date yet, but appears to be within 3rd quarter 2016

*This does not mean the trial would take 3 years to complete before the therapy could be out on market, I know that for sure. As to how long before the treatment could be made available I am not certain, but I believe the phase of the trial necessary to bring the treatment to marker is about 1.5 years, the remaining length of the trial is to keep watch and make sure there are no adverse effects that develop over time.

RiverTown’s ‘a flowing

RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. was part of the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels 1st Pitch Life Science Competition this month and tied for the “Best in Show” honors along with 6Degrees company. This is definitely an encouraging sign for this intriguing newcomer to the hair growth tech scene. The lead therapy candidate being shown off by RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. is named RT-1640 and is reportedly a combination of three agents that have strong safety profiles and have been used in humans for a long time. The effect of these combined agents is claimed to reactivate hair follicles and even rejuvenate the melanocyte stem cells (cells responsible for giving hair its color). What was even more interesting was a quote that David Weinstein, MD PhD, founder of RT, provided for the write up about his success at the event:

“Hair regeneration and maintenance are complex processes that involve multiple pathways. The components in RT1640 restart the hair growth process and support the nascent and mature hair.  The net result is the growth of new hair, even after decades of baldness,”

Decades?…….Decades as in groups of 10 years? Those kind of decades? We’ve never heard of a topical that could revive hair follicles after they had been severely shrunken for many years. That’s pretty impressive. According to the myBio 2016 event, RiverTown’s RT1640 is currently approaching phase 2 of clinical trials. The company seems to be doing very well in terms of attracting investors and certainly that trend looks to continue.

As they say, “things are looking up.” Stay grateful everyone and be well.

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