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I’ve had a few readers asking about updates lately which tells me that not everyone is aware of the new Updates thread. It is a post that acts as a Newsfeed. I use it to add quick news items and links to articles. These are for news items that do not necessitate an entire published post. Once again, I recommend going to the page >< and bookmarking it in your browser so you can check it on a daily basis, or as often as you like, to see if news has been posted. You will not receive an email when the thread is updated; emails only go out for published articles (like this one).

The Latest

One news item which has been burning up the internet lately is the research done by Professor Kang-Yell Choi of Yonsei University and colleagues in South Korea. The research is centered on using a protein chain called PTD-DBM to interfere with a protein called  CXXC-type zinc finger protein 5. The PTD-DBM prevents the CXXC protein from interrupting the Wnt signaling pathway which is responsible for initiating hair follicle growth and regeneration. So, with PTD-DBM in place, the Wnt signaling pathway can function as normal and thus hair growth continues as normal. This development so far, has only been tested on mice.

I will certainly continue to follow this research. Keep in mind, the excitement from this discovery is stemming from a research paper. The steps ahead for Choi and his team include testing the PTD-DBM compound for safety and toxicity in animals. Then it will further be developed into an actual drug candidate for humans. When discoveries like these are announced people always wonder, “is this really it, the cure?” We will find out more as things progress. It does seem compelling as far as hair growth news goes, but of course, for “research paper discoveries” it is best to keep hopes balanced. There are steps ahead.  

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South Korea Growth Factor Hair Loss Treatment

With so much news coming from South Korea at the moment, I thought it was only right to add a bonus. To be honest, I love “research paper” news, it’s great. However, I’ll typically favor news of an actual biotech firm working on a hair growth drug if given the choice. This newcomer drug candidate is actually very early in its development also and comes from Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. of Seoul, South Korea. The drug is listed as a “growth factor” in the company’s pipeline chart and is aimed at treating hair loss, as well as arthritis. Click the logo below to visit Daewoong’s pipeline page. And if you missed it, check out the article I did a few months ago about other compelling drug development coming out of Asia. 


6 Comments on “Stay Updated: South Korea Hair Growth Research & More

  1. The most important news – we have at 2018 – Shiseido in Japan hope so.
    We are waiting – I dont lose my hope for having hair in the 3-4 years later, despite having a little bit on the scalp;)

    Greetings from Poland

    • Thanks for the support dsfsd. I’m not following the product very closely anymore but still am using it time to time. There’s a few interesting photos on its new website, but not too many. Greetings to French families.

    • Which one? Shiseido/Replicel? Looks good for now, but info will be released in 2018.

  2. Hello, I keep using the reboost since the last summer and for last 2 months I see very visible changes. The entire top of my head hair is more dense now which looks successful on my head. Im a man 31 yrs. old. People keep sharing their results on photos on reboost’s web site.
    You can see my photos there with the title says:
    12/12/2017 : Left pictures taken in october 2017, right picture taken in december 2017 .

    All the photos are located on pictures of users section. (Edited)

    Kind regards, Burak

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