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I’ve got some pretty neat tidbits to share in this installment of Weekly Thoughts. Enjoy and share.

Allergan Releases Bimatoprost Results


Before and After with a 1% Bimatoprost Solution (Allergan)

We’ve all been patiently waiting to see the results from Allergan’s Phase II Bimatoprost trial for scalp hair growth. Last week on November 4, 2015  Allergan released a glimpse of Bimatoprost’s effect on the follicles. The results can be seen on pages 16 & 17 of the R&D Day Presentation. Here’s a short summary of the report on Bimatoprost: It looks good. As you can see, the results above look similar, or perhaps, superior to minoxidil. If Bimatoprost has no side effects in it’s usage, its a sure winner. Allergan also briefly mentioned the Phase II proof-of-concept study they are planning for Setipiprant in this presentation. Seti/Bim does sound like an interesting combination after seeing these results.

Points of Interest from the report:

Allergan says that an “enhanced delivery formulation” is being developed. That would lead me to believe that the results shown in this report could be improved upon.

A Phase II b study for Bimatoprost is planned for Q1 2016.

The dosing concentrations that were used in this study included .03%, .1%, .3%, 1%, and 3%. The two apparent winners were the 1% and 3% solutions. Allergan evaluated the results from this latest study in three methods: self assessment, expert panel review, and investigator global assessment. In the self assessment (people judging their own results) there was a higher number of positive responders in the 3% solution. The expert panel review saw more positive response in the 1% group. The investigator global assessment (I’m not sure what that means) saw more positive response in the 3% group. So, it’s not absolutely clear which concentration works the best yet, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The results are coming in favorably.

New Article Explaining Hair-GEL.net

A new article on the ingenious Hair-Gel.net was released October 29, 2015 on medicalxpress.com. The article gives an in-depth look at what Michael Rendl and his associates at Mount Sinai have accomplished with their innovative online gene expression library (GEL). For those that have not visited the site yet, Hair-GEL is a searchable database of the gene expressions that occur in and around hair follicles during their formation. Here’s a quote from lead researcher Dr. Michael Rendl from the medicalxpress article: “The new tool and our initial analyses take a molecular snapshot of stem cells and niche cells as they interact to form hair follicles,”

I’ve previously covered Hair-GEL in this article and hope to have some commentary from Michael Rendl sometime before the year is up.

Breezula (CB-03-01) New Look

Breezula, or simply “CB”, has been heralded as a game changing anti-androgen for quite some time on internet message boards. I have not paid much attention to it over the past few years due to the leisurely pace at which it’s development has progressed. However, on Twitter this past week I noticed that Dr. Bauman had posted a link about the new identity of the CB compound.

Everything about it sounds good. It’s a topical anti-androgen that is in a Phase II proof-of-concept trial in the US. Here’s a meaningful quote about Breezula from it’s own website: “Breezula™ does not interfere with the hormonal and, in particular, androgenic profile of patients; libido and sexual behavior are unaffected in clinical trials to date.” That’s a big one. The website depicts 2021 as the estimated market release of this product. Is there anything we can do to help speed up this company’s progress? Somebody get Samumed on line 1.

Christophe Guillemat SCT

Christophe Guillemat of the CFS Barcelona clinic has finally released the name of the innovative procedure he is R&Ding. It’s being called the Stem Cell Transfer. I can say for sure that he is sincere in his work and taking the time to prove with clarity that this procedure will work as expected. Ultimately, he is looking to create a method of stem cell extraction from donor to recipient area with complete donor regeneration. I’ve previously covered this subject in these articles: CG & Weekly Thoughts 9/22.


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  1. I am sure some people are disappointed by the amount of improvement with bimatoprost. However, I think the bigger story is that it proves that prostaglandins are involved in hair cycle. Seti/BIM should be really interesting.

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