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News Updates

11/21/17 – South Korean Researchers Developing Hair Growth Protein
Researchers from South Korea have identified a new peptide called PTD-DBM which exhibits wound healing and hair regeneration effects in preclinical studies. The research is being led by Professor Choi Kang-yell of Yonsei University. Choi’s team identified the peptide PTD-DBM which targets a protein called CXXC5. The interaction of these two proteins leads to stimulation of the Wnt pathway, which then initiates hair follicle neogenesis. Choi hopes to develop this peptide further into a potential hair growth drug candidate. A research paper about these findings was put out by the team earlier this year. Source article about this development here.

11/16/17 – SCM Lifescience Working On Hair Growth
We have yet another biotech research company working on a next-gen hair growth cosmetic product. Their webpage mentions the use of “stem cell culture solution-derived proteins” for hair growth cosmetic products. An imminent release of the product seems unlikely, however it is nice to know how many companies really do want us to have a new product to improve our lives. Website here.

11/15/17 – Comments back open

11/14/17 – New Article with Quark Pharma WCHR2017 Presentation
Check the Articles homepage to view an interesting presentation from Quark Pharmaceuticals pertaining to their new siRNA therapy for AGA and chemotherapy induced hair loss.

11/8/17 – Please Support Follicle Thought
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11/7/17 – Stem Cell Company Working On Cosmetic Hair Growth Product
A little something for you all to nibble on. I’ve recently discovered a stem cell therapeutic company who has an interest in putting out cosmetic hair growth products. The company, Stemedica, is working on treating a wide range of diseases through clinical stem cell therapies. I counted 6 clinical trials in progress on their pipeline page. Perhaps more interesting for this audience, the company is also developing skin and hair growth cosmetic products from their core stem cell technology. Stemedica has a specific subsidiary in place to roll out dermatology cosmetics called StemCutis. Their website mentions the use of stem cell-derived growth factors to to be used in the products. It’s not clear what stage of development the hair growth product is at, but it’s good to have it listed in Stemedica’s sights

10/31/17 – World Congress For Hair Research 2017
The annual World Congress for Hair Research kicks off today in Kyoto, Japan. The Congress will go on until Friday November 3, 2017. The purpose of the event is to share presentations about different lines of research and product development regarding alopecia areata, stem cell biology, androgenic alopecia, cosmetic care, wigs, hair transplants, and more. Basically, all things hair industry. At these conferences a few companies typically will announce some news about their developments and progress. I’ll update any news I receive regarding announcements made at the Congress. WCHR2017 website.

10/30/17 – JW Pharma, UPenn Collaborate On Hair Growth Therapy
JW Pharma, a Korean biotech company that specializes in the Wnt pathway, has entered a cooperative agreement with the University of Pennsylvania to development a compound called CWL08006 for hair regeneration purposes. JW Pharma has a pool of Wnt targeting therapies, and apparently CWL08006 makes a great candidate for hair growth. Of course, Dr. George Cotsarelis of UPenn is involved, and the two teams plan to begin preclinical testing by 2019 (I’m a little surprised at that timeline for preclinical). One of the more interesting facets of the report, JW intends “to accelerate its commercialization by launching tests on the human body for cosmetics that utilizes the drug’s mechanism, next year.” If the candidate works well in the cosmetic tests, a version of it could be made available much sooner than the clinical drug pathway, but for now it’s not possible to speculate a time frame for that yet. Good news all in all. 

10/29/17 – Deion Celebrates New Hair
NFL Hall of Fame player Deion Sanders has recently undergone a hair transplant. He has not been shy about discussing it publicly and over the last several weeks has actually continued to put out a slew of hilarious and outrageous posts pertaining to his renewed follicles. For his first announcement to social media, he posted this jubilant and priceless video to his Instagram:

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you all. It makes me laugh everytime I watch it. But really, look at how happy he really is and how much joy he feels from restoring his hair. The man is an NFL Hall of Famer, also played MLB, and made millions of dollars throughout his career; and he looks like a kid getting free ice cream on a Friday afternoon because his hair grafts are beginning to sprout. I find it inspiring, to be honest. Keep dreaming, keep believing. We’re all looking forward to having our own “I got some hair!”  moment.

 10/27/17 – New Company Working On AGA Drug 
A company not previously discussed in online news, SWITCH BIOTECH, has sights on developing a drug for androgenic alopecia. As you will see, the company is still in the very early stages of developing a therapy for AGA, however they are a knowledgeable dermatology-focused company and have a unique method of drug development. Here’s a quote from their website about working on AGA:
“SWITCHBIOTECH intends to develop a drug that either prolongs the hair cycle, stops the miniaturization of the hair follicle, or blocks the signals from the dermal papilla that inhibit hair growth.”

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    • Hi Sonia, unfortunately I haven’t heard of any companies going to market this year.

    • My Reboost review was posted for 2 weeks in the reboost thread before that thread was removed.

      • Hi, I’ve been meaning to ask as I may have missed a post, what was the reason you took down the reboost thread, was it because you don’t have faith in the product claims or something else?

        • But will answer your question here. The simple answer is there was so much negativity that came with the Reboost thread that I decided it was best to take it down, also there was not much evidence coming up that showed impressive or worthwhile results. It possibly could show that in the future, but that will have to happen elsewhere else.

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