Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration 2018

Look out for new companies and positions January 2018

This post contains a list of the most viable and relevant hair regeneration treatments that are in development and known of. Hair loss cures, hair growth treatments, hair loss treatments, and cures for alopecia. Certain treatments have a greater potential than others to grow significant amounts of hair, and so they are listed in order of relevancy. Relevancy, in this case, is an estimate of the treatment’s combined efficacy and likelihood of becoming available the soonest. #1 is the most relevant and so on.

1. Shiseido/ReplicelReplicel’s hair growth treatment, RCH-01, involves culturing a person’s own hair follicle cells and then re-injecting them back into their scalp. First, a small punch-biopsy is removed from a person’s healthy hair follicles. Then, a specific cell is dissected from the follicle and cultured in a growth medium. The cells are replicated into the millions and then injected back into the person’s scalp. There is a short video about the procedure here. Replicel has been involved in a lot of activity over the past years to further develop their RCH-01 treatment into a worldwide success. For starters, Replicel created a partnership with Shiseido, which is the fourth largest cosmetic company in the world. In May 2014 Shiseido opened a huge biotechnology facility in Japan to accelerate the launch of Replicel’s hair technology RCH-01. This endeavor coincides perfectly with Japan’s new legislation which is designed to help expedite the trial process for stem cell technologies. In other words, Japan is an ideal place to launch a new cellular-based technology and get it to market quickly. To be clear, Shiseido and Replicel are separate companies. Replicel has licensed Shiseido the rights to bring RCH-01 to the world through an expedited regulatory path in Japan. It is worth mentioning that Shiseido also has its own scientists who are working on a separate hair regeneration technique using iPS cells. A treatment using iPS cells would be very advanced and could potentially produce an unlimited amount of hair regrowth.
Points of Interest: Shiseido is currently trialing Replicel’s RCH-01 in Japan for market approval by the end of 2018. Replicel is also planning on launching its own RCH-01 Phase 2 trial, hopefully sometime in 2017, for the regulatory approval pathway in North America.
Status: Shiseido’s Japan trial has launched in 3rd quarter 2016. Potential market release by 3rd quarter 2018 in Japan.

2. Fidia Pharma (Brotzu Lotion) The “Brotzu Lotion” is a product that has been created through the work of Dr. Giovanni Brotzu, a vascular surgeon from Italy. This hair growth treatment was discovered while Dr. Brotzu was testing a drug formulation to treat vascular insufficiency in patients with diabetes. It was noticed that this treatment regrew hair on the patient’s legs which lead Brotzu’s team to test the formula on people’s scalps. Those tests proved worthwhile. The formula was then modified to use DGLA instead of PGE1, because DGLA would not be classified as a drug and would require much less clinical trials to be approved for hair growth. The known ingredients of this lotion include DGLA, Carnitine, S-equol, and Cationic Liposomes. The pharmaceutical company Fidia Pharma has acquired the rights to manufacture the Brotzu formula and is apparently performing a clinical study with the lotion for use in people with AGA. The study is still ongoing and Fidia has said the treatment should be available by the end of 2018.
Points of Interest: Fidia Pharma purchased the rights to develop this hair growth lotion after viewing its preliminary data. Dr. Brotzu has also released a compelling photo in 2016 of a young girl with alopecia areata who used the lotion and got impressive results. The treatment is extremely anticipated due to the fact it is classified as a cosmetic and could be acquired over the counter.
Status: Clinical efficacy trial is ongoing and Fidia Pharma has said the lotion should be released by the end of 2018.

3. Follica – Known for being one of the quietest companies on the horizon of hair growth treatments, Follica is also one of the most anticipated. Follica was founded in 2007 and its science is based on creating tiny wounds in the scalp to create hair follicle generation. Since the time of Follica’s original clinical trials which did not bring about the desired results, Follica has continued its research and development on combining novel compounds with micro-wounding for the proliferation of hair follicle formation. The name of Follica’s treatment has been revealed to be an acronym: “RAIN.” The RAIN treatment is a two part process which consists of 1) a micro wounding therapy combined with applied compounds which takes place in the clinic, 2) followed by a treatment package to be used at home consisting of a topical formula and an application device. The company has also developed a smart phone app to help users keep track of their at-home treatment routines.
Points of Interest: Follica’s co-founder Dr. George Cotsarelis is one of the household names in the hair follicle research world and has an array of hair growth related patents under his belt. About 10 years deep in development, Follica is planning to initiate a pivotal trial within the next several years, which, pending results, could lead to Follica’s hair growth therapy being approved for the market within a year following the trial. In October 2016 Follica rolled out a new website to showcase the modalities of their treatment and smartphone app. The treatment, though not fully disclosed yet, stands to be a brief and tolerable procedure.
Status: Aiming at FDA clearance trial. Currently there is no trial date confirmed.

4. SamumedSM04554 is a small-molecule topical solution that activates the Wnt pathway to grow hair. In March 2016 Samumed presented their highly anticipated phase 2 results at the American Academy of Dermatology. The Phase 2 results got a mixed response from the online world of hair growth enthusiasts, but the bottom line is that the treatment grew hair in the trial. Approximately, a 10% overall increase in hair density was observed in the best responding group who used SM04554. Before that study came to completion, Samumed initiated a second phase 2 study with a scalp biopsy analysis to better understand how their molecule gets the hair to grow. The initial phase 2 trial lead to the conclusion that this drug does not contain a “dose response” in patients who use it. This means that adding more of the drug to a patient’s anatomy does not lead to more results. Finding the “just right” dosage and application is important for this drug to work its best.
Points of Interest: Samumed began by breezing their way through clinical trials and completed an important phase 2 within about two years time from their initial startup. Now the company is looking into ways to optimize its drug to grow hair without a dose response and get to a Phase 3 trial.
Status: Have recently completed the biopsy analysis Phase 2 trial. Samumed has announced a third Phase 2 trial will happen sometime in 2017 before moving into a Phase 3 trial.

5. Allergan (from Kythera) – Setipiprant is an oral medication or pill. Specifically, it is a prostaglandin D2 receptor (PGD2R) antagonist. Setipiprant was originally developed for medical applications aside from hair growth and has undergone clinical trials for other indiciations. After George Cotsarelis at UPENN discovered that PGD2 receptors potentially play a major role in hair growth Kythera began pre-clinical trials with Cotsarelis’ office to determine if PGD2r antagonists were worth developing as a hair growth treatment. About two years later, Kythera announced it acquired the rights from Cotsarelis to use setipiprant for hair growth. Since that time Allergan has acquired Kythera and setipiprant with it. Setipiprant is now undergoing a phase 2A clinical trial in which finasteride is one of the control vehicles. The study is to be completed in September 2017.
Points of Interest: Setipiprant has already undergone a phase 3 trial in the US. This should save it some time in its FDA trial process. As a medication taken by mouth it is easy to administer and comply with.
Status: Undergoing Phase 2A clinial trial with a completion date of August 2018.

6.  RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. RT1640 is composed of minoxidil, cyclosporine-A, and a novel drug RT175. This compound has been developed by the founder of RiverTown Therapeutics Inc., David Weinstein MD, PhD. In a phase 1 trial, 100% of the people who used the treatment had satisfactory hair growth and, reportedly, several people had complete hair regeneration. RiverTown Therapeutics debuted their fantastic hair growth results on Follicle Thought. The three agents in RT1640 act on distinct pathways of AGA and synergize to promote the growth and maintenance of hair follicles. RT1640 also reanimates the melanocytic progenitor cells which give hair its color, hence, RT1640 is said to restore pigment to regenerated hair as well. Interestingly enough, RT1640 was brought to life through its founder’s personal interest in restoring his hair growth.
Points of Interest: These results for RT1640 are the most significant hair regeneration results I have ever witnessed from a topical treatment. Not only does RT1640 regrow hair, it also restores the pigment to the hair it regenerates. The strong safety profiles of the three agents that compose RT1640 should benefit the clinical trial process.
Status: Currently raising funds for a Phase 1B/2A study in 2017.

7.  FollicumFollicum is a Swedish biotechnology company that is developing human peptides for the use of stimulating hair growth and inhibiting hair growth. The lead candidate peptide of Follicum is called FOL-005. Specifically, it is called FOL-S-005 when being used to stimulate hair growth. Yes, interestingly enough, this same peptide is being trialed for uses in both hair growth and inhibition. According to the CEO of Follicum, Dr. Jan Alenfall, various factors will decide what growth/inhibition effect is attained from FOL-005; some of these factors include dosage, the way it is administered, and the type of hair follicle being treated. Apparently, Follicum will learn more about its peptide’s methods of action through its initial clinical trials. FOL-S-005 is aimed to be commercialized as a topical solution according to Follicum’s website. A phase 2A trial of FOL-005 will be completing in January 2017. Follicum has previously mentioned that they expect to observe hair inhibition from this safety trial, so we will have to wait and see what kind of data is acquired through this study.
Points of Interest: Follicum debuted a graph of FOL-S-005’s pre-clinical trial results on Follicle Thought, which were impressive. The hair growth effect of this peptide was discovered accidentally in mice in 2004. This means they’ve had 11 years to conduct R&D on this discovery. Follicum has been working with renowned hair researcher Ralf Paus since 2012 to further their R&D. They’ve initiated human trials which began in early 2016 and have secured two major manufacturing partners for their peptide technology.
Status: Phase 2B trial to be initiated in 2018.

8. Tsuji-Riken/Organ Technologies – Dr. Takashi Tsuji runs one of the most advanced stem cell labs in the world at the Riken Institute in Japan. Thankfully, he took up the task of using stem cells to grow hair in his R&D and subsequently got some major partners to help further his work. In mid-2016 it was announced that Riken would be establishing a joint venture with the electronics company Kyocera and the regenerative medicine company Organ Technologies to bring Dr. Tsuji’s hair regeneration treatment to the market. In the joint venture Kyocera will be developing the cell processing devices and RIKEN and Organ Technologies will be responsible for the stem cell culturing and manipulation, the production process, and implementation of the preclinical trials. The treatment involves extracting a small number of hair follicles from a person’s donor scalp area and then isolating two specific types of cells from the follicle – papilla cells and epidermal cells from the bulge region. These cells are then cultured, expanded, and combined to create a hair follicle “germ” or “follicular primordium.” Once the hair follicle germs are ready they are transported to a facility where they can be implanted back into a person’s scalp to grow hair.
Points of Interest: Tsuji has been doing hair follicle research for several years now and it’s awesome that the strategic partners are finally in place to bring his hair growth treatment to the world. Organ Technologies will develop this treatment in Japan which currently has the fastest track to market approval in the world for cellular therapies. Kyocera has announced that they aim for this treatment to be on the market in 2020.
Status: Currently undergoing research and development with a goal of market release in 2020.

9. Histogen – Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) is a cell conditioned media that is derived from neonatal cells grown under embryonic-like conditions. It is an injectable serum that is used to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles as well as existing ones in a person’s scalp. This treatment was first announced around 2008 and a lot of people are eager for it to be released on the market. HSC has shown visual evidence of its efficacy and has had great numbers in clinical trials. The treatment has been trialed on both men and women and is said to be effective at regrowing hair at the temples as well as throughout the scalp. Compared to its initial inception, the current HSC product has been refined over the past few years to contain less cellular impurities and be a more concentrated formula of growth factors.
Points of Interest: This is a treatment that has a very high appeal due to its ease of application. Theoretically, you could walk in, receive injections, and walk out. No need to harvest your own cells and come back to get them re-injected such as with other cellular based treatments. The photo results are intriguing and apparently the actual treatment will include more individual injections across the scalp than what was administered in the the trial.
Status: Phase 3 trial for approval in Mexico awaiting to be initiated. Histogen is also presently looking to launch a trial for approval in China. Potentially on the market in Mexico after 2019.

10. Dr. Angela Chrisiano & Dr. Colin Jahoda (Aclaris & Rapunzel) Two of the most prominent names when it comes to hair follicle research. Dr. Jahoda’s latest public work has been focused on 3D dermal papilla culturing, while Dr. Christiano has been popping up frequently in news headlines for her research on JAK inhibitors and hair growth. Dr. Christiano has even recently sold her JAK IP to Aclaris Therapeutics who is carrying out trials for JAK inhibtor’s use in treating AGA and alopecia areata. Even better, these two researchers are reportedly teaming up on Christiano’s new startup “Rapunzel” to develop a treatment using cultured hair follicle cells to regenerate hair. Christiano has recently stated “we can grow rat hair like it’s no tomorrow, but we think we can do it with human hair, too.”
Points of Interest: Dr. Jahoda implanted his own hair cells into his wife’s arm and found that his cells grew hair on her arm all the way back in 1999In other words, the man is experienced in cellular hair growth research. Also, Jahoda and Christiano have both been issued a new patent related to 3D hair follicle culturing in January 2017.
Status: Undergoing preclinical work.

260 Comments on “Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration 2018

  1. Thank you for keeping us all updated. My daughter started to loose her gorgeous red hair when she was 14 years old..She’s now 25! …… Very thin spare hair left…. Tried everything.. Including FUE and all oral medications… Trying ACELL PRP injections next month… We are still hoping for a cure!

    • Hello Sheila,
      I very much hope that good things come for your daughter. She is lucky to have a dedicated and caring mother like you who is actively seeking a cure on her behalf. Not everyone has someone like that in their life. I know it might not sound like great consolation at the moment, but I can say confidently that your daughter will not have to go through her 30’s with the same struggle. The new technologies are coming and will be here soon. Keep the faith.

      Best Wishes,

      • She’s completed the full head prp treatment.. Doc says he sees some improvement.. We don’t see it… He says need a full year… Getting very frustrated… May be time for a hairpiece until something starts to change ????

        • finastreid has unknown side effects !!!
          They enter the bloodstream through the skin , topical application is the same .
          high risk

        • Hi Sheila – any improvement? I may visit dr Prasad soon but hoping for some positive results from someone before that? Has anyone tried mesotherapy? Is it of any use? Side effects?

          • Took a year to see improvement ; my daughter n Doctor see some. Also less hair falling out… she’s going to do a booster in a few months… go for it

    • Hi,
      ”while Dr. Christiano has been popping up frequently in news headlines for her research on JAK inhibitors and hair growth. Dr. Christiano has even recently sold her JAK IP to Aclaris Therapeutics who is carrying out trials for JAK inhibtors use in AGA and alopecia areata”
      Is this bad news for those with alopecia totalis Dr. Christiano is one of the most active doctors in this field and it now seams she is moving to study male and female pattern baldness?

      • Hi Ben,

        It’s actually good news. The areata research is being brought to clinical trials and Angela is continuing research to regrow hair for everyone.


      • Thanks I’d love for her to see my daughter; tried reaching out several years ago with no response.. If you’ve got a connection let me know.. She is in our neighborhood..

    • Hey Shiela, not sure if you’ll read this, but every time I tune in to see the updates posted on this I always come back to reading your comment. How is your daughter? Any progression?

  2. This is a great compilation of hope for those of us suffering from hair loss. Thank you.

    Sheila, how did the A-cell PRP work for your daughter? Where did you go for the procedure?

  3. We did a test patch with Dr. Prasad. We are one month out. Too early to tell . He will check her every 3 months .. If he sees improvement then we do the whole head. The procedure wasn’t bad , aside from slight pulling feeing for a few days. No hair fell out so that’s a good sign cause some females shed a bit.
    My daughter is very far advanced in hair loss and Doc says he hasn’t treated a female with so much diffuse hair loss before, hence the test patch… Will let you know… We love the Doctor He was very honest and gave slot of his time..
    Sheila Mizrahi

  4. We did a test patch with Dr. Prasad. We are one month out. Too early to tell . He will check her every 3 months .. If he sees improvement then we do the whole head. The procedure wasn’t bad , aside from slight pulling feeing for a few days. No hair fell out so that’s a good sign cause some females shed a bit.
    My daughter is very far advanced in hair loss and Doc says he hasn’t treated a female with so much diffuse hair loss before, hence the test patch… Will let you know… We love the Doctor He was very honest and gave slot of his time..
    Sheila Mizrahi

    • Hi Sheila,

      I am writing to ask if your daughter had success with Dr. Prasad’s treatment? I am looking to give it a shot…
      Hope all’s well


      • Hi Dean, go for it! My daughter was very late at doing it but hairs got stronger & thicker n stopped falling out. No new hair as of yet. My other daughter also did it and she said it definitely made her hair thicker. He also gives a boost treatment within the year..

  5. Hi, I didn’t been able of reading this article full yet.
    It is being hard of translating because english is not my first language, just I would like to know one of all these treatments would renew my hair cycle and return follicles to its actual thickness.
    I mean hair regeneration, because I have enough density but my hair is too thin right now.

    • Hi,

      I believe Histogen or Replicel would work efficiently for your cause.


      • When would these treatments come to Europe?
        I have seen some posts about Histogen on Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in NY.
        Also, do you think that treament would be something definitive for hair regeneration?
        I´m from Spain and here there isn´t anything yet, only some stem cells (preventive treatments).
        Thank you

        • Hi M,

          I’m not sure when these treatments would be available in Europe, some places in Turkey may have a treatment before other places in the world, though. Asia will probably be the first of all.

          I think Histogen has shown that it can regenerate hair follicles, it is just not clear how much it can regenerate yet. Overall, it looks like a good improvement for hair treatments.


    • Replicel by 2018. Histogen in Asia possibly 2018. Dr. Christiano, no known release date. Of those treatments only Dr. Christiano’s may have known side effects.

    • Hi there,
      I’m aware of Dr. Tsuji’s work and am sure it could possibly be the biggest achievement of them all, I just do not have any word on what stage he is at of bringing his technology to a treatment. To be honest there are a lot of Asian researchers who have substantial ongoing hair growth research and I bet a few of them have funding partners, etc. secured for when their technology is ready to go. These things will be announced over the next 1-2 years, I guess. Tsuji will definitely be on this list soon, perhaps when there is another update from his lab.

  6. Hi All

    Good to see. I am 27 years old, suffered from male baldness. I would like to go through some treatment. What could be the best treatment for Hair regrowth in India.


    • Hi Sureshkumar,

      Other than a hair transplant, the treatments are the same throughout the world. Replicel and Histogen somewhere on the planet will be the best new hair growth treatments.

      • I was wondering how people do with the laser caps. My hair has been thinning for years and really tired of depending on pieces and extensions . I have been using Aldactone and Finestride with little change and worried about side effects. PRP helped a bit but was very painful . Can I go to Japan to have some of these treatments you recommend now .

        • Haven’t seen anything very noteworthy from lasercaps. It is a maintenance treatment. The seemingly closest cellular treatment in Japan (Shiseido) is listed to hopefully be available in late 2018 at earliest.

    • mr suresh pls take onion and garlic juice mix with E vitamin capsule and apply in the scalp and leave for hole night and wash in the morning. do this for 6 months continues then see the result

  7. Hi I want to thank you for the effort you put into this thing. You have educated me a lot on the issue of hair loss and this site is great for staying up to date on the latest matters in hair loss. Quick question, I am almost 25 and am at a norwood 2.5. I have seen good results with finasteride, have gotten a adipose stem cell fat transfer from stomach to hair, and regularly do PRP. Do you think I would be safe to get a HT done to my hairline given the new treatments that are around the corner? The traditional viewpoint was to wait until you are in your 30s, but I would like to get one now. Just wondering if it was as risky to get one as it was in the past given what we know about replicel and histogen?

    Thanks for your effort!


    • Hi Nick,

      Sorry for the delay in response. I don’t see the risk in getting a hair transplant in your mid 20s if it’s only going to be at your hairline. Most people have much more than enough donor capacity to fill in a hairline and more of the scalp. The new treatments being discussed today do look like they have the potential to be great adjunct treatments.


  8. Hi
    I am 32 now ..Norwood stage 3 ,is it worth to keep my follicle alive by finas , minoxidil& PRP,till replicell available in market or stop all this.

    • Hi Dila,

      Only you can make that decision. But I would say, why stop if you want to keep your hair?

  9. Replicel has announced the fee for their treatment will be 100,000 yen ($887)

    • Actually, they said it would be at least 100,000 yen. That’s important.

  10. Ok is that price for one treatment? Do people need more than one? Where can we get it?

    • Hi Sheila,
      The real price is not announced yet. This news in the article is premature to be honest. It’s really not even worthwhile to discuss it at the moment. The location will be Japan, perhaps in early 2018, and I can all but guarantee it will be a bit more than 887 dollars.

  11. Hi, I´ve been looking for information about Hair Cloning.
    and definitely I feel hope again, looks like Angela Christiano research project would be the solution for my hair problem.
    Seems I´m not probably a good patient for hair transplant however I read hair clonning would works for everyone, including women.
    I’m right?
    just I need to know if this would be suitable for people with long hair.

    • Hi M,

      Hair cloning would presumably work for everyone, but I am not sure which treatment you are referring to. Long hair is not an issue for hair growth treatments.
      Histogen and Replicel are good potential treatments at the moment.

  12. Hi, I meant to the current research from Columbia and Durham University in the UK.(hair cloning)
    I asked to Doct Christophe about the possibility of using SCTransfer and he said that probably a hair transplant is not the most suitable in my case because I haven´t bald areas.
    My hair loss is diffuse.
    I know hair cloning isn´t yet available for people but I was wondering If there is already any official site expaining in which would consist, how much it would cost and If it is necesary being shaved for it.
    Also I´m a little confused about Histogen and Replicel.
    We are talking about the same process?
    Both come from diferent studies and countries.

    • Hi,

      I don’t believe there is a site like that yet.

      Histogen and Replicel are not the same. I’ve explained them pretty well in this post. Replicel has a video which shows the process. See above. Histogen uses baby stem cell proteins which are injected into one’s scalp.

      Histogen and Replicel are similar and will probably work together very well when combined.

  13. Have you ever heard about Regenerate Active?
    This new treatment is already available for patiens and reminds me to Replicel a little.

    Marbeclinic, Bonome, Dorsia clinic…

    What do you think about this?

    I wrote them asking about this new treatment and they said:

    “The Rigenera technology is based on tissue mechanical disintegration, getting micro-grafts from the patient, where there is a high concentration of pluripontentes cells with a great capacity for tissue regeneration, such technology is being used for several years in various specialties within medicine, dentistry, maxillofacial, vascular, etc .. in the field of cosmetic medicine mainly has it begun to implement in stretch marks, scars, keloids, facial revitalization, vascular ulcers, burns, wound healing and the newest is alopecia.
    Casuistry moment about it but limited clinical cases shown so far are very encouraging.
    Either way is necessary to know the characteristics of each patient prior to venture a final result.”

    • I have not heard of it, but I cannot say one way or the other if I think it will be good. I’ve never seen a company doing an extraction from someone’s neck before and then using those cells somehow. Usually the technique is done to remove fat from someone’s stomach and then inject the cells into the scalp. I recommend asking a lot of questions and be cautious. If I could speak Spanish I could be more help.

      • Thanks for asking, I know what you mean this is a new treatment available in Spain and there are already some clinics offering this regenerative therapy.
        Obviously I had some doubts because this is the first time I heard talking about it .
        I thought on Stem Cell Transfer and alopecell, because both have a very similar process.But this one looks easier and without side effects.
        The company is called Regenera Activa.

  14. hair cloning, hair multiplication, hair to produce stem cells.
    In all of these solutions will be a very difficult cancer risk
    Do you have any idea?

    • I don’t think it will be a big issue to be honest. Scientists typically follow the safest pathways.

    • Hi Tolga. I attended the 9th World Hair Research Congress in Miami last Nov. 2015. When asked, the researchers mentioned that with human studies and the Wnt pathway which stimulates hair follicles, they have to be very careful because the same pathway is related to squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. This probably makes human studies more involved and also more expensive to research.
      I am waiting for good medical products to go on the market also. Hope this helps.

  15. Hey admin, I just wanted to let you know of some possible good news about Histogen for the end of this month.. I was surfing through stuff and decided to go on histogens website.. Anyways found one of their presentation videos on YouTube from October 2014.. Oddly enough I looked through the comments and a recent comment from Brian naughton (Gail’s son) posted a comment saying, ” I’m Gail’s Son’s girlfriend. Great new things are up and coming! Don’t worry! :)” Weird that Histogen has been silent lately but updated their website and announced a presentation at the stem cell summit this month.. Was wondering what you think about this. My theory is that we might get a final clinical trial announcement or something. Why else would we see that comment after such an old video?

    • Thanks for sharing Sam. Yes, it’s possible that Gail might announce the clinical trial at the Boston event. We will find out this month, I believe.

  16. Hi, do you know one of all these treatments is the closest?
    with a definitive release date announced.
    There will be something true effective for androgenic alopecia in 2016 or in the early 2017?

    Thank you

    • Hi Ana,
      Replicel could potentially be the earlier cellular based treatment on the list, but it would not be available until 2018.

      There is a good chance that topical hair creams that are able to grow hair will be available to consumers before then. Even in 2016.

    • Hi Ana,

      Follica has said that their best estimate is a commercial release in 2018.

  17. I think that a complete cure is so far at moment, but with which are gonna hit the market on this 2/4 years will solve the 80% of alopecias i think, as least a nw7 maybe could have a good enought hair for dont be a completlu bald.And after this treatments also u can do a hair transplant
    thats only my opinion, what do u think?

  18. Hey, i Have a question:
    Do u know the Follica release date? I am confused about that, and about why people dont trust on a cure
    Follica can give us new follicles, and imagine combine it with replicel and Histogen, and sammued and hair tansplant, i think is crazy to be sad , a cure is close, but i am not sure about dates, i hope replicel for 2018, Histogen 2017¿?¿? and Follica? do u know something Joshep?

    • Follica has said that is all goes well with their testing they will file for approval in 2017 for a commercial release in 2018. It sounds like they have been working hard behind the scenes to make advancements in their products.

  19. Any updates for Follica, Histogen, or Replicel on the horizon? I’ve used proscar for 5 years and I’m diffusing again, and have thrown rogaine foam and keratin fibers in just to maintain. But barely. I’m getting that cancer patient look, and my head is such a terrible shape I can’t shave it. Dermatch gets all over my gfs pillows and looks weird to me. Please let something come out within the next 18 months!!

    • Hey Biff,
      All those treatments you mentioned are looking to be around the 18+ month mark, but I really am optimistic about a few topicals that have the potential to be out before then that can maintain and possibly produce decent growth, namely Kelopesia, Brotzu lotion, and possibly others. I know the waiting isn’t always the most fun, but at least there is hope. Replicel and Histogen seem to be working hard behind the scenes to get their trials setup, it does involve some work.

  20. Finally looks like Histogen will be released on 2018 and not 2017 🙁
    In another hand, do u know when are gonna hit the market kelopesia and Brotzu lotion?All i know is that kelopesia is gonna be realesed this year and lotion the next, but not the same to be on first months or the latest.

    • I think you’re right Josh. It’s almost June and still no word of a trial launch for Histogen. As you know, predicting the launch of a product is a guessing game. A conservative guess for Kelopesia would be by the end of July and for Brotzu lotion, perhaps early Spring 2017.

      • Can u tell us how Keliopesia is applied? Is it drops or lotion??? And does it work for female pattern baldness?

        • Sheila,

          It appears to be a cream. Yes the inventor mentioned that it was more effective for females when tested. They are working on their manufacturing development right now, getting the product to be effective when stored at room temperature. Hopefully we hear something in July.

  21. (06/02/16) We have not heard anything new from Replicel or Shiseido for six months. No news of them starting their Phase II clinical trials. Is this not a good sign, or does anyone know anything different?
    I know that Histogen and Samumed are both going strong and are determined to get a product on the market, hopefully by the end of 2018. All three companies had their top people at the 9th World Hair Research conference in Miami in Nov. 2015.
    Also, hopefully Allergan can start testing soon for their PGD2 inhibitor (Kythera’s setipiprant). Last news was in Sept. 2015 when the company filed with the FDA to start testing.

    • Thanks Bruck.
      My guess is that companies are fine tuning their trials before launching to get the best results they can. I remember Replicel mentioned after their first trial that they wanted to improve upon their cell storage and transportation in the future.

  22. For years there have been articles on breakthroughs on hair loss only to see these so-called miracle cures fade like the summer sun. I lost all my hair over 10 years ago and have come to accept that there will be no cure for baldness in my lifetime. This so called remedy is just more b.s that will never amount to anything. This will fade like Laminin 411 another brilliant breakthrough that never saw the light of day. I do get really tired of these articles that try to give a glimmer of hope but only end up making people such as myself bitter because when it’s all said and done and the smoke clears, there is no cure for baldness. That’s the truth!

    • Cliff,
      Thanks for sharing. I normally don’t allow comments with negativity towards the content of the site, but I can sense that you are sincere and have been hoping for a cure for a long time. Some things you have said are right, for all intents and purposes right now on June 6, 2016 there is no “cure” for baldness.

      And in 1901 there were no airplanes after many tries (first flight was 1903). In 1965 no one made it to space before (first journey to space was in 1968). Or in 2007 no one could have imagined a device that fits in your pocket and does more than a laptop anywhere in the world (iphone 2008). But all of these things prove the that technology advances over time. The cure for hair is inevitable if people continue to pursue, and they are.

      I’m not sure what age you’re at, but I do believe there is significant upgrades to hair tech within the next few years. Whatever you decide, I wish you well friend.

  23. Let’s be positive, I think the winner takes it all. Question is: is it a race over the 100 meter or over the marathon?

    • Based on the capabilities of the treatments listed, I think there will be room for many treatment options. They work in different ways and could presumably be combined.

  24. Hi, thank you so much for compiling this, it’s so informative

    My question is, are any of these treatments going to be effective for men with very advanced (Norwood 6-7) hair loss?

    I’m 22 and only just starting to thin, so I still have quite a full head of hair at this point, no major loss. However, men in my family do tend to go VERY bald, and I will likely go full Norwood 7 if I leave my hair loss unchecked. I’m currently attempting to stabilise any further loss using Propecia, and although I have only been on a few months it’s looking good, no immediate side effects and the shedding has decreased.

    I’m hoping for a breakthrough that’s going to make hair replacement much more possible for men with severe loss. It might not be an issue for me if I continue on the Propecia, but if I’m honest I don’t like the idea of being on Propecia for the long haul given the potential side-effects. I’d hope to eventually switch over to something more effective and less dicey with the long-term side-effects if the technology was developed to support it.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your comment and inquiry. At 22 still with quite a full head of hair and taking Finasteride, you are almost golden. I don’t see why you would even get to a NW6 or 7 at the rate you’re on. Some of these treatments, yes, will be effective for the advanced norwoods. But with a few key topical formulas set to be released within 2 years time your hair should be in good shape for a long long while. I believe there will be an option to get off the finasteride as well. The developments are coming. The ultimate guide is getting updated soon, stay tuned.

  25. Good day,
    I’m Farhad
    I’m a boy from Iran,
    I’m 32 years old
    I have hair loss about 14years
    My hair is sparse at the moment.
    I could control my hair loss a bit by taking medicine as following list:
    I use minoxidil 5% about 13 years, use Reigen Diet 8 years , used igrow and use 5 months Prosrin 3 tablets every day
    Before Prosrin I used Propesia about 10 years, but I don’t use Propesia right now.

    I did prp in iran 3 years ago but I didn’t work.

    I’m tired of taking medicine and I’m suffering from my hair loos.

    What do you think about stem sell, does it work in the case of me?

    Could you help me and tell me that what shall I do?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hi Farhad,

      When new substantial treatments are made available to the public the announcement will be made on this blog. From there you can decide if you want to research what people are saying from experience about using the treatments and try the treatments if you want to.

  26. Hello, My name is Manal I am femal from Egypt. I strayed lossing my hair since one year. I went to see doctor and said that I have alpieaca. I take minoxidil 5% for one year and 2 months, but still loading my hair. I took another treatment like prp and Mesotheraby. I had tried everything like revivogen and alpicean drugs but no used. Since one year till one I lost my hair and keeping lossing. Also, I have grey hair since I was young all my hair is grey so I used hair color without ammonia. I left my work bez of my hair and get out of my friend and stay at home. I was working as Sr. Admin.as I got a high college degree Diploma Buds. Admin. I lost my life, my friend and my work bez of my hair. No treatment is working with me. And it is very costly without no used. I spent a lot that lost all my money. Also I married and that effect my relation with my husband as I refused to go out or see people. It is very hurting but I hope that a new drugs maybe give me a hope. So pls I need to know everything about the new treatment and the price pls. I am sorry for my long email and sharing this sad feeling but I am seeking for a hope. Thank you for understanding.

  27. I wanted to know if there is any possible date for the release of Replicel or Histogen HSC, I just started to notice that my temples were growing. I am 31 and I am in Norwood 1. I was told by the dermatologist that I had a mild form of ADA, and that if I didn’t take Minoxidil it will turn eventually into Norwood 2 or 3. Minoxidil worked really well by the 2nd month the temples are now covered again, but without the same density, I hope I have more density in the next 10 month, since my dermatologist told me that this effect will last about one year, and then it will only help me by loosing my hair slower. The problem is that facial hair in my forehead has grown, and I had to taked them out with a depilation device. Its not that I have become a wolf but you can notice it. I wish there was an option that did not involved those side effects.
    Do you think this new treatments can work for this kind of Alopecia.


    • I think that these treatments will very likely grow hair in the temples, and hopefully only exactly where we want it.


  28. Hey man, I’m 19 right now and it looks like my hair is getting thinner, my question is should I wait for these treatments or get on fin right now? Thanks.

    • I’m not as big of a expert as some of the people on here especially not like the admin. But I am 25 and have been on fin for just over a year. I have not noticed any side effects when it comes to my package. I think my hair has gotten better since I’ve used it, but it’s always tough to tell tbh. I still see hair come out in the shower a few strands but that’s normal. I would get on it,but only use it every other day like I do. 1.25 mg of fin every other day is my regime. Get on nizoral shampoo as well. Watch your package. If you see anything drastic then stop using it. If you get on now, you should be fine by the time these new treatments come around.

  29. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for d reply. Can u plz provide detils of fin like, what is d fulll name of fin and is it availavle in india?
    How it should be taken, like every other day in night? Did u find ur hair come back when u used it? How many days it took for u to see d results?

    • The drug is called finasteride. I don’t know if they have it in India. I take it every other night, sometimes I forget and take it every 3 nights. It’s not going to regrow hair that is already gone. But it’s thickened what hair I had left and I hope halted the process of further recession although I can never say for sure. But it’s definitely helped me.

  30. Hi there,
    I’ m in my 50’s and have lost my hair in a big area at around 20 years ago. I would like to know that when such treatments as “RCH-01” or “Histogen” would successfully enter into the market, will they work for me or not?
    I think that it might not affect on my head cause the lost folicles are no more existing in my scalp.
    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Razan,

      Thanks for visiting. At this point no one can really answer that question. Time will tell when more trial results have been presented by those companies. I believe I’ve heard both companies remark “It’s possible” when asked a similar question as the one you did.

      Stay hopeful

  31. I want to grow new hair .i search many website for this perpose but i surprised to khow that we have not discovered any injection for it. Or any medical treatment which is cheap or suitable for everyone. I have heard that one man transplanted his liver and some days later he had new hair on his bald. It means it is possible. Please scincetists dicover injection for grow new hair on hair. We can reach moon but why can’t we do this?

    • There are several companies on this list creating injections for hair growth Vijay. Stay hopeful.

  32. Great guide!!!
    I like this list so much – makes a lot of order.

    Please keep updating 🙂 Super!

    Thanks a lot.

  33. Thank you for creating this website. While I’ve read a bit about some of this research, this is the only site I’ve found that has such a comprehensive up-to-date list of treatments being developed for hair loss.
    I’ve had lichen planopilaris for a number of years resulting in areas of scarring where the follicles have been completely destroyed.
    I’ve been advised that because of the scarring in some of those places, transplants won’t take due to an inadequate blood supply. This is where the scarring is more severe. However, some of the spots seem to have hair loss with either no or minimal cellular damage to the scalp and underlying vascular system. Most of the areas have reached the “end stage” meaning they are no longer active, although I’ve noticed new spots will show up every few years if I don’t consistently take Plaquenil.

    If I may ask, would any of these treatments work for someone with my condition? Specifically, could any of them also stimulate the growth of a new blood supply where the follicle growing cells are injected?

  34. A great summary article of the many companies/partnerships working hard on better, more sustainable hair loss treatments. With this many different methods being explored and some of the top players showing success, it makes it a lot easier to stay hopeful for what happens in the next 5-10 years. The L’Oreal / Poietis partnership to develop bioprinting of hair follicles might be worth watching as well.

  35. Thanks for the summary. Since most of these seem to regrow hair, would the user need to stay on propecia or just lose them again. For replicel, for example, do you go once every few months?

    Would any of these functionally replace propecia? Infinite donor hair wouldn’t require the drug, correct?

    Basically, do any of these offer a non propecia solution in the next 5 years?

    • Propecia would be a choice when using a treatment such as Replicel. Brotzu lotion may have a similar method of action.

  36. Dear Admin

    My son is 18 1/2 Year and experiencing diffuse thinning and Hairline receding
    Can he start finasteride safely to keep his hair until the new treatments are launched

    • Anwar,
      Thanks for visiting. A doctor is your best resource to answer this question. Best of luck to your son.

    • Sure, Rod. There was a lot of uncertainty about Kelopesia over the last several months but now is confirmed to be released again by Spring. It will be on the list shortly.

  37. I had done 3 prp sittings…I am using sawbio tablets…. initially I have good hair only 20% lost .after minoxidil usage I have lost more… And I got jaundice during taking biotin…. suddenly shedding increased…I don’t know whtat to do…just shaved my head and stopped using all…..I am not going to do risky with my health…using propecia also waste of processes… after stopping minoxidil and propecia what you get will be lost…bonus side effects… being developed scientist can’t do anything…. simply plantation is also not a fullfill average man..but plantation also not complete successfull they will shed away…grow up scientist think about people not money….

  38. This was a great place to find some information about the current status of future developments. Thank you for investing your time and effort into putting all this information in one place.

    I myself have been taking minoxidil and fin for several years, with some results, at the very least it’s drastically slowed down my hair loss. I recently got a LLT helmet, but it’s only been 5 months, and my friend whose had great success with that, said he didn’t see real results for a year (mind you we have different models, so who knows if it will work) . Hair loss game is one of patience I suppose. I’ve thought about PRP but I have come to cast doubts of its effectiveness. Hopefully something new is release in 2017, if not I’ll do alright till 2018 I suppose. Look forward to seeing new updates!!

  39. Everyone is looking forward to RepliCel and I understand why but here is my issue. I have frontal scarring alopecia and the rest of my hair overall is thin. I use a blow dryer with the comb attachment everyday to get body/lift. I’m a man and its tiresome. When your hair is thinning there are common activities you can’t do comfortably like Swimming, working out, bike riding, hiking etc. Anything that involves humidity or sweat and I mean anything. If I go to work on a hot day or simply work up an internal sweat walking to the train station (any weather) it has an effect on my hair. I know how women feel when they say humidity kills their hair.

    Anyhow, enough of my sob story and to the point. What happens in my situation when the donor area is not bald but those follicles are weak?

    • Ken, I wish you well.

      I’m not sure of the answer to your question. But my question for this situation would be: if the follicles from a weak donor produced hair, and those new hairs eventually got weak and you had to do the process again to restore more follicles, would that work for you? There will be cosmetic products this year that improve hair strength.

      • Im interested in Replicel because I want to fix my hairline. The scarring has caused damage, thinning and balding in that area. If it works, I would be open to doing the procedure more than once but I wonder how effective that procedure would be if the donor area is weak.

  40. HI, just wondering if your aware of the status of histogen? Seems the closest to market but its gone very quiet.

    Also would you need to be taking fin for it to work? Or could injections in areas not yet lost help it be used as a maintenance option.

    Shame about brotzu being delayed!

    • Hi Rich,

      No updates on Histogen at the moment. I’ve never heard them mention that you would need to take Fin for it to work. Histogen believes it can be used as a maintenance option.


  41. Hi there,

    Thanks for this blog. I’m a 30 year old woman and I’ve been losing hair for the past three years. The hair loss seemed to start when I moved to London from Melbourne. I believe that the transition from soft water to hard water may have had something to do with this.

    I saw a dermatologist today and she believes that I have genetic female pattern hair loss. I am having difficulty understanding how this is possible given my relatively young age (I hear it’s more common in post-menopausal women) and the fact that hair loss doesn’t run in my family. She prescribed me minoxidil and spiro tablets.

    Can you advise of any alternative treatments that could help me? Could my dorm have been wrong? I don’t know where to turn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  42. Hi,

    I am a female 40 years old, my hair is thinning all over the scalp and getting a less density in the frot top. I´ve tried vitamins, mesoherapy, PRP injections but no big changes. I’m stll looking for a solution and I believe celular teraphy with stem cels or germ folicles could be the one.

    Any news so far?

    • Thanks for visiting Mary. There is a news section of this site with the latest updates, whenever any promising treatment becomes available you will see it mentioned there. Best Wishes

  43. Joseph,

    physicians that specialize in hair loss are hard to come by; do you know a fantastic hair loss specialist for women in CA, AZ, or NV? If not in these states, who do you recommend?

    Thanks for your website and help

  44. Finally went to a top HT director in NYC and he said I’m not a great candidate presently. But, he told me to consider Scalp Micro-pigmentation between my existing hair to add the illusion of density. Anyone here try this? All I see are totally bald dudes adding “scruff” to their shaved heads, not people with slightly diffuse, longer hair.

    What this doc told me was like a Toppik solution, but without actual fibers. I’d never considered it. Have a consultation next week.

    Ideally, this could tide me over for a couple years until I need the transplant, get Kelopesia, Histogen injections. But, if it went bad, I could have horrible looking tats on my skull. Anyways, any experience would be helpful. Also, really appreciate this site. Thanks.

    • My first thought is, have you tried Caboki or Dermatch before? I’m a big fan of utilizing temporary solutions before permanent.

    • Hi Biff, I’m curious as to why you are not a good candidate. I’m not doubting what the doctor told you. I’m just looking for as much info as possible. If I was a little more inquisitive in the past, I may have prevented what I’m dealing with now.

      When I went to the doctor he told me I was not a good candidate for three reasons. First, he mentioned something about my pores being unusually spread apart. Second, he said I keep my hair very low in the donor area so the scar would show in part because of the pores being spread apart and partially because I keep my hair low. Last, but certainly not least I have frontal scarring alopecia which may be the worst because the follicle is replaced with scared tissue. If I were to do the surgery there is a possibility the hair would not grow where the scarring occurred. I would have to be at the “burn out” stage of the scarring to have a better chance of growth and I stress the word chance.

      So I’m just curious as to what the doctor told you specifically about not being a good donor.

        • I am. We discussed both options but I was primarily interested in the FUE procedure. I still have the paperwork with the prices he quoted me on. I went to him a second time to follow up on the discussion but something didn’t feel right the second time around. It didn’t seem as if he was that interested in taking me on. I felt like I was wasting his time. Again, I wasn’t in a rush to do anything because I have to be sure my scarring has burnt out. I am certain when he mentioned the issue about the length of my hair he was referring to the FUE procedure.

    • Hi Joe,

      The statuses are listed with each individual treatment. Hope this helps. Wish you the best.

  45. I am 34…i have two daugters ..with gods grace they have hair…i lost my hair when i was 4 month…due to side effect of pressure tabelts which she consumed at 5 month of her pregnacy…my present hair is very thin and short..is there any possible treatment …have tried many medicine. ..please reply if there is a hope…it has been years we ar
    e searching for a way

    • Hi Shanti,

      Any of these treatments which are in development may help. Please check the statuses of the treatments and the News section of this site for updates. Best wishes


  46. Hi Joseph.

    I am from China and not good at English.I am 23 and lost my forehead hair in the past 2 years, the hair on my head is also thin .

    Including me, a lot of people are looking forward to Shiseido/Replicel .We believe that new technology about hair follicle cells may be more effective while drugs can’t solve severe problems .However, now i am not optimistic personally.

    For one thing, what are reintroduced is just dsc cell, so it can’t produce permanant new hair follicle . So i guess that the effect will be bad if many hair follicles are dead.It only works when someone’s baldness is wild.

    For another, we know that replicel has delayed trial2 for several times and several years.Apparently progress is not smooth.

    So l wonder if a permanent treatment can appear in the future 5 to 10years.This is my thought, what ‘s about Follicle Thought ‘s thought?
    Thank you for your hard work.

    • Hi Mark,
      Replicel’s progress is related to having the funds to continue. My thoughts are that we have many treatments on the Ultimate Guide list. An attitude of gratitude and optimism go a long way. Lots of times in life, you get what you expect.


      • Ciao..quale di questi trattamenti può essere utile a ridensificare una donor diradata dopo una fue?io credo trattamento dott tsuji..fiose anche histogen..sarei grato di una risposta..

        • Hi Francesco,
          I believe Replicel, Histogen, RiverTown, Tsuji, and even Follica could add density to a donor scalp area.

    • dude, histogen’s planning things in China with PineWorld and you are crying! You may be among those lucky guys who would be enjoying these new treatments in the comforts of your homeland while others would be paying expensive bills for their long boring flights.

      Anyway, there’s Tsuji backed up by a huge financial support from KYOCERA and RIKEN (which even has access to governmental funds).
      All they need to solve is an inductive problem.

      So sit tight, wait and watch

  47. Can anyone provide me with information if any of these treatments could be used for purely cosmetic reasons? I’m female and have always had thinner hair but not balding, I would love to one day have thicker and more dense head of hair.

    Thanks for any info

  48. Joseph,

    You have indicated that histogen potentially could hit market by 2017.. This would be great however, other credible sources say 2018 and that seems to be complacent across the board. Where do you see that 2017 is the target..? Thank you !

    • Hi Matt,

      I mentioned it was their goal/plan to be out in Mexico in 2017, which it absolutely was. And in the 2017 look ahead post also pointed that the 2017 target is looking less likely now. I would agree that 2018 is much more likely now than 2017, but there hasn’t been any more official updates.


      • Ciao..volevo sapere se le cellule autologhe con replicel che vengono iniettate sul cuoio capelluto, sono in grado di generare nuovi follicoli piliferi si o no?perchè se non sono in grado di produrre un nuovo follicolo come possono densificare la zona donatrice diradata dopo un prelievo con tecnica fue?quale sarebbe la miglior soluzione per ridensificarla? Mi hai rispisgo histogen Tsuji river twon follica..quale tecnica di queste produce nuovi follicoli che possono essere introdotti in zona donatrice diradata da intervento fue?

        • Most of us do not know for sure. The companies say their treatments have the possibility to generate new follicles. Replicel has said this, and Follica has said this. Tsuji will definitely produce new follicles. The other treatments I mentioned before have a possibility.

  49. Hi,

    Can I ask why should we wait for Replicel instead of going ahead with hair transplant / FUE? Isn’t that a better option and more permanent?


    • With a HT, you are limited to the amount of donor hair you have available. Also, transplants don’t stop further progression of hairloss. No one is saying wait for Replicel, just be aware of the risks available with getting a HT done. My hairloss is very minimal because I got on propecia early. If you are under 45, don’t consider getting a HT without being on propecia/finasteride.

    • There are also people who would not recommend the finasteride and would look to using the newer treatments with a FUE. Only you will know what’s best for you.

  50. Hi there,
    Follicum Stimulation of hair growth patent has been approved in Europe. What this mean? Is a product available?

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      The product is not available. What it means is that Follicum has been granted a copyright for their peptide in Europe.

  51. Hello,

    Any update on Clinical trial which is happening on RCH-01 in Germany and Austria? any positive results?

    • Not yet, the status/release dates are with each treatment.

  52. Joseph,

    This site is great! Bery organized and concise on the current treatments and timelines. Question for you, do you know why Replicel’s own phase II trial never took flight? I believe I heard this was due to a lack of funding however, Im not sure if this was just speculation.

      • Boa tarde estou na prepectativa da cura para calvice

      • Hi is there any news on:
        -Follicum as of today?
        -Kelopesia as of today?
        -Follica as of today?
        Please & thank you.

  53. Can hair cloaning is useful for scarring alopecia …..?…

  54. hello
    you are doing great job bro, by updating about recent hair treatment and their upcoming process,but as if now i am really willing to hear about kelopesia update. when will it be available or it will not.it’s just can go to vain.

  55. Went through the April 2017 updates, looks like nothing on the market for 2017 right ?

  56. Joseph,

    Is there an update on follicum’s trial that was completed in January? I know above it states results are to be released in early 2017. Have they released it?

    • My latest article is a Follicum update. If you mean more detailed results, I don’t think they have been released yet.

  57. Joseph,

    It seems to me that rivertown would only work for AA and not androgenetic. Cyclo is a anti inflammatory. So not sure how well this would work for those of us missing cells. Its not as if this is adding any new material. Would you be able to ask their CEO what the actual regeneration mechanism is in their compound? If you dont know already that is.

    • I can say with confidence that RT1640 is intended foremost for androgenic. If you peruse the RT site you can read about why CSA is in the formula, it has to do with gene expression. CSA allows the signal for cells to continue making hair go uninterrupted, whereas it normally would rest.

  58. I am from the UK. I am a 21 year old girl, i lost all of my hair 4 years ago due to alopecia. I am getting desperate, its destroyed me as a person. Steroids worked for me but i was not allowed to continue on them for long. NHS has no treatment for me. I have tried minoxidil and lotions. I have no other option. I need Ruxolitinib or Tofacitinib. Anyone who can help me get access to these drugs or involved in trials, i will be so grateful. Im desperate, please help me. I cannot continue any longer like this

    • Gaby, your best bet is to speak to a dermatologist that is local to you. Hope this helps.

  59. Joseph,

    Love this guide. Will you be updating it for May? Thanks

  60. I’ve been Norwood 6 bald for almost 20 years, since my mid 50s. I had nearly a full head of hair until I started to bald in my early 50s. What surprised me even more than how fast I went bald was how much my wife loved it. She begged me to just let nature have its way. Reluctantly, I did and surprisingly, it turns out that I love being bald. It was a lot of fun watching my hairline rapidly recede and simultaneously a large bald spot develop in back. It took less than two years for my hairline to retreat and meet up with my expanding bald spot. I went bald in less than two years. Is that normal?
    I’ve never regretted letting myself go bald. It’s too late for me to change my mind anyway, but it is not too late for my two sons, who most likely will follow in my footsteps. They need to hear all the options available to stop balding, should they decide they do not want to go bald. So I will email a link to this site to them. I could have used the information on this site 25 years ago. As I recall, back then the only option was hair transplants, which I could not afford at the time. Nor did I want to endure the discomfort or pain. The only downside is my head gets cold in winter and I risk painful sunburn on top of my head in summer. So I wear a hat outdoors, but not to hide my bald head. After all, male pattern baldness is nothing to be ashamed of, especially at my age.

  61. Hello
    My name is Emma and i have been experiencing female pattern hairloss since i was 16, im now 33. It started for me when i went through puberty. My mum has it and my grandma had it.
    My hair is now 1/5th of what it was and i have significant trouble styling it. Ive kept my hair loss a secret from my husband however im getting to a point where i need to tell him. Im so ashamed. I cant tell you thw distress it causes me daily.
    Ive tried everything (in secret).
    All these trials etc sound promising, however i live in Australia. Is there anything being rolled out or trailed in Australia?
    Thankyou ????

  62. Joseph,

    Is there a reason you havent included hairclone on this ?

    • Nope, no reason. Typically the treatments on this list have been tested in humans before with the exception of Tsuji which is just an extremely well respected lab. HairClone should be on the list shortly.

  63. Hi there guys does any of you knows if Reboost (turkish cream ) is any good…? I’ve been in contact with a guy from Turkey and he sent me some pictures with before and after…and to be honest it looks promising, what you think guys?

    • I believe soon there will be readers who start to use the product. I imagine it will be 1-3 weeks before we begin to hear about user experiences.

  64. They just opened a website.. I believe they are selling the product if you email them. I just did.. will let you know soon.

    • Hi Shelia, any news about that cream, did you get that cream and have you been useing it?
      Another thing what’s the name of that site?
      Thank you.

      • Can you please remind me which cream/website I was talking about.. I’m constantly searching

      • Oh yes it was for ReBoost can be ordered from Yeditepe University email is :ReBoost.com.tr
        They never responded to my email but here’s a number; +90(216)4697777
        Let me know if you get through/ I will try again as well… good luck!

  65. Hi Admin,

    I’m so deeply grateful to you for this blog! My hair has been thinning rapidly for years even though it does not yet look like female pattern baldness. But it’s following a similar trajectory to my grandmum and mum, where our hair went from thick and wavy, to sparse and curly and doesnt grow longer, and there is just very little hair. The dermatologist is not sure why this is happening either, saying it could be lack of B12, or just stress and recommended PRP. I’ve been told by another that I have follicle minituarization and that it is irreversible. is this true? I also have daily hair fall.

    Does PRP help in stopping hair loss and hair regrowth?
    Which of the above treatments would make most sense for me to get healthy follicles again and regrow my hair?
    I also came across Harklinikken in Denmark. Is this legit? Has anyone had any experience with this?

    Thank you so much!! I wish us all abundant hair miracles 🙂

    • Hi Lila,
      I’m 49 and have hereditary female pattern baldness which is at the stage where it is quite worrisome for me. The follicular minituarization has become greater this past year and I don’t feel I can hold off for new advances much longer.

      I’ve been under a fair amount of stress for several years and recently my B12 level was low so perhaps this has accelerated my hair loss. I have been to see two well respected East Coast doctors who have not been much help. I tried Minoxidil with no great results. Like you, I am searching for something that will provide good results before it’s too late. I am considering PRP and am interested in ReBoost but need to read more about it to understand how it works and if it can be of help in my situation. I had not heard of Harklinikken but have read a little about it after your post. It sounds legit but I wonder why it hasn’t been more talked about in these circles. Joseph, have you researched Harklinikken?

      I’m also interested to see if any women on this post have creative hair stylists who work with thinning hair that they would recommend. I am fortunate to travel often so I am open to places in the US and the UK.

      Like so many who visit this site, I am grateful to Joseph for putting together such a thoroughly balanced web destination that provides information and hope to all of us in this situation.

      • Don’t know much about it actually, Gen.

        Thanks for the kind words.

  66. I am a 32 year old woman who used to have the thickest hair of anyone I knew, and now because of the AGA I had starting in my teens, it’s among the thinnest of anyone’s hair I know. This has made me so self conscious and I have been holding out hope for these treatments but it seems like they keep getting delayed and delayed and delayed again. I am worried that by the time they finally come out, I won’t be able to benefit from them or I’ll be an old lady and have lost my looks anyway so it won’t matter. I would really like to have my thick, beautiful hair back while I’m still relatively young. Is there any hope of that happening?

  67. The ReBoost pictures posted with the article don’t have a time span noted with them, so is it weeks or months?

    • The translated Turkish article mentions time span for some of the subjects I believe.

  68. @Follicle Thought, love this organized view of updates. Will you be updating this for June? I know some release dates have been pushed back, for instance Follica’s delay.

  69. Any updates for May or June, Joseph ? Will you be updating this list? Great list!

  70. Hi I have worn a baseball cap for over 5 years and rarely go anywhere I can’t. I go to games late that you have to take off your cap. I miss out swimming and rides with my kids. Getting my license renewed is stressful. I feel ugly. Been living like this for 15 years.went into debt still no hair.

    • Hi Karen, I can rely on what you’re saying even though I’m a man, for us it’s not unusual to lose hair, I wish they find something in the near future, hold on my friend and take care 🙂

      • Hi Karen. Sorry to hear that. I think all the people with alopecia feel the same. I started to lose my hair in 2000 and in 2004 I had hair transplant with FUSS. Of course I go on losing hair and I have the fucking scar so I can`t shave my head. I understand you because I feel the same. My alopecia made me a sad person and with no social life.

    • Karen, many of us know what you are dealing with to some degree and it’s tough. I can’t even see myself dating anyone at this point. I spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes fixing my hair every morning and it still does not look great when I’m done. Now that is is summer and humid, it’s almost pointless. Im a guy and I could shave it all which would be so convenient. At what cost though? I may loose what little self esteem I have and that ain’t much. Anyway, I just you want you to know you are not alone. I believe it’s tougher for a woman but we still have an understanding of what u are going through and how it effects all aspects of your life.

  71. Hey Follicle Thought.

    Been following Shiseido and Replicel for a few years now.
    Would love to know your thoughts about their partnership?
    Also if you believe 3rd quarter 2018 is realistic or enough time to release their hair regeneration technique commercially in Japan?
    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    • The trial is going on right now and depending how everything goes, I believe like they have stated, the treatment could be available in 2018. It depends on how smoothly things go I suppose.

  72. Good morning. I am new to this post. I found it while doing a search for hair cloning. I too am struggling with hair loss. I noticed the other day that my hair loss has gotten significantly worse. To make matters worse, I have already had 3 transplants and the lines are starting to appear. I’ve been following hair cloning for some time now and the dates are always being pushed back. Is there any solid date as to when it should become available. Are Histogen and Replicel reliable? Will it leave a scar and what is a ball park cost for the procedures. Thank you so much in advance.

  73. So basically, We have to wait somewhat around a full year from now in order to start seeing functional treatments, probably even some more since due dates tend to get delayed most of the time.

  74. I wish some day full treatment come and I see the hair of my young days

  75. What about the onion juice? isn’t it a best solution for regrowing hair?

  76. Nowadays, PRP + ACell hair restoration treatment is one of the beneficial and effective treatment for hair loss.

    • Im sorry to say, but i believe those treatments are the most effective ways to lose money.

  77. last week follica added to its team 5 dermatologist. all of them, specialized in laser treatments. it feels like they are moving forward, entering the phase of training the doctors who will deliver the “RAIN”.
    It is going to happen, i just dont know when.

  78. Just wondering did anyone hear of a drug call sulfasalazine being used for alopecia areata and also its success rate.

  79. I lost 60% of my hair 15 years ago, when that happened I felt bad. But not now. Life is more than just hair. What I can tell you is that your life needs to continue. Take the shaver and enjoy life. Does not matter if you are man or woman. The reality is that you are losing the best years of your life due to a problem that may not have a cure during the following 10 – 20 years.

    • I appreciate the sentiment and certainly encourage people to live their best lives.

      However, a cure is virtually guaranteed within the next 10 years, if not 5.

  80. I had 2 sessions of PRP and it actually accelerated my hair loss. I had no results from it what so ever. It was a total waste of money and made my situation worse.
    Thank you Joseph for all the information. This is a great site!

  81. i am getting so frustrated with all these nonsense,i don’t know why but all these companies are just extending their release date just to make us fool,i don’t want to waste any more time in this bullshit
    i am who i am i just have to accept that,i am going to shave my head i don’t want to hope for new treatment that’s it. i am done,and at last i want to thanks admin for doing great job keep it up.

    • I struggle with that myself. I was on the brink of cutting my hair two weeks ago but I have scarring alopecia which caused discoloration on my scalp. Furthermore I have a dark line across my forehead where my hairline used to be. I comb my hair forward and down so you can’t see it that clearly now. All my flaws will be visible if I cut my hair. That is the point. Not to mention I’ll be unattractive. I’m average now. However the convenience is tempting. It takes me up to an hour to “fix” my hair now. Sometimes a half hour. If I cut it, I could probably sleep a extra 40 minutes. Once you get past the mental and emotional hurdle then cutting it is the easy part.

  82. A bit crushing to hear about Histogen being pushed back till AFTER 2019 – that could mean anytime – 2022? I was hoping to travel to Mexico next year to try it, already had started putting the wheels in motion. Worried that in 2 years people will start noticing the first transplant I had done 10 years ago – it was just a small FUE operation. I can’t shave my head as it won’t look right when the small temple areas grow in again. My operation 10 years ago was a secret and done at a low point of low self esteem in my life.

    Why did Histogen delay the date by 2 years? Is there any clue as to when it could be on the market or is the best bet replicel?

    • I’m not sure why exactly. Hoping for good results from Replicel.

    • Heyy broo so u safe gaurded ur hairs for 10 years that great broo and how was the results

  83. Shame about histogen, but give it another year. They will make it. As for me: fin 1.5 mg a day / dut 1mg per week. Temporary MSP mixed with a sprinkle of caboki for density, and I’m probably going to give kelopesia a go next year. Results have been good so far for other readers.

    Thanks admin for all your work on this site.

  84. I know we have a lot of treatments coming up, but just a thought from a fellow hair loss warrior….Note: this may sound incredibly silly and I’m no expert so please forgive me, but I was just thinking the other day:

    Most of these treatments now available and even the upcoming treatments seem to rarely target a receeding hairline in males and its extremely rare to find males who have found results/regrowth at the hairline/sides/temple region.

    But what if the cure or Atleast answers to what we don’t fully understand about males receeding hairlines lies within something we already have?…Females.

    Yes I’m aware of female patterened balding and that they do get thinning at their hair parting which can lead to hair loss, but Females do not get receeding hairlines like men do at the *frontal region*.

    I’m also aware of DHT, but hair loss and the root causes are still not fully understood.

    Sure this thought might’ve already been thought of long ago but it would be really nice if alot more research was done especially by new new hair loss start ups who are thinking about angles to tackle the problem to look more into females for answers.

    • Will this ever become reality bcos im tierd im shaving of my head every alternate day and feeling alone in this world .will there be a treatment before i die and is it possible to see my hair again😢😢😢😢

        • Hang in there boys. Remember there’s allot worse going on and I pray people with terminal conditions get cures before anything. I feel something is on the horizon very soon to grow hair and fix the scalp condition.

  85. Hi
    I have got a question.
    Does Shiseido/Replicel’s hair regenartion treatment RCH-01claim to be same effective for both men and women?

    • I can’t recall their stance on that, however cannot think of a reason why it would not be equally effective in men and women. Conventional wisdom is that some treatments (non-hormonal) have a tendency to work slightly more efficiently in women.

  86. Thanks Admin for the reply. As per Replicel’s website, their phase 2 trial involves 160 male subjects who will be under observation for 39 months. I was wondering why there are no female subjects this time while in phase 1trial there were 10 males and 10 females. This raised my doubt.

  87. Hi admin,

    I read about RCH-10 by the CEO of replicel that this treatment will be available by Aril 2018

    Is it true and it will be available soon?

    Appreciate if u could reply


    • I have not read this anywhere, please share a link. I wonder if people are confused that their dermal injector device is supposed to be market ready around April 2018.

  88. I am a transgender MtF, and the BIGGEST thing holding back my efforts to partially (as in on my own time or at work) present as a female (I’m married and have a son) is my very obvious balding. I’d take having my hair back over a million dollars any day.

  89. Hi admin,

    This is what it mentioned on the website

    Breakthrough: Japanese Scientists Use Stem Cells to Regenerate Hair Follicles in Bald Mice!
    Despite the myriad delays, it appears that we are much closer to a realistic hair cloning or hair multiplication technology than many people thought! In a new study published April 18 in the journal Nature Communciations, Japanese scientists report that they successfully grew hair on bald mice by implanting specially bio-engineered adult stem cells into the dormant hair follicles on the mice.

    • Oh ok, they are saying that years ago, on April 18th, 2014 (guess) they were able to grow hair on mice, unfortunately this does not mean Shiseido will be available in April 2018, however there is still talk that by the end of 2018 the treatment will be available!

      Thanks for sharing, I will delete some of the convo just for the sake of minimizing excess comments here, letting you know.

  90. well organized, thank you for the work!! this cheered me up a lot as I am sure many of you know how difficult this struggle can really be.

    my girlfriend and I recently moved, we are a young couple that decided on a long distance relationship for convenient and strong job offers to help build a bright and happy future for both of us. I am NW3 and decided it was time to maybe tryout these current “FDA approved” hair loss treatment options and bought propecia.

    This was a big dilemma because of the obviously dangerous side effects. I plan to visit my gf every month and didn’t feel looking like I aged half a year every time I saw her, but it is also critical for me to maintain sexual performance whenever I do visit. I wouldn’t us to fight about such a sensitive topic that can ruin the relationship because of the drug.

    I am torn but reading this has definitely made me wanna throw propecia in the garbage, wait and see what 2018 might hold. I am optimistic! but easily my biggest potential concern is that maybe these treatments aren’t as safe as we think it is, especially after reading how brotzu is trying to dodge that long clinical testing. I would be more comfortable with the long testing. I Wouldn’t want to hear about similar problems to Propecia or that they are cancer inducing or something. our generation would be the true guinea pigs that will test these treatment or cures for problems. Good luck to all of us. We are almost there.

  91. I know many people are banking on Replicel’s treatment for their hair growth as I am. But I am shocked to see in their press release ( http://replicel.com/20170314-2/ ) from March 14, 2017 that “The largest increase in hair density over baseline observed in this group was a 21% increase at 24 months.” which I am sure not everybody will get.

    Is that it? Is that what we can expect at max?

    Appreciate your response.


    • Hi Lin,

      Well, it certainly could be the max.

      I personally think results should improve from multiple treatments, as the result you are referring to was a one time dose. But what’s wrong with 21% anyway?

      • I think those % are really relative. I don`t think that this system is a good way to measure. For example, if you have one single hair (baseline) in all your head and after doing the treatment you get one more hair the result would be 100%. As I said, I don`t think is a good way to measure.

    • I don’t know because there is no treatment available on the market yet.

  92. Thanks Admin for replying.
    If 21% increase in hair what we are going to expect from Replicel’s treatment then why to wait, specially when there is other treatment like PRP or PRP/ECM combo already available in market which can give the similar boost I suppose. Please correct me if my assumption is wrong.


    • Ok, so once again no one knows yet at this point how things will work out, however I am sure Replicel is hoping for/expecting bigger results than PRP.

      Also, if PRP/ECM was giving 21% on average it would be a lot more popular than it is.

  93. I am taking about the RCH-01 once it is available how many times u can do a year?

    • Yes, Abdulaziz, none of those questions have answers now because the treatment is not available yet and patients have not been through the process enough to find out. You can make an informed guess yourself, 4 times a year seems reasonable.

    • PRP worked extremely well in the front of my hairline it’s just so painful wondering if anyone has had a less painful experience .

      • I have had 4 PRP sessions in India over last 2 years. Hairfall stopped completely. I see a lot of baby hairs. Hoping they would improve. The doctor in India was wonderful. No pain at all. One more secret ill share, i apply organic aloe vera gel on my scalp after every bath. That also did wonder in stopping hairfall.

        • Where did you get it done in India? Which doctor? Are you continuing the treatment? Thanks!

  94. Hi Admin,

    I recently stumbled across a treatment called Harklinikken but I am naturally skeptical. It’s a Danish company slowly infusing its products into the America market. Also, the New York Times just published an article about this treatment and how it looks promising. Any evidence/review/insights/opinions about this? Thanks.

    • A lot of people ask about this. All I can say is I don’t know much about it and haven’t seen pictures or heard from any readers who have used it with major success.

      Is it something worthwhile that can slow down or stop hair loss? Maybe, but it’s not something that seems compelling enough for me to look into at the moment.

  95. Hi Admin,

    How are you?

    Long time no update almost two month and there is no any update

    Hope you will come with a surprise news and make all of us happy 😊

  96. I haven’t seen it I just saw it.

    So regarding the list above there is no unsafe yet especially RCH-1 where near to 2018 no confirmation when it will be available

    • Charlie, I also highly recommend you bookmark the webpage http://www.folliclethought.com/updates/ in your browser and subscribe to new posts via the email subscription on the right sidebar of this blog.

      RiverTown just released their latest available news in an article found on the front page of the site.

  97. Do you have a best step by step model, to regrow hair on your own, now? 🙂
    Heard about a dermarollers, is it recomendable??

    • I don’t really, Scott. I use one cream on a daily basis and that’s it. Have never spent consistent time dermarolling. I’m looking for the next gen products to help my hair. Anyone care to chime in for Scott?

  98. Hi Admin,

    Would you mind revealing what cream are you using? And what is your opinion about Reboost now as it has been sometime now since its release.


    • I’m now using Geminis cream, it’s a newer version of N2C cream. Not endorsing it because I’m not sure of it, but think it helps. I still use Reboost on top of it once in a while.
      Reboost still has not shown to be impressive as far as I can tell.

  99. Hi FT team
    Recently I read about some south Korea’s treatment “CXXC- type zinc finger” can you get some information about it

  100. Hi Admin,

    Any word on when Fidia’s Brotzu lotion will be released ? I was expecting by 2018? Is there any word when?

    Thank you

    • Hi,

      Possibly by the end of 2018. They have been quiet and were not concise on whether they meant before 2018 or before the end of 2018.

  101. You’re a total babe, Joseph. This site gives me major hope every time I come in to check on hair loss treatment progression. Replicel in particular is the one I’ve got most of my apples in for. For now 1 mg of propecia a day with .5 of dut will hopefully hold the damn floodgates.

  102. went to a dermatologist today. he said all things that can be bought for restoring hair are bull****! his words not mine. so he said only thing to put back hair on my head ( stop losing hair) is a hair transplant. thats it.

    • Hi Dan,

      Yes there’s really no optimal treatments out there currently, hence this article is a list of the most promising new treatments on the horizon for growing hair.

      Hair transplants will not stop you from losing hair, however they are the only way to basically guarantee significant hair restoration. Stay tuned. 😊

      • Hi admin the share value of replicel is almost hitting ro zero .all investors are taking the money back i guess replicel is not even going to launvh the product by end of 2018

        • Replicel can’t decide if they are going to launch the rch-01, since shiseido owns right to market the product.

  103. Hi there,
    I’ve recently got some positive news about “Vichy Dercos Neogenic” product. Can you help me decide to apply or not this treatment.

    • Hi Raza, maybe another reader can help you. I’ve never used the product. Regards

  104. Hi admin…can you tell us how your trial run on Reboost was working??
    My doctor here says he’s afraid not all the ingredients may be FDA approved here. Was wondering if you noticed any change??
    Sheila Mizrahi

    • Hi Sheila,

      I’ve used Reboost on and off since it first arrived around June. I’ve also used other creams along with it. I have noticed an improvement around the thinning edges of my crown. Not a dramatic improvement. I can’t say that I would recommend it to someone for the price it is. Many people have noted the cream is very greasy and I think it might work better if it reached the scalp more effectively.

      • Interesting… perhaps that’s why they are now offering a needling roller tool?? Hmmm

  105. Fidia never said the lotion will be out by end of year. They say “although we envisage the development of the potential product candidate being completed by 2018”. I think that hardly means the lotion will be “out for public”.

    • True, yet it is highly implied this lotion will be out to the public by the end of 2018.

  106. Hurry up please before the body changes start. We want to enjoy hairs when maximum 40 otherwise it useless for me 🙁

  107. Hello

    Could you please update on Setipiprant developed by Kythera?

    I recently read that it really worked wonders.

    Do you know any lotion that can be applied topically to enhance hair growth?

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