Follica News, PRP Study: Weekly Thoughts 9/5/15

I hope it’s been a good week, everybody. I’m still planning on releasing some exclusive posts soon, one being from a top researcher in the hair science world. Hopefully, sometime next week I will have an article ready to go. In the meantime, I have two noteworthy items to share in this weeks, Weekly Thoughts.

Follica Press Release

Follica released this press release yesterday announcing the recent approval of their latest patent for hair regeneration. The most enlightening part of the article for me was this quote: “Follica is developing an out-patient therapy coupled with an at-home system for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) and has assembled a team of leading experts in the dermatology and medical device development fields to develop and commercialize its product platform.” At-home system? That sounds progressive to me. I imagine the at-home system involves some sort of proprietary dermaroller, mostly because Follica’s technology has always been based on wounding to create regeneration. It was just last week in this post that I had noted Follica’s recently updated website and theorized that they must be working on some sort of product development. Good idea, Joseph. Things sound well at Follica and I definitely look forward to learning more about their intriguing hair regeneration system for home use.

Dr. Cole PRP Study Update/Stem Cells

Several months ago, I created a post for the study that Dr. Cole has undertaken to evaluate the best protocol for administering PRP therapy. This past week on a hair forum Dr. Cole provided some updates about the trial and alluded to the idea that he may be involved in some stem cell hair research in the near future. Here are the pertinent quotes from Dr. Cole from this past week.

” Once we get the data from these trials, we will consider additional protocols to help us fine tune how to deliver the PRP. The variables we are looking at presently include autologous thrombin, recombinant thrombin, calcium gluconate, Acell, Sonication, and amniotic membrane.”

“It’s been a dream of mine to offer a low cost hair transplant solution for many years close to the USA. I finally found a plastic surgery center that I can partner with in Mexico City. I’m sure we can do 10 PRP study cases each day in this center because we have the room and the staff to insure that the work will be done up to my standards. The more data I collect is better because I can get statistically significant results and perform more clinical trials. We might even be able to get into stem cell research there in the near future.”

I’ve been a big fan of this PRP study since I first heard of it. I’m really glad that Dr. Cole stepped up to the plate to get it done. That was a really important move. PRP does benefit hair growth and when the most effective method is identified the results will only continue to get better. The thought of it brings a lot of hope. And, Dr. Cole mentioning the potential of stem cell research in the near future is great news .

Until next time, be well.

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  1. Can’t wait for the exclusive!!. I think that’s what will eventually separate this website from the others.

    • Thanks Jay. I look forward to the exclusive too! I also feel that the exclusives already shared, the insight of my posts, and the particular information I choose to cover already has separated this website from others. I agree things will continue to get better and more exciting.

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