Thanks For A Great Year!

Hi there everybody, and thanks for making 2015 a great year for Follicle Thought.

I’ve moved to a new location over the past two weeks and that has attributed to my absence on the blog. I’m settled in now and will be posting a “Look Ahead to 2016” article very soon. Thanks for your continued support of this site.

2015 was a great year for hair seekers, especially due to the news that came out of World Congress for Hair Research last month. Over the course of the year there were several new companies that moved into the spotlight, among them: Samumed, Follicum, and Theracell. There was also a glimmer of a game changing product that came out of nowhere and was possible to go right to market, in Follicept. As of now we don’t know if that product will ever be useful, but it represents a hope. It is a legitimate example of a hair growth product that came out of nowhere, with virtually no waiting time to be released. Perhaps in 2016 there will be an even greater version of this phenomenon. There surely will be a lot of great things happening in 2016, so stay tuned and continue to hold the vision of an optimal treatment being available to the public. You make a big difference!

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in just about 3/4 of a year on this site. I’ve had several of the top hair researchers in the world compliment this site and some of them even subscribe to it. It’s a good feeling. I do truly believe that this website contains the greatest insight on hair regeneration on the internet. My preferred method is to give quality over quantity, I always seek to provide the most understandable and relevant information. In 2016, I will continue to expand upon the mission of this site which includes to help bring forth an optimal hair regeneration treatment to the masses.

I couldn’t do it without you guys. For everyone that shares this website on forums, with your friends, and for those who take 2 minutes to send a thank-you note to me, I really appreciate you all. You make the difference.

Cheers to a breakthrough year, 2016!

4 Comments on “Thanks For A Great Year!

  1. Happy New Year! May all things that mean new hair grow in 2016! Thanks for all you do!!!!

  2. Thanks for focusing on the quality . other good blogs have turned into junk news. your work is really appreciated

  3. thank you for all the information you provide, that gives a great relief. at least a kind of hope to live happy. i feel like we are all in the same boat and u are captain.

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