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A research team from Yeditepe University in Turkey recently announced that they will be launching a hair growth cream within the next two months. The team is headed by Prof. Fikrettin Sahin, head of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at Yeditepe University. The news was made public last Friday during a press conference that was held at Yeditepe University. The product reportedly contains molecular derivatives of stem cells taken from newborn foreskins.

Say what?

For those new to the subject, that might sound a little strange. This is actually not the first time that foreskins have been used as the source of a hair growth product. Histogen has been using fibroblast cells from newborn foreskins for some years now. As funny as it may seem, these cells are targeted for a few specific reasons: 1) The foreskin tissue will otherwise be discarded if not used for scientific practice and there is a continual supply of them . 2) Any type of stem cell in a newborn baby is highly potent because there is still a lot of growing and generation to be done in the tissue and organs of a baby.

A video on a Turkish website showed the presentation from Yeditepe University President Bedrettin Dalan and Prof. Fikrettin Sahin (this video has since been taken down). In the video, Dalan’s opening speech is followed by a slideshow presentation from Prof. Sahin which includes some results photos starting at the 5:00 min mark. I was happy to see that there were several news cameras on sight to capture the event, it seems like substantial news for the university. The end of the video shows a glimpse of what the product looks like. I want one.



These results look great. Realistic and substantial. They are even similar to the excellent results we saw in a female Histogen patient.
Another case showing good realistic results. Yes, there is a styling difference in the pictures, but I do notice a coverage improvement especially at the crown area.

The 411

The product is to be named “Kelopesia.” Sahin reportedly tested this technology for 3 years, first starting in mice. It was found that the cream was able to grow hair in mice and even had a positive effect on reversing gray hair. This pigment reversal effect sounds as if it was probably a sporadic result, but still, a great side effect to have. The articles say that hair growth results seem to be slightly better in women than in men using this product. The formula is derived from a specific type of stem cell found in newborn foreskins. Certain molecules are cultivated from the stem cells and used in the hair cream. Bedrettin Dalan says that they are now working on a formula that is stable at room temperature and does not need to be kept refrigerated. He says they plan to have their product for sale in Turkish pharmacies within two months.

Release date: It has not been announced exactly how and when this will be released around the rest of the world. I’m all but certain that this is an over-the-counter cosmetic product, similar to the anti-aging facial creams that are made with stem cell growth factors. If that is the case, I’d say it’s fairly prudent to assume that this could be available in other areas outside of Turkey within a few months. I will report with more information as soon as I can.

Joseph’s Thoughts

Truth be told, I’m excited for this one. It’s coming out of a university, which is of course a great sign of integrity. The photos look good, the results are realistic and for a topical you gotta be smiling. I would be happy to see those results (consistently) from some sort of a new PRP treatment.

Now, with this product and the Brotzu lotion, we have two topical over-the-counter treatments coming very soon that can potentially make a big difference in the hair growth treatment world. We can even imagine that their results could be combined synergistically to have a greater effect. I can’t wait to try it.

Oh yeah, remember this? #2016    😉

Until next time, be well.

*Update: The Kelopesia/ReBoost cream is now available for purchase internationally via Yeditepe Saglik A.S and Marge Medical Ltd. Contact:


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