Update: New Follica Website

The times they are a-changing.

Nowadays you can’t even take a trip to the fridge to grab more hummus dip without some hair growth startup rolling out their new website and business plan.¬†

Jokes aside, Follica has been the ultimate tight-lipped company in the hair regeneration biz for about 8 years now. To be honest, I understand the approach. You keep working on the treatment behind closed doors until you’ve got something that really works and all of the sudden you hit the world with a Hoo-Ah that would make Al Pacino proud. At least that’s how I like to think of it. Anyways, let’s just take a look at the new revelations.

For starters here’s the syntax from Follica’s new layout:

“Our technology is based on a proprietary approach intended to create an “embryonic window” in adult skin,¬†allowing new follicles and new hair to form from epithelial stem cells. Following skin disruption, cells that migrate to help healing are forced to make a decision: Should I make epidermis, or should I make a hair? There is a window of opportunity in which we can potentially push them to choose the latter, and we believe there are multiple biological pathways to target to enhance this outcome. This regenerative effect is called hair follicle neogenesis.”

The significant info on Follica’s new website:

  • Non-invasive skin disruption treatment to create new follicles done in-office by a physician
  • At home device + topical compounds to maintain and continue the new hair growth
  • Smartphone app to remind users of their treatment times and re-order supplies
  • A doctor affiliate program

This is a thoughtful program that Follica has created. The at-home device and progress tracking app are welcomed ideas and should improve compliance.

The only question left is…..how much new hair are we talking about here, Follica?


Credit to Stump at HLT on the find

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