Weekly Thoughts 11/25/15

To all of my readers in the United States, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m thankful for all you who frequent this site and all of the wonderful hair regeneration news that has been coming forth over the past week.

Before I get into the news items for the week I want to touch on a personal matter for a moment. I am currently seeking to undergo a small FUE procedure to reconstruct my hairline. I use hair fibers to create my hairline which has been difficult at times for me. I’m open to any financial assistance that would help me complete the transplant via donation or otherwise. Please keep me in your positive thoughts or prayers. Thanks very much, I appreciate it.

World Congress for Hair Research 2015

Undoubtedly there was a lot of important and inspired information shared at the 9th Annual WCHR last week in Miami, Florida. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I have sent out requests to many of the presenters to acquire a digital copy of their poster presentations for the WCHR. I will be posting them as they come. In the meantime you can check out the reports of a hair forum member who visited the WCHR on his own accord and is sharing much helpful information. I hope that the revelations from the latest Hair Congress instills much hope and happiness within you all.

Replicel Has Great News

Everyone loves Replicel. Maybe it’s because of the great scientific team they have, maybe it’s the cosmetic giant Shiseido that is backing them, maybe it’s because they’re Canadian. Whatever the reason is, you will probably love them even more after hearing their latest update. This past Monday, an interview with Lee Buckler, VP of Replicel, was published on an online hair forum. In the interview, Lee discloses that Shiseido should be initiating their clinical trial of RCH-01 within a few weeks. What that means has an even greater implication. In Japan, where Shiseido will be conducting their trial, they will have the opportunity to bring the product to market following the first phase of the trial if all goes well. That means that Replicel’s hair technology would potentially be available early 2018 in Japan. Have you all secured your passports? 🙂 There is a reason, of course, that Replicel is #1 on the Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration.

Theracell Stem Cell Injectable for Sale?

Theracell is a biotechnology company out of Greece that is developing a very promising cell based hair regeneration treatment titled TC-CT-12131. The treatment’s process sounds similar in nature to the Replicel’s, but even more promising due to the fact that they use a 3D culturing method. The TC-CT-12131 treatment is in preclinical stage currently. However, this week a link to Theracell’s website was posted on an online forum that displays a product titled “Stem Hair + EGFM.” It is listed for a price of 1000€. Yesterday when I first visited the page there was a button to “Add to cart” and so I did, but did not purchase the item. Today I notice the “Add to cart” button has been removed, probably because they are not ready to roll out the product yet. Well, it’s very interesting to see a product like this coming from a company that seems to be doing some very advanced cellular R&D. To be clear, this Stem Hair product is different than the TC-CT-12131 treatment being developed. If it can produce results better than PRP I’m calling it an early Christmas.

Samumed Continues to Gallop

Samumed aka “the company that will bring a new hair growth treatment to market quicker than you can say dermal papillae” have released another press release this week concerning their Phase II trial which recently completed. The most important information that was divulged in the press release was that there were no serious adverse events observed in any of the participants of the Phase II trial. That is actually significant good news because Samumed is using a cutting edge technology that activates the Wnt pathway in their topical product SM04554. Samumed also alluded that they will be releasing the efficacy data of the terminal hair count and density results from the trial sometime in the near future.

Until next time, Be well.

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