Vixen Pharmaceuticals Acquired By Aclaris Therapeutics

Well you guys asked for it, right?

An established pharmaceutical company has acquired the rights to Angela Christiano’s hair growth research involving JAK inhibitors. Aclaris Therapeutics has entered into an agreement with Vixen to acquire all of the stock of Vixen Pharmaceuticals. For those unaware, Vixen Pharma is the small startup company that Christiano founded to base her JAK inhibitor intellectual property rights under. This now gives Aclaris the rights to use JAK inhibitors for alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, and other skin conditions.

What’s also enlightening is that last November (2015), Aclaris acquired exclusive rights to use JAK3 Inhibitor compounds from two major manufacturing companies, JAKPharm LLC and Key Organics. That was five months ago and we were all none the wiser. I always tell people, things go on behind the scenes that we are not aware of, be ready for good news.

Here’s a quote from Neal Walker, CEO of Aclaris, about using the JAK Inhibitors for what you all want him to use them for:

“The acquisition of the Vixen intellectual property and the licensed JAKPharm and Key Organics compounds solidifies Aclaris’ presence in the JAK inhibitor space and allows us to broaden our focus in hair loss to include androgenetic alopecia, often referred to as female or male pattern baldness,”

Sounds like they’ve got the right idea. I wonder now if Angela Christiano is going to take a nice vacation or continue at the hair research for something even better. Hmmm. Oh yeah, here’s the source article.

Looking Ahead: Here is a view at Aclaris’ pipeline page which shows two products for alopecia areata currently. One is by oral administration and one by topical. I believe the pipeline will be updated with a slot for androgenetic alopecia very soon. Yes, these drugs will still have to go through clinical trials in order to be approved as a hair growth treatment. Angela Christiano did mention that she thought there might need to be a high concentration of JAK inhibitors around the hair follicle in order to induce hair growth cycling in non-areata related cases. That leads me to believe that there is a specific formula being developed to penetrate the skin and get deep into the hair follicle.

Joseph’s Thoughts

This is great news. Be happy. 🙂

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