What About Samumed Phase II? (Updated)

Update: Samumed Has Released Graphs on Their Website

Samumed’s Full Presentation for the AAD

Samumed’s Phase II Results

What is most significant and encouraging about this new data is that the SM04554 treatment was applied for only 90 days, but continued to have positive results all the way until 135 days. The chart shows that during the 45 days after the treatment was stopped, there was still a continual increase in hair count from 110.5 to 115  in the 0.15% solution group. For the curious minds, it is possible that there was even more continual growth after 135 days, but it does not seem like Samumed has collected that data in this study.

Figure 1
SM04554 Phase 2 Study - Hair Count and Density (ITT)

Are we there yet?

Samumed presented their Phase II results at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting yesterday. I wasn’t there to see it. Fortunately, Samumed gave a sneak peek of their presentation to small audience through the magazine Forbes. The article on Forbes gives a very basic report on the statistics of the Phase II study and a little bit of industry commentary for reader’s value. Here’s what the article said about growing hair:

The Goods

  • Most importantly, it grew hair.
  • The Phase 2 study group involved 300 people. The three groups either received a placebo, a 0.15% solution of SM04554, or a 0.25% solution of SM04554. In the placebo group, hair count dropped from 114 hairs per square centimeter to 111.5. In the 0.15% group, hair count increased from 104.9 to 115. In the 0.25% group, hair count increased from 110.8 to 118.5.
  • This roughly translates to a 10% overall increase in hair density from taking SM04554, compared to not taking it and continuing to lose hair.
  • One interesting facet about this drug is that the results do not seem to increase when the amount of the solution is increased. There is a certain point of the “just right” amount that triggers the most hair growth with SM04554. Generally speaking, the idea of increasing the dose to increase results is desirable, but the fact that this solution grows hair at a certain amount is still a favorable outcome.
Joseph’s Thoughts

This is good news for Samumed. Their topical solution grows hair. We can also look at the perspective that these results can be more significant  than what meets the eye, because for those who use minoxidil, these two treatments could be  “stacked.” I bring that up because it’s almost certain that minoxidil and SM04554 work on two different mechanisms of action and the combined results of the two treatments could be even more cosmetically significant.

Samumed has not speculated so far about the future of their clinical trial process for SM04554. They may have a little bit of tweaking to do now, but I am just about 100% sure they are going to continue their process. The solution has shown to be safe and it grows hair. It’s a keeper. For now, we do have to call upon that ingredient that is oh so indispensable to hair seekers….Patience.


5 thoughts on “What About Samumed Phase II? (Updated)

  1. I can’t understand why people are so depressed?? 10% Increase in 3 months!? Are you kidding me that’s great and with no serious side effects or anything.. Cmon guys this treatment will help us win the battle.. We are closer than ever now stay positive. Just nervous to see this in phase lll hopefully it stays at these statistics

  2. It appears that the Wnt pathway new potential medications can stimulate hair growth by about 10%. I think Replicel’s studies showed similar results (11%). This is good. Hopefully if the PGD2 inhibitor by Allergan can come to market this will even be better. And research is slowly being done to find the micro RNA links with hair loss. Research is moving fast but depending on new funding.
    We are all waiting and hoping….

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