Yeditepe University Hair Growth Cream

A research team from Yeditepe University in Turkey recently announced that they will be launching a hair growth cream within the next two months. The team is headed by Prof. Fikrettin Sahin, head of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at Yeditepe University. The news was made public last Friday during a press conference that was held at Yeditepe University. The product reportedly contains molecular derivatives of stem cells taken from newborn foreskins.

Say what?

For those new to the subject, that might sound a little strange. This is actually not the first time that foreskins have been used as the source of a hair growth product. Histogen has been using fibroblast cells from newborn foreskins for some years now. As funny as it may seem, these cells are targeted for a few specific reasons: 1) The foreskin tissue will otherwise be discarded if not used for scientific practice and there is a continual supply of them . 2) Any type of stem cell in a newborn baby is highly potent because there is still a lot of growing and generation to be done in the tissue and organs of a baby.

A video on a Turkish website showed the presentation from Yeditepe University President Bedrettin Dalan and Prof. Fikrettin Sahin (this video has since been taken down). In the video, Dalan’s opening speech is followed by a slideshow presentation from Prof. Sahin which includes some results photos starting at the 5:00 min mark. I was happy to see that there were several news cameras on sight to capture the event, it seems like substantial news for the university. The end of the video shows a glimpse of what the product looks like. I want one.



These results look great. Realistic and substantial. They are even similar to the excellent results we saw in a female Histogen patient.
Another case showing good realistic results. Yes, there is a styling difference in the pictures, but I do notice a coverage improvement especially at the crown area.

The 411

The product is to be named “Kelopesia.” Sahin reportedly tested this technology for 3 years, first starting in mice. It was found that the cream was able to grow hair in mice and even had a positive effect on reversing gray hair. This pigment reversal effect sounds as if it was probably a sporadic result, but still, a great side effect to have. The articles say that hair growth results seem to be slightly better in women than in men using this product. The formula is derived from a specific type of stem cell found in newborn foreskins. Certain molecules are cultivated from the stem cells and used in the hair cream. Bedrettin Dalan says that they are now working on a formula that is stable at room temperature and does not need to be kept refrigerated. He says they plan to have their product for sale in Turkish pharmacies within two months.

Release date: It has not been announced exactly how and when this will be released around the rest of the world. I’m all but certain that this is an over-the-counter cosmetic product, similar to the anti-aging facial creams that are made with stem cell growth factors. If that is the case, I’d say it’s fairly prudent to assume that this could be available in other areas outside of Turkey within a few months. I will report with more information as soon as I can.

Joseph’s Thoughts

Truth be told, I’m excited for this one. It’s coming out of a university, which is of course a great sign of integrity. The photos look good, the results are realistic and for a topical you gotta be smiling. I would be happy to see those results (consistently) from some sort of a new PRP treatment.

Now, with this product and the Brotzu lotion, we have two topical over-the-counter treatments coming very soon that can potentially make a big difference in the hair growth treatment world. We can even imagine that their results could be combined synergistically to have a greater effect. I can’t wait to try it.

Oh yeah, remember this? #2016    😉

Until next time, be well.

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  1. Atta boy admin! Great find! I’m excited to here about this! If it’s one of those purchases that are better in bulk just let me know and I’ll be glad to chip in with you

  2. Could you give us clarification when and how Keliopesia would be available for purchase? Or does it need FDA approval ?
    Sheila Mizrahi

    • Hi Sheila,

      I’m still working on that part but I did update the article. I don’t think FDA approval will be necessary since this appears to be a cosmetic.

  3. hi guys ı write from turkey.this product will be avaliable later two months turkish pharmacy.

    • nice !!

      what do you think about the product! it’s gonna work?? because all news about this product is writting in turkish.

      i’m from tunisia, and hope be able to buy it if its work.

      cross finger.

      • I honestly think it’s a good chance.. Coming from a university, a lot of Turkish newsarticles, even made it on CNN in Turkey, bragging that it will make them a first class country… Idk if I’m too optimistic or if they are good at putting on a show but they are using stem cells in their cream too so I guess we have to wait and see I have a good feeling that it’ll work

  4. Great post admin. I hope this will speed up the release of the Brotzu lotion as well. Finally we’ll be able to test and evaluate a real product soon.
    Where can I see the rest of the pictures they used in the presentation?

  5. It’s working better in women than men!!!
    My heart is broken..but I hope it is beneficial for guys as well..we will wait

  6. Great Post Admin, just a few things;
    how often do you have to use it? (once, twice a day..)
    how it’s work?
    Thanks in advance

    • That hasn’t been released yet. Probably a once a day thing.

    • We have to wait and see and specifically see where this will be available.

  7. If it works better, the press announces widely. But it’s too slience.

    Im sorry that i can’t trust it.
    I HOPE University releases more data including 3years-clinical data

  8. if this thing working the problem will the price ..specially if it come from one source .

  9. I emailed him

    Dear Justin,
    We hope to complete the registration process of Kelopesia soon. It may take a few months then of course you will be able to buy it. Regrards,
    Fikrettin Sahin

  10. (I asked him if USA persons could purchase it) I think this will be OTC

      • no prob.. I’ll email him back in early july if its not on amazon by then lol

    • A few months? I thought the cure will be released next month as we have been told!

          • I do not know, we must be patient. Of course this product will spread out. Maybe Turkey pharmacy will deliver to other countries. The answers will come at the right time. Yes?

          • I hope so..anyways thanks a lot for your replies dude

    • Hi Joe,

      We won’t know for a few months when a US release is announced.

  11. We need a new treatment for androgenetic alopecia! Nice newz!

  12. If you look closely, the apparently newly grown out hairs are quite long. Surely they could not have grown from nowhere such lengths in just 30 days. No one grows new hairs that long in just one month.

    I hope there is an explanation for this.

    • Sed,

      Thanks for visiting the site. It’s very easy to speculate when new hair growth cream pictures come out. The truth is, we don’t know the answer yet and no one here is going to be able to tell you. If this product is from a University I think the best idea is to say “Ok cool” and give them time to release their product and more information and time will tell. If things look good then, we can buy their product and be happy.


    • |The pics have not been taken after 30 days – It is just a 30 days application of the product.

  13. Hi,

    Question does this product works for me, and will it be availble in Western Europe? Thanks admin for your work much obliged!

    • Hello,

      Hopefully the product works for everyone. Surely it will be available in Western Europe. The time is not announced yet.


    • Yes I will feature this product soon. It is new and people are just beginning to use it. I’d like to observe it longer before I make an assessment.

  14. Hello, is this product the N2C cream ? Or is it another treatment ?? Thanks !

    • Hello Fabio,

      This product in the article is not N2C cream, it is a another product named Kelopesia.


  15. I found this video featuring a telephone interview with Dr. Fikrettin Sahin in which he talks about the hair growth cream.

    The video is in Turkish. Maybe someone fluent in Turkish could watch it and summarize the key points made by Dr. Fikrettin, which could be of interest to those on here and give us more information about this product.

    • There is no new information in this interview regarding the product unfortunately, partly because all that the interviewer is doing is telling the doctor that how a wonderful job that they have done, that is all I’m afraid, in summary the doctor is explaining the stages of the extraction of the stem cells and how they’re extracting molecules from those to make the cream and how they could maybe able to treat other damaged organs with those stem cells.

  16. Another article from turkey came out 2 days ago saying that kelopesia will be in Turkish pharmacies in 1 month now

  17. Can you please tell me as soon as it’s available, so I can buy it. Thank you and God bless

    • Hi Robinson,

      Yes all you need to do is subscribe to the blog on right sidebar. It will be announced at some point.

    • Hi Saahil,
      I don’t know. Let’s give it a little time to breathe and see what pops up.

  18. that cream must stay in +4 celcius temperature, more than this making cream uneffective. they trying to make cream able to stay room temperature without loss of it’s efficiency…

    thats what i red recently from news/articles about it in turkish… i didn’t see this info here so i wanted to share.

    have a nice day all!

    • Yeah i read that.
      And they are actually working on a new formula that doesn’t have this temperature restriction.

  19. Just like to tell everyone that i messaged yeditepe yesterday and got a message back right away. I asked when it was coming out they said “We are working on it. It is in producing process”

    • That’s great.
      Hopefully it is working with us..
      I am afraid a bit.
      What about you? Are you optimistic?

      • Yes im a little afraid too.. Im cautiously optimistic but i really hope this is it so i can move on with my life and be happy again.. I mean its from a university, it got alot of media coverage in turkey which is a good sign. I dont think a university that claims its a high university would release a product that doesnt work it would just ruin their reputation.. So im really hoping it works

        • we wrote the same though at the sime time !!

          by the way who did you contact ? nice work !!

      • Personnaly i don’t think a university will put their reputation on the line and make a scam product.
        so this is why i beleive in this product.

  20. Update: I’ve been talking to a guy that studies at yeditepe, he said he doesn’t know much about the product but he said that many celebrities have been coming to the university to try it. Could this be good news? What is everyone’s thoughts? Personally if they are having famous people coming to try it now could this be the real deal?

    • Sounds like good news to me, Sam. If celebrities are trying it then the results will be conclusive, yes? I really look forward to this product, I wish them all the best in developing a stable room temperature version. Send them good vibes!

      • Yes agreed! I believe this is the calm before the storm.. Not much international coverage maybe due to the fact things like this always pop up but once people start seeing results things will change

        • Yes, and to add to your statement, if this product is successful at growing hair that does not mean it will be an overnight media sensation. Things take time. If thousands of people grow significant hair from this product, yes it will be featured.

      • No I live in the US.. I wanted a quicker way to get the information so I went on there Facebook page and messaged one of the students

    • Hi,I’m from Turkey and I have hair hairs are very few.
      I will try this cream,and I will publish before and after photos in this forum.
      you see the difference when I put before/after photos.
      in 2 months,this product will be sell in pharmacy.
      All of you,wait me and see the real Results :))

      • Thank you so much M.M.!

        We look forward to your thoughtful contributions! Cheers


        • it does not matter Joseph.yesterday I asked my pharmacy about this product.and she said that “it did not come” and she did not hear anything about this cream and release date..
          2 months is my opinion.Because in the near past,
          similar products announce like this and they release 1-2 months I’m waiting this product in June 2016..
          I will publish my personal web site adress in this page.
          and you’ll see before and after photos in my web site..
          I hope,this cream work.
          See you soon

          • Thanks MM we appreciate it and we all hope this works as well

      • they postponed the release date??? because they said in the conference held in march it will be available in 2 month from march.

        • hi Tizana,
          2 months is my opinion.Because in the near past,
          similar products announce like this and they release 1-2 months I’m waiting this product in June 2016..
          and believe me,I need this cream more than anyone else 🙂
          See you and pray the God.

      • Brother when r u buying the cream … I am.waiting for.the cream to be out … how long … and do you have your email id so we can discuss more about this and transplants in turkey…

        • Hi Saahil,
          I’m waiting this in June..and I’ll publish my web site.
          You’ll see before/after photos in my web page soon..

          • Sure brother .. just waiting for it … High hopes… I hope this one is the real product

  21. Where I can buy the product? What is the price? I am very interested in this new treatment ! Thank you so much!

    • You must be in Turkey 🙂 this time,
      it will only sell in pharmacy in Turkey.
      may be they sell online and other country people buy in the future.
      But I do not think so that happen in the near future..everything goes slow..
      But first we try and we see the real results Louis..and then you try

  22. I am coutious about the cream and its possible results. Hopefully it will make a difference and show us some visible hairs to an extend.

  23. Yes and I think it’s obvious that there will be an announcement by Yeditepe or the Turkish news when this product is officially released. May it be soon.

    • Ciao,

      I believe M.M. or another Turkish user will let us know when the cream becomes available. Many people are watching for announcements almost on a daily basis and surely the word will spread.

  24. Hi everybody,
    I’ve good news for all of us.
    This cream will be release at the end of May 2016, as I said it before :))

    • Wonderful news M.M.! Thank you very much for enlightening us. Did someone from the University inform you today?

      • I sent a message and asked an authorized person a few days ago.
        And he answered my message tonight.
        He said that this cream will be release at the end of May 2016.
        may be earlier than at the end of May 2016,but he said maybe..

    • Brother this is amazing…when I can see results after using the cream?

    • Let’s pray this isn’t a scam.. I relay have high hopes for this product ????

  25. They said it would be available at pharmacy within a month on march 12 but it seems that it will be delayed for 3 months or more. If the cream really works, 3 months’ delay can be tolerated. I want to see some hair on my bald head. Hope that won’t end up with a fiasco.

    • They actually said 1 to 2 months.. And march to may is 2 months so there really isnt that much of a delay

  26. Valunteer kelopesia user comedian Şafak Sezer has been taken to the hospital for a serious nervous break down today. It is said that was because of his losing one of his close friend lately. Hope it is nothing related to the cream.

    • We must wait Saahil..I’m waiting like you..
      They said that,at the end of May 2016,release date.
      First I’ll try this cream,I think and I hope it bring back my hair..

  27. Do you believe this cream will bring back our hair? Looks almost impossible. We are so desperate that we can’t stop dreaming. New hairs will raise up on the head. And that will bring chicks. Hope so dudes. Hope so…

  28. Guys, let’s try to stay on track please.

    Scientists can and obviously are doing many things to bring back hair. I know you’re all familiar.

    • I don’t understand y clinical trials take so long and later everything just stops…. stem cell, hair multiplication, PRP, mesotherapy, and so many others Let’s hope this one is a real deal… other than hair transplants which r permanent …

  29. Is Hair Transplant a good choice for women suffering from women pattern baldness. ? I am much worried about my wife’s hair loss.

    May ALLAH have mercy on humanity and make treatment easy for hair loss.

    • Hi Abdullah,
      Every case is different. Some women do get hair transplants. A reputable doctor should know if your wife is a good candidate. Please do much research.


        • M.M. Said end of may… Try to be patient just remember that there are treatments that are still years away so this is 12x sooner then other treatments

  30. any turkish guys here ? maybe someone has seen the comedian Şafak Sezer that started the treatment earlier if he got results or not so far…

  31. Unfortunately the news about Şafak Sezer is not encouraging. After having a serious nervous breakdown last week, he was taken to hospital for a hearth attack and had a cardiovarcular stent operation on May 4. From the pics on the media, I saw his head was completely shaved. So it was impossible to decide if the cream had any effect.
    Hope he get well soon. I really want to see him smiling with a full head of hair.

    • That is unfortunate news Hopeso, however I find it extremely unlikely that it is related to use of kelopesia.

      Good thoughts for Sezer.

  32. “Kelopesia is in producing process, it will be avialable at the end of the year”
    Thats what someone from the university said.

    • When was this John? I have not heard that before, and have heard from multiple sources that it was in the producing process and would be available around the end of May.

      • I text someone from the university today and told me that, Im not sure if this was true.

          • That sounds like some happy journeying, with some hair growth product destinations in mind. 🙂

  33. Thanks John Allen. I buy it! Of course. Propecia and Minoxidil don’t work for me. I want a new treatment as soon as possible.

  34. Hello , I decided to write here because the people on this site are optimistic. On other sites and forums people are saying it’s a scam .
    I have watched the video about 3 times and believe it has a good chance of working , or at least some degree of work about 20% or 30% of your hair back .
    We will know soon if it is a scam, because in many sites presenters claim that in 12 days using the product you see emerging hair.
    I hope it is released later this month and I hope we can all celebrate with some new hair on the head.

    Sorry about the bad English 🙂

    • I would go along and believe that its a scam too but again its coming out of a very popular university.. Every university wants to be known as a top notch university so why would they release a scam product? That would be detrimental to the university and its reputation

  35. I’m a user N2C cream

    Someone here uses and has results?

    I’ll do 30 days soon and I will show my progress

    • Hi vitor,
      Where did you get from?
      Where are from?
      Do you think it is going to work?

      • Sou de Portugal
        Comprei no site da empresa
        Se vai resultar? Eu estou a gostar e já vejo algum progresso

        • John allen

          I am from Portugal
          I purchased on the company website
          If will result? I’m like and I see some progress

          • Vitor Lima,are you really from Portugal?
            I think you are from Turkish,and you are a seller of that :))
            and N2C cream is a big big LİE!!
            dr.sezen is a liar,because this cream never worked.
            I know a lof of people who used it 6 months and no result..
            only not believe N2C cream,trust me..

          • MM will you still keep us updated for when you receive Kelopesia product?

          • M.M
            You said you know a lot of people who used it for 6 month and didn’t get any result. But the product came to the market in febuary 2016??

  36. tizana

    do not understand some of these negative reviews
    The product is new and few evaluated or placed images
    I have my photos on facebook N2c cream to see
    I bought to test and I will use until the end of 3 months

  37. f I permitted by Admin I put here the images to evaluate during the three months that I use

  38. I have also seen results of n2c on fb… they look as bald as they were before applying .. you need a microscope to see the grown hair… that’s not what we r looking for we need a decent coverage … uhh it’s so disappointing .. 2016 and we still have to go through all this

  39. Guys, just understand that inflammatory comments about others or companies that are in early stages are not allowed here. I’ve removed some postings. If a company’s product works, we will know, if it does not then there’s no reason to discuss it here anyways.

  40. I fully agree, Joseph
    I own, if the result is poor or similar to others I have used and have not been effective, fail to bring here any comments on this product
    I will use for 3 months and relate images with progress

    Thanks in advance

    • ciao

      Day 21/5/16 , 30 full days of use. I`m making new images to compare.

      • We are talking about kelopesia not n2c cream that’s already been shown to be a scam

    • Hi Ciao,
      I’ve just called Yeditepe university and talked to an authorized person.
      She said that there was a slight delay about kelopesia.
      it will release at the end of this year,December 2016..
      do not worry,only wait as me.

      • Slight delay? They almost delayed it a year.. Doubt this will ever come out now

        • I had a telephone conversation with yeditepe uni.and they said it.
          6 months delay..I’m waiting like you..we do not have anything to do.
          only be patience and wait december 2016,that’s all

          • every time I believe that a solution is coming , it is a disappointment 🙁

          • Sometimes there are setbacks, but not a reason to be discouraged 🙂

    • Ciao,

      I can’t confirm it personally, but it sounds reasonable. I will get an update sometime around the end of the month.

  41. Admin, I am to put pictures of my state with N2C
    However, I note that users do not like me to put this topic
    You could create a new location for this discussion?

    If you do not make sense I’ll put here

    Thank you

    • Vitor, Yes I realize people want to stay on topic in this post. You can you post on Weekly Thoughts 3/3/16, that space is open. Or else you’ll have to wait for the future for a new post to mention N2C cream, which might take a while.

  42. Mr admin why am I not able to post anything … I dint say anything wrong or offensive ..

    • Hi Saahil,
      I understand your post was not offensive, I just do my best to keep the comments on subject and constructive as possible. You’re always welcome to post here. It’s my personal preference to keep the atmosphere positive here. Hope you understand.


  43. That’s ok… If only you could understand how devastating it is to loose hair… and they always say cure found…. and nothinf happens … anyways .. sorry about the previous comment let’s be positive

    • Saahil,
      No need to apologize my friend. I understand how it feels, it’s why I created Follicle Thought. Better days are coming, we’re all pulling for the cure together.

      • Hi everybody,

        I sent yesterday a message to yeditep university in their facebook page asking them about the release date and they respond to me today.

        Here my question and their answer :

        _ hi, hope you are doing well,
        i want to know if the hair growing cream called kelopesia which inveted by your university will come out soon or not ? because i heard that the release date is postponed to december 2016 ? is that true ?
        any additional information will be appreciated.


        _ Hi,
        It’s in producing process. We will anounce on next days.

        So I thinks there is no postpone for the release date, hope so.

  44. Can any Turkish person here explain us this homemade Cellagance Losyon.
    and here :

    maybe M.M. can help us.

    please admin do not remove this comment because i didn’t find any better place to post this subject. and maybe you can create a new subject talking about this.

    • Hi Tizana,
      I’ve read your comments and examine your links.
      Please do not believe this..this is very comic product.
      He has prepared itself in his home,he mixed something else..
      I mean,this cellagance losyon is home made :)))
      There is no FDA or government permission..and no reliable results…
      There are a lot of dishonest and unreliable product..
      I’m waiting kelopesia,,,

      • Hi admin. Just looking over at HLT and sounds like Brotzu lotion will be out in six months. According to a Italian forum. Also one other poster said that Fidia has a US branch. So let’s hope.

          • Hi Sam. Just go to hair loss talk forums under new research and they have a very active Brotzu Italian hair lotion thread. Must be close to so sixty pages

  45. MM: the first win! Is a race! LOL. There is a big market for a new treatment. Nice blog Joseph!

  46. Kelopesia + brotzu= full hair……. hope both works ……

    • Hi Ciao, I’m sorry but at the end of December 2016,,
      They always did same thing,,, we must wait,we have no other choice

  47. It’s not December .. someone above had msgd the university and they got the reply hopefully not.postponed to December

  48. How could hair regrowrh in only 30 daysw.. It usually take more than that babout 2 or 3 month ?!! I need some clarefication

    • Hi everybody,
      I said again and again..
      I called them with telephone,they said that it will release at the end of December 2016,that’s all… we must wait

      • How tf does it go from 1.5 months to the end of year doubt it will even come out now

        • A manufacturing delay doesn’t necessarily mean a promising hair growth technology will be discarded…

        • Yes, For MM they said end opf December, and I think someone else gere got a reply too saying they haven’t delayed it… uhhhhhh

      • they didn’t tell you why they deleyed from 1/2 month to 10 month. they should have an explanation for that.

        and why when i emailed the university and ask them if the product will be delayed they told me that it’s in producing process.and they will be announcing that on next days.

        are they lying to me ?

  49. hlscc,
    Thank you for the comment but we really don’t know how often he tried the product or if he ever got started. Speculation at this point is still not helpful to the situation. We need to see if the product launches and if it does, what kind of results are seen repeatedly.

  50. doesn’t proof nothing this picture.
    this actor was bold only in the crown area.
    and how do you did you know the result with a full shaved head with razor ??

  51. I think it is strange the university not giving an explanation . Waiting and hoping to be released soon

  52. He’s the guy in their presentation video of the product….
    To me if it gave results he wouldn’t have shaved his head, think about it… Everyone would look at him and say that kelopesia didn’t work so it’s big marketing failure before launching ….

    • He’s had a shaved head hairstyle for years. I understand the delays and the waiting days can lead to the proliferation of theories and doubts, but why not wait until a product has been released to the public which will obviously breed a definitive answer on the product?

  53. Hello everyone, I have updated the article to confirm what MM has stated. From a different Turkish source I have heard Kelopesia will be available around January 2017.

    I know most of you will be disappointed, I’m sorry for that. We’ve got to keep moving forward.

    • january of 2017??? that is true? it´s confirmed? can´t be real man…its supose to be released this month, this hurts a lot 🙁 hope it dont be confirmed…

      • It’s what I’ve heard Josh. I believe what is going on is that they are refining the room temperature formula and now are going to test it on humans which would take a few months. I was looking forward to trying it, too. Hope something works out in their favor.

    • Are you sure it Jan 2017???? Or 2018 ?? Or 2019… However I have seen that add which says ” baldness cure on the shelves by 2020″

      • It’s not guaranteed to be released in January 2017 of course, but that is the new date they’re aiming for.

  54. uff so finally nothing for this 2016 🙁 i Still hope that this info was wrong, and was a confused report or something, still no oficial report of that delay so…keep hoping. they have already tested it for 3 years on humans, maybe the formulation be the problem, as i said hope u be wrong 😛 Plis keep us updated like u use to do! great job, and if u notice of this info is oficial and 100% let us to know to.

    • It sounds like you don’t understand the purpose of my update in the first place. It’s as close to “official” as it can be. I am fairly certain the product will not be released until 2017.

  55. i don’t know why when they announced the product they said the product will be available within 2 month.
    so they mean within 2 months they will refine the cream to the room temperature + test it + produce it ???
    it’s little bit confusing.

    last firday (3 june ) i asked in turkish forum about the release date of product. and somebody answer me in english.

    so for now no brotzu and no kelopesia will be available in 2016. what a sad news.
    I can’t hold for 2017 waiting to test a new cream with uncertain release date. so i think i will give a try to propecia which i tried several time to avoid used it. there is no solution for me right now.

  56. 25 minutes ago safak sezer the turkish actor, whom tried the kelopesia cream, publish an instagram photo of him during the presentation of kelopesia last march and saying in turkish ‘Saç çıkaran’ meaning ‘hair issuing’ thx to gogole translator.
    and he puts some happy smiley.

    i don’t know what that does mean but hope this is a good sign.

    • What does it mean? And what do they say in the comments? Can someone please translate?

    • Isn’t this an older pic for him? Because check the one posted 6 days ago head shaved to 0 …

      • Actually it seems he has good growth at the back of his head. In the video you can see he was bald behind. Also as it was mentioned above by the admin he usually shaved his head. Maybe hes applying the lotion on all of his head too which might fasten hair growth in general. This is just speculations btw as I can’t read what’s being said in the comments on his page. One thing’s for sure is he has some nice hair at the back which is promising.

  57. Has there been any news on the product (new pictures or updated release dates)? Looking forward to viewing some more experimental pics.. Let me know, thanks!

    • Hi J Snow,

      For now all we know is that the lab is working to stabilize the formula at room temperature, they will probably want to trial that formula on humans as well, and it could possibly be released November-January next year.

  58. They said Kelopesia would be on markets within a month. It has been 3,5 months since the explanation. Nobody says anything. I am afraid hopes are fading. Mr. Dalan why?

    • The last I heard it might take until Dec/Jan for a release of the product. Don’t be surprised if we don’t hear more until October or so.

  59. It has been a while guys,

    i just come from the turkish forum and according to the google translation (bad traslation for tukish language) the cream is waiting a ministerial approval right now.

    and nice turkish guys from the forum confirm me that and translate me a conversation between a guy and dr Fikret. and here’s the translation :

    July 9
    -hi mr Fikrettin (one of the people who made the cream)
    hi mr Murat
    – Mr Fikrettin I’m one of the people suffering from mpb and I wonder when will this product be released
    We’re waiting for ministerial approval
    -when would they approve it? So it regrows hair right?
    We got positive feedback from all those who used, I hope the ministerial approval won’t take long
    -I hope so! since I’m 23 and I have to use a hair system
    I see.
    -so it will be approved in 3-4 months maybe?
    -Okay thank you very much
    Good night
    -you too

    may be it comes in 2016 and hoping also for brotzu lotion to come ASAP so we can get two news products.

    Hope it help

  60. Hi admin. Any new news on kelopesia? Any updates on whether they are successfully making a product that is stable at room temp? I was excited about this product then became deflated as again another company that bragged but then basically said never mind, change of plans. So frustrating.

    • Hi Tom,

      Please see Tizana’s recent update in this comment section. I have not heard elsewhere but I am fairly confident that the scientific minds at Yeditepe will succeed at room temperature stabilization.

  61. Ministerial approval……. The guys says wheather the ministerial approval in 3 to 4 months ….. The doctor says hopefully No definite answers anywher

  62. uff 3 /4 months still is so long time, but better than never, and if this works…will be worth, just pray for it can regrowth some hair.

    • Hi Mezig,

      Yes, sometimes it is a waiting game. I did say earlier than it would probably not be released until Dec/Jan though. I hope we get an update soon, too.


  63. Hi Nilo and Joseph!

    I’m a Turkish girl from Belgium, my girlfriend in Turkey also asked and asking for me at the pharmacy, when they will hear something they’ll call her. I’ll also write on your forum if i get any news.
    My girlfriend mailed to the prof. Fikrettin Sahin but she get no answer from him. So we have to wait like others.


  64. Lets say they are wating for ministry approve. Why dont Yeditepe doctors release new pics of valunteer kelopesia users while waiting? İf Kelopesia really works, they should show us more effective results. So they can have a good image on ministiry. And thus we can wait in hope.

  65. Why there is no news from the university about the treatment? Is it another scam? Does it have a side effects and they do not want talk about? Or did they get paid from big companies?
    I really dont understand that sielence 🙁

    • Hi Adm,

      The top of the article mentions the cream is aimed at a 2017 release date.

      Patience is helpful. They will make an announcement when it is time to make an announcement.

  66. Hi all,
    I saw Şafak Sezer without a cap a few days ago on TV. Unfortunately I couldn’t see any more hair on his head. Hopes are fading.

    • Doesn’t necessarily relate to the efficacy of this product, but thanks for the info.

    • guys we should focus more on the italian lotion made by Dr brotzu, it’s a way more promising lotion.

  67. No news no pictures no nothing What a shame playing with men’s emotions and hopes .

    • Yeditepe is working through a process behind the scenes to develop this treatment further. Stay hopeful.

  68. It is less then 2 weeks till January I can hardly wait for the ground breaking of kelopesia .We were let down by the last release date of product but we have all been waiting for what seemed to be forever but its so close now . Can Admin get in contact with them and see around when in January ? so looking forward to it

    • All the information I have is listed in the latest Weekly Thoughts. Keep thinking positive thoughts, find gratitude. 🙂

  69. Thanks!

    My girlfriend lives in Turkey, she’ll send me when it is availeble in the pharmacy.
    She asked severel times to the pharmacy workers, but they don’t have any news. When she can buy i’ll write it here, also the price.
    I think it’s posible for foreign users to buy it from internet pharmacy or get in contact with the pharmacy, they’ll charge extra for sending.
    Last I buy online clothes from turkey, in 2 weeks I get it home (Belgium). Now you can buy a lot of things from turkey, even furniture :). So it should be not a problem.

    • Yes, I posted the same information on December 16th 2016 Weekly Thoughts.

  70. hello everyone! i’m living in Turkey, and i’ve been following this product since the beginning. and i have similar hairloss type with the man in the picture. so, when it is reliased, probably i will buy and use it immediately. i don’t think it is gonna work, but hope doesn’t kill anyone right? sorry for my English, i’m still working on it.

        • Hi Ciao,

          Do you keep up with the newest blog posts on this site? I have written about Kelopesia twice recently. The product should be released within the next few months or sooner. Please read the “News” section of this site.


  71. but admin his hair in the front didnt change, it only grew longer, his baldness is mainly in his crown …

  72. Admin – I was reading a few other forums discussing Kelopesia. They suggested that it was fake and the University is looking to make money and take advantage of people. I’m looking at it as a gray hair reversal and would love to believe in it. How do you feel? Do you believe the other forums are bitter because of past failed products? To me it seems that way. They also had harsh reactions to Rivertown. It’s just hard to sift through the nonsense.

    • I would say you gotta go with your gut.

      But, for the record Kelopesia was not touted as a real gray hair reversal product, it was just mentioned that the pigment restoration was an observed (probably not too prevalent) side effect. RiverTown seems more likely to me.

  73. Hey guys I got a limited sample from the university last week. Will share my results with all of you soon. Heard the reason it hasn’t come out yet is because of the limited availability of the material it is made out of.

  74. Well it is mid Feb now and no information in the news at all.
    How long have you been following this web page Big Coach?and are these comments your first on kelopesia? I don’t think I have seen your posts before.
    I pray that this is not a scam to bring men’s hope use just to spoil them again. Its just that it should be on the shelves by now .

  75. Today, my girlfriend called the Yeditepe University. We red the article (on Sabah journey) and we want some more information.
    They sell the cream at Yeditepe University (they started last friday).
    My girlfriend will (tomorow) try to buy the cream. She asked a lot of information, the price, the volume, … .
    About the price they say between 400 – 450 TL for one. She asked what the correct price is, they want tell it at the phone. Then she asked the volume, they said 50 ml (good for one month, but only on the place were is not hair, so i think for small area), he said it’s better to buy 2 tube of 50 ml (if you want see more results).
    I will inform you when i have (tommorow) more information (because my girlfriend will buy it where they sell). It’s not yet at the pharmacy, they will sell it firt at the university. At the begining they wont sell outside Turkey.

    • Thank you much, friend. I am curious to know if they are selling the room temperature or cold stored version. Thanks again

  76. she asked that too, normaly they sell the room temperature, they worked 1 year to get room temperature, otherwise she can’t send me from turkey to europe, they produced 10.000 tube of cream. Fingers crossed. Tomorow she has a day off from work, she’ll offer her day for me :).

    • Do your know how long the cream lasts after opened?

    • Gizem hanım merhaba,
      Uzun yıllar şakaklarımda açıklık var acaba bu kremin işe yaramaz şansı varmıdır birde satış fiyatı ne kadar.
      Yardımcı olurmusunuz tşk ederim…

      • Merhaba
        bayanlarda % 100 yenilenme ve saç çıkacağı yazıyor erkeklerde oran biraz daha düşük ama bence denemelisiniz kaybedecek birsey yok ama eger söylendiği gibiyse gür ve sağlıklı saçlara sahip olunacak.
        fiyat bilgisini ilerleyen süreçte bildirmeye çalışacağım,

  77. Normaly, the cream last 6 months after opening.

    I have good news, like promised i’ll give some information…. (finally she buy it)!!!! I’ll ask her more information…

    Until later (today)

    Mod can i post picture of the product? she took picture

    • Yes, please. As you said, participation is welcome. Thank you

      • I can mail the picture of the product but i don’t have your mailadres.

        They produced the product in march (like they say, the product is good from 03/17 – 03/19), like i say, 2 years.

  78. Reboost back to the roots …
    (the name on the package 🙂 )

    I don’t get it why nobody (buyers) post any picture (on this site), you (mod) do all the best, participation of the readers is more than welcome.

  79. Hi, updated news about Kelopesia.
    it is on the market in Turkey.. 50 grams/ml
    price is 300-TL
    I think, the price is very high..
    I hope, it will work for us 🙂

    • Hi M.M.,

      I paid much more :). They can ask any price (monopoly).

      • paid much more? Why? it’s price is 300-TL. I asked again today

  80. After 5 years work of Yeditepe University is the secret formul not mention on the package.

  81. Hey I’ve been waiting for this too .. is the product name kelopesia or reboost? How can I buy in India or Canada what’s the price in Canadian $ or USD.

    Can someone reply please or can someone email me the pics and link to buy that

  82. is it the finished product or anything else?
    it’s effectiveness is not very clear.
    I’ll buy only one bottle and try immediately.
    7-10 days later, I’ll tell the real results in this page.

    • I don’t think so any medicine in the world for hair loss would show up results in 7 to 10 days … for any conclusion 3.months is minimum time you need to give to see if the product works or not … people have high hopes on this product

  83. Hi Saahil, you are wrong I think..
    Because, They claim to have new hairs in 7-10 days.
    That’s the way their ads were.
    This is Stem cell technology, not another thing which show results in 3 months..So I give them only 10 days.if it is not work,they’ll be a big liar..
    And an important secret information,read carefully:
    I spoke an authorized people in Yeditepe university about Stem cell insertion into cream.
    He said, “we can not add a stem cell in this cream!!”
    “The stem cell is dying in the cream.” This is a big question mark!

    • We’ve already covered that, there are no stem cells in the cream. The University worked on adding a molecule secreted by stem cells into the cream.

    • Hair growth in 7 to 10 days this should be a miracle cream then.. iv never heard any treatment so far which would show up the results in 10 days .. I think many ppl here have already got the samples haven’t they ?? Some guys girlfriend was about to get the cream he posted above..
      I do no if he already got it I think it’s more than 2 weeks ago he posted most probably ….

      This would be a biggest breakthrough of it workso on 7 to 10 days .. keep us posted pls


  84. Hi everybody, breaking news:
    I talked to Mr. Fikrettin Şahin (who invented reboost) on telephone today.
    He said that, “there is no stem cells in the cream.”
    They did not put directly in it.
    “The root removes molecules from the cell and adds something similar.
    Substance with similar effect is added”
    So if you completely bald (If there is no hair follicle in your head)
    this cream does not work,I’m sorry..
    But if you have very thin hair or tiny hair, they’ll be strong and grow.
    And if there are living follicles in your head,you get good results.
    Shampoo will go out on the market in the coming days.
    Price is the same, will not change for now(300-TL)
    They still working about new formulas to make hair regrowth.
    Other hair-removing ingredients can be added.
    They will make this formula more effective.
    They work for a more advanced,more effective formula.
    All the information is like this..Thanks…

    • Thanks for sharing M.M.

      When you say “other hair-removing ingredients can be added”, did you mean other molecules from hair follicles can be added? Can you please clarify?

  85. Hi again,
    He did not give any details about it.
    They re-evaluate based on user comments.
    But I’m sure that they still work for improving this formula,this cream.
    in summary this is the beginning.
    This product will be made even more effective.
    My third day with this product.I’ll write the test results at the end of 10 day

  86. Guys, if you want to talk about your hair growth and observations, whether the product is working or not, it’s very welcomed.

    If you’re gonna use the product for 2 weeks and notice it hasn’t changed your Norwood number yet and make a claim about the ingredients or the company, that is just not realistic or helpful. If you feel a need to make those statements please use one of the other fine websites on the net.

    The truth is we’ll need about 3-6 months and 25-30 people’s experiences to get a good idea of how the product is working.

    • Hi Admin,

      I was scanning the comments and it seems Gizem and Nurcan might be running a bit of a side business.
      There is a comment from Gizem speaking about getting the cream and then this:

      Hi M.M.,

      I paid much more :). They can ask any price (monopoly).

      1 month 5 days ago

      Do we have a verified source from the team producing the product that it is for sale through the individuals mentioned?

      With a community so desperate, including myself i just want us to come together and validate what is going on. I am all for creative marketing but this seems a little much..

      • Hi Capalessi,

        Gizem was actually a customer of ReBoost before she began to distribute the product. That’s why she paid more. Now the prices her and Nurcan are selling at are fixed at $100 and 90 euro. Hope this clears things up. Be well.

  87. Hi mate ,
    Good for you to find all potential solution for gray hair.
    Best of luck and keeup up the good work

    • Thanks Paul. The room temp version of this product has yet to prove any efficacy for restoring hair pigment, but there are some clinical options with potential still. Namely RT1640 and possibly something from Samumed.

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